The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Detail Ultrasound of Gracie

I am on CLOUD 9 right now.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity thru Matt's hardwork and him supporting me with insurance to be able to see Gracie for like 30 minutes straight.  My first photo shoot with my Baby Girl.  Our technition was Renee and she was super nice and answered all questions I could ever think of and then some.  She explained to us that she would be measuring different parts and that if we wanted pictures of anything specific we could just ask and she would capture it.  My mom and dad also came for the photoshoot.  As Renee started the ultrasound the first thing we saw was a perfect picture of Gracie's hand.  Gracie already nice long fingers.  Matt joked that he knew where that came from.  Gracie is going to be big handed like me, guess she will search for a guy with "man hands" as I had to do as well.  I will teach her early that this trait in her husband is a MUST :)

As she captured different postitions and details she had nothing but great things to say.  The said the placenta was in the ideal spot at the top of my uterus and that the attachment of the umbilical cord to Gracie was nice and smooth so no possibilities of hernias there.  Also blood flow looked good.  The coolest organ I felt was seeing her heart beat.  I could see the 4 chambers of the heart!  INSANE!  Renee felt everything was perfect and there were no issues to be aware of.  Hearing this she really calmed my nerves.

We got a couple face shots of Gracie and she was actually smiling at us.  She looks like a little monster right now but she has plenty of time to get her proper beauty sleep.  Her eyes looked nice and big!  Her legs were all stretched out and all you could see was pure muscle.  They checked for any abnormalities in her lip and didn't see anything abnormal.


Already looks like a fitness model huh?
Not the first capture of the hand but the only print out

Her positioning is head on the upper part of my stomach and legs going straight for my bladder :)  She was even grabbing the umbilical cord during it.  Thats whats been causing me sudden pains.  Little stinker.  She has no toys to play with.  Soon she will have too many and 4 doggies to entertain her all the time.  

Then the moment to triple confirm that Gracie is in fact a GIRL.  Renee said she is 99% positive but can never say 100%.  She said if she had any thought it was a boy that she would say but she said there was NO sign of a boy.   Ladies & Gentleman this will hopefully be the only humiliating picture for Gracie that proves she has a china!

If you can tell I am just super happy.  Nothing can bring me down right now.  I cant wait to hold her in my arms all the time.  Getting to this spot was very difficult but wouldn't have had it any other way.  I appreciate the miracle of creation so much more now.  Renee referred to Matt as Dad a couple of times during the ultrasound and he never responded.  He thought she was talking to my dad.  Matt you are a DAD now! So fun!

On my way home I stopped at hobby lobby and got a cute G for her nursery and a frame that I am putting at my bedside to remind me each night of what is to come.  I am almost done crocheting her blanket as well.  We are making flower headbands for her.  Gracie has got to be stylin :)

I got these shoes from my AWESOME sister in law Taylor.  She totally knows me by getting these shoes for Gracie.  They are so perfect! I am in LOVE!  Thank you so much Taylor.  They are perfect!

Friday, April 22, 2011

My attempt at being crafty

So this is a prelude to me showing you what I accomplished this week.  To many, this is not much of a feet, but for me it was a BIG DEAL.  This whole week Matt has been out of town :( very sad.  Then, to make matters worse, my parents went out of town as well :(  so I am all alone with my doggies and all my parents animals.  I am throwing myself a pitty party cant you tell?

Something this week I have come to see is that I am the type of person that needs to live by family.  Matt works a lot so therefore leaving me home alone A LOT, but I usually just go hang out with my parents (esp my mom when my dads at work)  It has been such a blessing to live close by.  Some may think I am lame or whatever I dont care.  I LOVE my parents.  They are awesome.   I am very blessed.  So needless to say this week being all alone I have grown a appreciation of family.

