The Silly Gilles

Monday, August 30, 2010

Utah Trip

Hey yall we just returned from our trip to utah for matt's step brother Stephen's wedding.  We had a great time boating, playing, hangin out with friends and family. I was able to get together with many of my fellow basketballers and catch up.  We stayed one night with susie and danny lowe.  They have a beautiful home and showed us great hospitality.  Thursday Rachele came and picked us up and took us to work out at lifetime fitness.  It is like a hug workout mall. We stair mastered it, lifted, some core, then went a played a little raquet ball. SO FUN!  Later that night my whole family got together and went to Zupas and then there was intense games of ping pong to be played... ...... 

The brothers vs. brother in laws!

Live Footage

The Moral Support Crew 

Friday was the wedding and luncheon and reception.  It was a long day but  fun to spend time with the whole Gille/Beckman crew.

Matt with his sisters

Saturday was fun because Rachele was doing a half ironman triatholon. I ran a couple of miles with her. She had already swam and biked.  Crazy sister of mine. I had a little thought that maybe I would want to do one someday but then remembered she took 7 hours to complete it. Hmmmm............ I will pass!

After we cheered rachele on we went to rock canyon park and played some volleyball, crocket, soccer and went ice blocking with The Gille/Beckman side.  

We had a great vacation.  This weekend we go to florida for the open house and some labor day fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fence Builder

We replaced our side fence this past weekend. Matt was such a trooper. He worked on it from 6:30am to 5:30pm.  I think he was a little dehydrated. He had the symptoms but he got it done. Couple of men from our church came and helped in the morning.  After the baby shower I came home and got down and dirty with him and we finished the fence! I am so blessed to have myself and handyman.
my handyman :)

Next week we leave for utah for stephen's (matts step brother) wedding. I am siked. We are staying with scott and rachele and also with susie and danny for a night! Plan to reunite with some former bballers. Cant wait to see family and friends from both matt and my side! See you soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

growing up so fast!

Boy my lil guys are getting so big so fast.  Check out the progression...although it doesnt seem like their brains are getting bigger because we have not conquered potty training yet, nor chewing, but they can catch a mean piece of bread in their mouth when i throw it  :)  very important.
they are so handsome  :)