The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swamp Free the Way to Be

So for those of you who haven't recently visited our backyard wouldn't know that we have a swamp on the left side of our house.  Reasons I want it GONE include: 
mosquito mating pool and makes them rampant,
its a puppy magnet for playtime and I dont know it until my kitchen is turned into mud paw tracks,
feel like our source of fleas is coming from the swamp as well
cant even go over to that whole side of the house without getting feet totally muddy and attacked my MOSQUITOS
Lastly, who wants a swamp in their backyard?? NOT ME

So on friday I decided to dig on the other side of our fence in our frontyard after experiencing muddy puppy playtime in my house for the ___NTH time!  Let me tell ya it was very satisfying to dig about a 10 foot long, 2 foot deep whole and then dig right under the gate to release it.  Flow of the river stinkin jordan. OPENED THE FLOOD GATES.  Then it all hit me.....oh dang its not even all cleared still in the back and I am gonna have to dig all the way to the street.  So I called in for help....GARRET and RANDY MAN to the rescue....Matt joined us when he got home. Not sure if he was too thrilled about my whole digging without his consent.  What can I say I couldnt take it any longer!

We now have a french drain and a lot of clean up to do. but no swamp!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Returning With Honor

Welcome Home Elder Beaman

Today is the day my baby brother Garret comes home from his 2 year mission in Recife, Brazil. Everyone, when I say baby brother they are like how old is he?  Well only 2 years younger than me but I feel a since of motherliness toward him. I always have since we were little. We grew up unseperable and I honestly looked for my future spouse that mimicked his personality.  He is a wonderful kind hearted person who was a peacemaker in our home growing up.  Something I am not but I am so proud to be his sister and know the people of Brazil love him dearly but its time for him to come to his real home! He has been away for 2 years and we only were able to talk to him on Christmas and mothers day.

Old one but my Fav.

Right before he left

Garret has a lot of new things in his life now.  On my side, he has 4 new tail waggin additions and of course my love of my life, MATT. He also has never seen our house, our trampoline, or our indoor ping pong table. I hope he is rusty so I can get my one and only ping pong win on him :)

Mother and I are making Garret a welcome home sign and going to hang it at the entrance of kingwood. I am also making his requested cinnamon rolls. I know, I must reallllly love him :) If you cant tell by this post I am super pumped for his arrival. There will be a lot of pool volleyballing, basketballing and just lots of fun vacations to do. YAHOOOO welcome home baby brother :)