Back to my hand at craftiness.  Usually when I sew anything my mom is right there telling me step by step and making sure I dont screw up her machine.  Well this week I wanted to make burp clothes that are considered "Easy."  All have to do is cut up some fabric in a simple shape and some batting. Sew up, sew down, and sew around.  Then cut the outside by little parts so it will fray all around after washing.  Sounds simple huh?  Well working the sewing machine and threading, and setting up the bobbin properly all come into play as well.  As well as keeping the material from bunching.  AHH the joys of sewing.  After looking at the sewing machine user guide often, and relaxing.  Then thinking to just do it because what its being used for is not that glorious, was what helped me get it done.  So I did it.  Actually turned out cuter than I thought it would.  I made 9 total burp clothes out of this pattern.  My confidence is up that I mastered the sewing machine all on my own and did the burp clothes correctly.

3 Different Designs

I have not posted many pictures of my growing belly.  I have been trying to take weekly pictures that my sister in law (Tiffany) said could make into a postcard size week by week capture of my growth.  I look forward to that.  All those pictures are belly exposed in sports bra and shorts.  So if you are already getting nervous about seeing a bare belly-ed Hollie then DO NOT SCROLL ANY FURTHER!

Just the other day I was with my mom and we were looking thru old albums trying to see how big she got and if I am following similar sizes.  Unfortunately, we couldn't really tell because she didn't like her picture being taken and she wore covering maternity outfits.  All I know is my mom was able to hide it well.  I am overall a bigger girl than she is.  I have finally faced it and accepted my big boned-ness compared to my mother and sister.  So here is the big reveal!

Ab-less & Proud

Next week rookie camp starts for Kings River Kingfish.  I have already been giving lessons this week to some kiddos in my parents backyard.  I thought the water would be freezing but actually was not bad at all.  Must be all the extra baby fat that is keeping me well insulated.  It also has been in the 90's in Kingwood  so that also helps the water to warm up.  I got a couple of new swimsuits from motherhood maternity.  Hoping they will last the whole summer with me wearing them everyday.  I am excited for the swim season and being around happy kiddos everyday. I love it.  Not many people can say they love their job.  I look forward to going and seeing the kids everyday.  It will definitely help the summer go by faster and then next thing I know Gracie will be gracing me with her presence :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

No Longer Puppies...PARTAYY!

On Thursday April 7 marked a year from the puppies arrival.  I remember last year when they were born being so excited. TOO FUN!

Birth Order:
Bear "name may be different now"
Dude "also name may be different now"
From left to right: Dude, Bear, Charlie, Tex, Sissy & Girlfriend

Before the party I got to babysit Blake's kiddos: Taylor, Riley, & Bryson.  Bryson is the newest arrival to the Beaman clan.  He is too cute! I enjoyed spending time with the kids and made me anxious for Gracie to arrive :)

I am so blessed to own 4 wonderful dogs.  I know most people think I am crazy but I love my doggies  I tried contacting the owners of Dude and Bear to try to get them to attend their birthday and to see if the other 4 siblings remembered them and how sophie and max reacted to their kids.  Dude lives too far away :( and then Bear's family was sick all week but want to get together another time.  My intentions when giving the other two were that they would get to see each other at least once a year or even more if lucky.  But circumstances happened and its kind of a sore subject for me so I wont go into detail.. Bummer.  All dogs had their outfits for the party.  Sophie #1 even came from parents house.

Sophie #1



BiG Max Daddy


Blake and his kiddos

They had no idea they were walking into a DOG PARTY :)

We still got together the remaining 4.  I own two of them and my parents own the other two.  Us humans enjoyed hot dogs in their honor.  We had a Rice Chex catching contest, a water diving for meat contest, and a chase Riley to get the dangling carrot.  Also they enjoyed a cupcake that was dog edible. Actually humans can eat too, but wasn't very appetizing.

official thrower

Sophie won the Rice Chex contest.  Although was a tie after 5 throws between Sophie and Tex.  Sudden death round came into play.  Sophie prevailed!

Tex was the only one to get into the kid pool for the piece of meat. So he won!

Cupcake Eating Time!


Max threw his up....but ate it later

Carrot chase

I think the dogs had a great time.  I hope they did.  Happy Birthday Charlie, Tex, Sissy, Girlfriend, Bear & Dude!

Love Ya'll