The Silly Gilles

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Randyman turns 56!

Happy Birthday Daddio!

It was Randyman's 56th birthday on Saturday.  So we wanted to do something nice for him and I got a giftcard from my older brother Jake when I went and watched his kids to Ruth's Chris.  For those who have never heard of this place it is a nice steakhouse in Houston. Very pricey, but probably the best filet I have EVER had. 

 Revanator and I like to do themed cakes for birthdays so we decided to do turtle cake since my dad loves his turtles.  I made red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting and when my mom got home from work we both decorated each our own turtle.  It was a fun weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis & A Hand in Homemaking

So for those of you who dont have a facebook. A week ago I decided I needed a change with my hair.  I didnt wanna loose my blondness so my only option was really to cut it different.  So I chopped it all off. Got to donate it to locks of love. So was a very good thing :) Matt likes the new do too.

look more like her?

Also I was very busy this week making cupcakes for the YW in Excellence Program this week. I made 106 chocolate cupcakes! And I had to frost them all fancy like....I was tutored by ruth carruth before, she is a cupcake master. Thanks Ruth!
Grandma was an excellent sprinkler
I had different covers per table of all the YW colors
This weekend is my dads birthday. So there will be more posts to come :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Round Up Halloween

Every year our ward does a trunk or treat. Last year we had max and sophie dress up like a stuffed animal and we stuffed a bunch of my old stuffed animals in my trunk and had the kids try to find the real animal. Sophie and Max were the greatest. They just nicely sat there.  To go along with my trunk I made puppy chow. Which some kids denied because they wanted candy....or they thought was real puppy chow. lol I dont know. That year Matt and my dad dressed up as witches and my mom and I dressed up as vampires.

So this year I had people asking me what I was going to come up with this year with my doggies.  I had to think of something with two more added to the mix.  Then my parents were going out of town so I would have their two as well. Count em 6 shih tzus!

I went on a walk with my doggies to try to come up with something creative.  I usually go out on a walk when I need time to think. I wanted something cheap, something we could use around the house.  And then it hit me! Matt and I should be Cowboy and Cowgirl and the doggies will be our herd of cattle. But how was I going to make them look like cows? Then it hit me. Buy white toddler shirts and paint black spots on them. We used a play pen and gated them up. Brought my dads truck and even made treats to go along with it. Cow patties :) we told the kids we spent weeks collecting enough.
Just call me Pablo Picasso :)
They werent real cowpatties people! I am not that sick and twisted.  They were no bake cookies that looked like a mound of mess :)  I was only denied a few times of my treat.  The kids loved it.  I had many people ask "are you here selling these dogs" my reply "NO"  or they would ask "are all of these dogs yours?" once again "NO"

Cow patties

Here we are in the parking lot of the church. Letting kids feed the cattle (carrots). We had fun.