The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All My Children

First off, I am so blessed to be able to keep two of the puppies. I love both Charlie and Tex!!! I feel they will be great additions to the family.  Max had a trip to the vets for a lil snip snip and he is no longer a mass producer of a stud.  Although he still trys he is shooting blanks....bummmer

Poor Little Guy----->
The other two will join his fate when the time comes.  We found wonderful homes for both dude and bear. I am not sure if that will be there names much longer but forever to our family that will be there names. I am happy I will still get to see them.

Sophie is a wonderful mother.  Tex and Charlie love to wrestle with her. So cute.

I went to the OBGYN today to check up on all of my blood tests.  I have polycystic ovarian syndrome so the process of trying to get pregnant is a little bit tricky.  All my life I thought it would be as simple as just deciding to have kids.....not so much! My Dr is confident that it will happen.  I just hope it happens fast.  I am ready for the next step in life and being a mother is what is most important.  Plus being a swim coach with all of the little kids is not helping with the kid fever. I look at them and see my future kids. I love children. Matt and I cant wait!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Update, For a LONG Time

Sorry it has taken so long to write on this thing.  Here are some tidbits of news about Matt and I and our life here in Kingwood.

-Matt is done with busy season, so I get to see him before bedtime.
-I finished student teaching at Elm Grove, was sad to go and really miss the kiddos.
-Our Love Pups are almost 6 weeks old. Growing super fast and are too cute.
-King Fish is up and running, keeps me very busy and progressively getting tanner and tanner.
-Matt and I attended the Corporate Games for his work. Finally got to meet many of his coworkers.
-We are solar screening our house, for energy efficiency and to keep peeping toms away :)
-I started a new healthier eating habit, aka diet.  Its very difficult but will help me in the long run. I now eat like my older and wiser sister.  Who woulda thought the diet I always thought would be horrible to live by is now a forced lifestyle. 
-Talked to Garret for Mothers Day and he is coming home July 1.  Excited to have him back again.
-Matt built amazing dog stairs for easy access to their bed. Very thoughtful and talented.
-We are for surely keeping two of the puppies, DONT JUDGE! Tex and Charlie will be new members of the Silly Gilles. (Not sure if Max is too thrilled but he will cope)

They are bigger now, but cute pic

My two Boys:Tex and Charlie