The Silly Gilles

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diapers Diapers Oh My!

This past Friday we had a Divisionals pool party for the Kingfish and little did I know is my Kingfish family were planning a suprise diaper drive for me and Gracie!  They assigned age groups different sizes of diapers so I didnt get all the same size. I got a ton of size 1 and 2.  I am very excited!  I feel so blessed to know all these giving people. Its overwhelming all the help and support we have already recieved.

Also, my very talented husband has been hard at work on the diaper shoot. He painted the piping so it matched our house :) that was my nagging request.  He still has a few kinks to work out(youll see if you watch the video) but we have test runned it and been successful. He is making is accident proof though.  Love this man!

Diaper Shoot Demo!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Made with Love

Reva Original Blessing Dress

Front again

Bonnet and Booties

Tag on inside of bonnet and theres one on the dress too :)

All these parts photographed doesnt give this dress much justice. It is such a perfect little blessing dress. Truely a one and only.  When Gracie gets in it she is going to look like a doll.

 Giraffe Print Gracie done by Robbie Janes
matches my window treatments-she did it perfectly

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Tile/Poop Shoot/Baby Shower

 It has been my dream ever since we got our home to tile the whole downstairs with large tile on the diagonal.  At our house the whole downstairs flows from room to room and the stairs are the center of it all.  So I got an estimate and started saving up money.  It is taking my entire paycheck from summer league swim coaching to get this tile in, but in the end soooooo worth it.  It has already made my life so much easier with cleaning and the doggies.

Pre Tile
As you can tell the dogs really enjoy their 950 sq foot worth of cold tile :)  The tiles are 20 by 20 and it is all layed on the diagonal.  I LOVE IT!

Also at the Gille home Matt is working on a project he has wanted to do since finding out we are having a baby.  A diaper poop shoot.  At first I was a little hesitant about it but as he explained his plan I was SOLD on the idea.  Lets face it, babies are cute but they make some stank mc stinkers that aint so pleasant :)  So when Gracie has some nappy poos I wont worry because I will send it right down thru the diaper shoot and it will go directly into a trash can outside thru heavy duty plastic piping and into a heavy duty pastic bag.  Do we sound super prepared or what?
Heavy Duty for Heavy Diapers!

Matt will paint the green piping.  We are not white trash I promise :)

This is the window from the baby room down to the trash can. It is not attached yet.
I love that Matt is extremely smart and can figure out anything he puts his mind to.  I hope our kids get his brains and good looks :)  He has this whole week off because of the amount of overtime he works during busy season and I have had such a fun time having him at home. Monday as I was working on Divisional's entries he began his diaper shoot project.  It is fun to see him figure it all out and use his creativity. It is going to be so awesome.  Also on his week off he is off to San Antonio to make some extra money. He is off of work but is working?? I know. I didnt want him to go, but he is a wonderful provider and works hard.

Last week Ruth Carruth and Tammy Smith hosted a baby shower for me.  Due to it being summer time and everyone gets so busy I was not sure if there would be many who could make it.  Boy was I pleasantly suprised.  I feel so blessed by the turn out and the support so many people I have came to know over the 25 years of living here in kingwood has brought.  All I know is Kingwood is the best and Gracie already has so many people who love and support her.

Chug Chug Chug!

Blind folded diaper changing
Ruth knowing me way to well played a few competition games at the shower.  First one was who could drink apple juice the fastest out of a baby bottle. I got to pick my competition.  I got the youngest-my niece, and wil n bryans sister ariel, then the oldest-my grandma, and then a fellow workout buddy Kathy who is my parents age but waaay more fit then I am.  I aspire to be in such great shape one day.  Then, Jo my highschool bud who I played volleyball and basketball with.  It was a close race between me, jo and kathy!

The next game was a blind folded diaper changing race. I was meticulous on the picking of my fellow competition. They were all around my age and never been a mother :)  Teanie, Amanda, and Janelle. Amanda finished fastest but hers was on backwards. Teanie was next and hers was perfect so she WON! Good Job Teanie! She gets married in a few weeks, watch out Morgan she is already a diaper changing pro :)

At the shower I got lot of cute clothes for Gracie. I was so thankful because I had not bough much to date.   She is going to be stylin. I also got baby monitor, bath essentials, potty necessities, cool giraffe print letters that spell out GRACIE, and homemade hooded towels, burp cloths,  blanket, boy oh boy the list goes on and on. I am so thankful for everyone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I got lots of necessities and some really cool homemade gifts! Love it!

Blessing Dress- Reva Original
 My extremely talented mother suprised me with the most special gift I could ever recieve.(I loved all my other gifts as well I promise)  Gracie's Blessing Dress.  The Revanator made it out of pieces of her old wedding dress and other material.  It is so beautiful and perfect. I am so lucky to have such a talented mother.   This picture does not give it justice.  I had to hold back tears pulling it out, was truely a special and thoughtful gift. I had didnt know she had already finished it. I will take some pictures of it in detail and post next post.  I will be taking LOTS of photos of Gracie in it come September 25th on her blessing day. Its a beautiful dress, a hat, lil bootie shoes, it is perfect! Also, has a special tag in it that says Made with love by Grandma.  LOVE IT!  My mom has planned a picture for me and Gracie to both be in white dresses in a white rocking chair. It will look really neat I am sure.  Only problem with my mom being so talented is the pressure on me to be like her.  I dont know if Gracie will ever recieve a homemade blessing dress for her little one made by me but I will try to keep up with the Revanator as best as I can.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Vaca

Due to summer being so busy for me with swim team it is hard to find time to take a vacation.  So because Garret goes back to school next week and Matt is able to get some time off, the family decided to do a day trip to Galveston.

The Crew

I suckered in early this year and ruined my big fathers day gift suprise for Matt.  He has been talking about surfing a lot lately and about how a friend of ours has a great board to surf here in Galveston and its also good to learn on.  Well he didnt know but I talked to them and got all the info on it and ordered the board!  I couldnt hold in the excitement.  Memorial day came around and friends of ours were going to the beach and the waves were supose to be awesome.  So I gave it to him early.  I think he likes it :)

My whole family was able to get up on the board.  I am not capable yet. I did sit on it in the waves and balance :) I tried laying on it but gave me an instant stomach ache so decided I should probably hold of for a couple more months and then really rip the waves during hurricane season with my hubby!  I think my parents are gonna buy a board now too! My mom got up her first try. Very talented woman.


This week is also the week we are having tile installed in our whole downstairs! yes, I am super excited and will have pictures soon.  They finished grouting it today and we can walk on it tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First & Last Prego Pictures

So I am not a fan of prego pictures for two reasons: 1. I dont have any good ideas of what to do in them and always seems to turn out awkward and weird looking then, 2. I dont look good pregnant. There is nothing attractive about it.

So these are them. 30 weeks pregnant. Tried to incorporate the dogs.