The Silly Gilles

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Floors!

Well my flooring project is complete.  I made a deal with Matt that I would do the master and baby room right now while I am still capable of laying down flooring.  Because Matt is so busy there is no way he would have time to do it but he graciously helped me Saturday morning with the first row that would be tricky with the closet. Then he had to leave for work and add on to his already 80 hour week.  I am so grateful he is such a hard worker and willing to provide for his family.

So Saturday Matt left for work, my parents were out of town, I was alone with my 4 doggies :) So I decided to have confidence in myself and just DO IT! So operation Baby Room Commenced
Slowly but surely


After Saturday worth of laying floor I chose Sunday to rest :) My parents got back into town on Sunday after going to Garret's NCAA Conference swim meet.  He did well despite his injury. Studly.  Needless to say I was happy to have them back.  My dad and mom came over and helped take up the master bedroom carpet that night so that operation Master Bedroom could happen today.  Dad also helped Matt move furniture since I shouldnt be lifting heavy objects...WOOF.  Hard for me to swallow.  After the subfloors were prepped was time to rest up for a fun day of laminating.....


mom making a pattern. she is a pro

Start to a long morning

Vana White...our lovely assistant 

WALAAAHH Completed Master Bedroom/Connected Baby Room

So today after a long day of laminating, my goal is complete and I am very satisfied.  Next project (after nailing in quarter round and moving furniture back in....) is decorating the baby room. AHHH! Yahoo. Hopefully I will know soon mini Matt or Mini Me.  We shall see.  

the following paragraph is for you mom!

I would like to put out a special thanks to my Mom, Reva Beaman and let her know how stinking awesome she is.  She is my best friend and such a wonderful mentor for me to look after.  There is nothing that this amazing woman cannot do. BELIEVE ME.  If you dont know her, GET TO KNOW HER. Because you are seriously missing out.  Mom, thanks for all your help.  It is never a dull moment when were together and it was the best decision to live next to you and dad. You guys better never move away or Matt and I will have to follow :)  We have to much fun with you guys. Both of y'all are such a blessing in my life and help out in so many ways I cant thank you enough.  I have the two coolest/best/lovable parents out there.  Sorry readers I am just lucky like that :)   Love You Mom & Dad!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because of You

This post is in no way of me complaining. Just FYI

Baby Gille- this is what I am going through

  • My stomach goes from slightly poochy in the morning to full out poochy ponch at night.
  • I run to the bathroom to tinkle 3-4 times a night.
  • I have crazy weird/sad/funny dreams each night.
  • My middle school days of facial acne and botchy skin is back and haunting me.
  • I have to see beautician often due to hair me my roots arent pretty!
  • I crave sour belts, Taste of Texas Snickers Cheesecake & Burger King french fries-this may be a sign of Baby Gille's likeness to me because if were like Matt I would be craving dried fruit and dry oats :)
  • I grab Max and hold him like a baby. He is the only one that is about baby size.
  • I find myself in the maternity or baby section at every store.  Cant wait to know if you are a boy or girl then the fun can really begin :)
  • I daydream of what it will be like to have you with me all the time and show you off.
  • I smile at the thought of you having Matt's smile and smarts, My love for animals and sports, and hopefully Matt's looks for either boy or girl.
  • I hope and pray I will be the best mom I can be!
  • I might be partial, but I have one hott hubby.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Ive Been Up To

Hello All,
I decided I better put other posts up that dont have to do with doctor visits or baby update.  I will try to do better with what is going on around the Gille house.  Matt has been working a TON of hours and I have just been subbing randomly at different schools.  Between working and days off I keep myself busy with projects.

I received a gift card to Pets Mart for grooming a neighbors dog.  I took all 4 of my babies. They picked out something they wanted :)  Matt met us there. Thats how I got this lovely pic taken.

Max is scoping his options

I wish all stores allowed dogs. It was a blast.  I thought id fit in at Pets Mart with all my dogs but STILL I got all sorts of comments about how many I have.........  Trust me I KNOW! I can count. My usual one I hear every time I take them on a walk........Oh really you think "thats a lot of dogs". GOOD TO KNOW.  :)

For Valentines I made Matt cookies. I also got him dried fruit since he loves it.  Needless to say, all dried fruit is gone and only 1 cookie is missing.....hmmmmm   feeling a little unappreciated.

This my friends is my next BIG project.  Many of you know I was debating between having carpet installed or installing laminate flooring myself.  It will be for my upstairs bedrooms (4of them).  After much internal debate and wavering back and forth I decided I would probably have a heart attack if my child walked into my room saying he/she just barfed on the floor and it was carpet that caught its fall.  So.  After thinking of different situations that "could" potentially happen, I decided to go with laminate.  Easy to wipe up spills and very sturdy.  Not to mention the big winner of it is CHEAPER than carpet. MUCH MUCH cheaper. So wish me luck. I plan to do my bedroom and the nursery starting March 1.  My mom is going to help me install it all. What would I do without her?
Already padded Laminate from Sams Club.  Heirloom Oak is the color of choice :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Today was my 12 week appointment with my OBGYN.  I must admit last visit was cool to see the baby look more like a human, but the difference this time was unreal.  Baby Gille is really resembling a little baby! The lil rugrat was moving all around and being very active in there. Good thing still small that I cant feel because I think it would be a little irritating  :)   Dr. Schettler thought by the measure of the baby's head my due date would be august 6, but he said could just be growing fast and would have a better idea next visit.

I am enjoying the process of preparing for motherhood. Just the other day, with the help of my talented wonderful mother, I made a burp cloth for our new little one.  Took me a long time for something that is being used for spit up, but hey I accomplished something. During the time it took to switch out the different thread colors my mom made a receiving blanket with some of her mass collection of material. Thanks Mom!

I must admit my mom and I both had the feeling at todays appointment that Baby Gille is going to be a Baby Boy.  Not positive but just had a feeling. So when I was at Sams there were discount winter clothes and they had the cutest outfit for a 6month old that had a doggie on it and paws. HAD TO GET IT! It is made for a boy but by golly if baby gille is a girl........she will wear it :)

Name Choices :  Boy- Garret Matthew Gille
                          Girl-Gracie Hope Gille

Don't steal them.....Patented by Hollie Gille :)

March 1 we will see if our rugrat is a Garret or a Gracie! So excited!