The Silly Gilles

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Room Animal-mania

So my mom and I have been working hard making the decor for the baby room.  I have decided that sewing is very difficult and frustrating as well.  Just gives me more respect for my mother and how talented she is.  Gracie is worth it though.  I wanted to do a gender neutral theme so that I wont have to keep switching the baby room up depending on boy or girl.   All I can say is that all my babies will love animals like me :) 

Banner above crib

Love my giraffe print shades

Shades that keep the sun out so Gracie will sleep at anytime of the day

Crib sheets and bumper pad


Blanket I did
*Note: This is all Reva/Hollie original baby decor.  There wont be another room like it :)

When I came back from my trip to Utah I went into my future baby room and just sat in the rocking chair.  An overwhelming feeling came over me that it is actually going to happen.  I am going to be a mother.  I am going to be responsible for a life.  On the plane ride home I watched a young mother trying to calm her baby down but the baby kept throwing a fit.  I felt bad for her. Could tell others did too.  Could also tell that others were annoyed.  I guess when Gracie is in a plane with me I will forewarn all the passengers around and excuse her behavior ahead of time.  
My tummy is beggining to protrude more and more. Rachele says its a rock hard belly but I feel like I am soft.  Sleep is getting more and more uncomfortable and at night I can feel my skin stretching. It itches like crazy.  I have been applying cocoa butter to help with that.  
My mom and dad while I was out of town went to my village garage sell that happened to be the same weekend Matt and I were out of town.  They did awesome.  They were able to get me a car seat, baby swing, dressor, few pants and toys, and a old school stroller that can be used as a bassinet.  I am pumped.  This whole baby thing is starting to come together.  I get to see her tomorrow at my appointment. I cant wait. Dr. Schettler doesnt have a 3D ultrasound.  Regardless, I just love seeing her move and be healthy. Hopefully I will get pictures of her at this one and I will post them.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rockin' the Beer Gut

I dont know if any of you have heard the song Rockin' the Beer Gut, but I think its such a funny song and its defanitly how I look right now. Even though I dont partake in such substances (dont worry people), Gracie is making me look like I have enjoyed a few too many parties right now.

I am 19 weeks and a couple of days along. Gracie is making it real tough not to look stinkin' sexy all the time :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laminatin' Mania

So after I finished the two rooms I told y'all that Matt was going to complete the other rooms at a later date.  Well my uncle scared me and said the dye in the wood could change between that time so I decided I mise well finish the other two rooms while I have the hang of it.  So operation room empty had commenced. We fit it all in the baby room.
We look like pack rats
Then after both rooms were cleared it was time to remove the carpet.  Matt and my Dad did that.

While they removed carpet and I help remove staples left over my mom had a nice conversation on the coach and Charlie and Tex enjoyed relaxing with her :)  But dont worry she helps after she gets off the phone!  Just blackmail revanator!

The first room completed was on Monday with my Mom's help.  It took us about 6 hours.  I enjoyed spending time with her and both saying we accomplished it. 

The second room was done all by myself because mom had to work.  So I had my mom's help for 2 out of 4 rooms. Leaving the other two to myself.  Boy was I glad to be finished.  Both these pictures are before the quarter round is put on.  The quarter round really makes it look finished.

A look from the hallway of the two rooms together is kinda rewarding for me to just stand and awe at the work.
Two rooms in Two days..not bad
Needless to say, I am exhausted.  This knocked up girl is one tired broad and Gracie is as well.  I am getting quite the pronounced POOCHY PONCH.  Even first in the morning.  Gracie is no longer tucked way back somewhere.  Guess she wants to start showing! Time to rest.

A shout out to Randy Man - Dad you may need to get your glasses on to read this :)  

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out so much with the room remodeling. You dont get all the credit you deserve.  You never complained about coming over after work to help me with quarter round or to drag the heavy trash out so will be picked up the next morning.  You helped move furniture all around even when you had plenty of other things you needed to do.  Not to mention, the help you are going to give painting the baseboards since I cant.  You deserve a million thanks and a million more to come because your always helping out.
Dad, you are the most selfless person I know.  You are always putting others before yourself even when you deserve you time. Matt and I appreciate all you do for us.  I know you have to do triple the hard work in the home for mom, grandma, and me (during matt's busy season). Its a tough job to be you.  For being 50 something (i wont reveal your exact age) you are still the strongest man I know.  
You are a great example of what a father should be to Matt and I know he looks up to you just like I do.  I hope with my kids I am as caring and thoughtful as you are and were since I was born.  
Here is a MUCH deserved and well overdue,  THANK YOU !

Man handling the carpet. Still so strong!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yay for Pinks, Purples, & Everything Girly!

Today at my 16 weeks 5 days appointment Dr. Schettler is almost certain Baby Gille is a Baby Girl!  He kept looking to make sure but saw NO BOY PARTS (unless is hiding them very well which could always be the case but I am going with what the dr says). Yahoo for girls!

I am so pumped. After my visit and going for blood tests I went straight to target and bought a couple of baby girl outfits.  As you can tell I am super excited and so is her Daddy!

Gracie Hope Gille

I am so excited to see you move on the ultrasound and soon should feel you move.  I have had many dreams of holding you. You have blonde hair with little curl in it.  You are gorgeous and going to be a looker just like your dad.  Your daddy doesn't know it yet but you are going to have him wrapped around your finger.  You will be the flyest girl on the block and be able to keep up with all the boys. Your mom cannot wait to teach you to be a "tough" girl.  Maybe even how to install floors and groom doggies :)

Sophie, Max, Charlie & Tex are also excited to meet you and turn you into a dog lover like your parents.

Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles cant wait.

Gracie you are such a blessing in my life already.  So many emotions right now. I just know you are going to be the sunshine in my life. I just cant stop smiling :)