The Silly Gilles

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week Of Lasts

I have exactly one more week of doing this whole pregnant thing.  Then reality will hit. Holy Moly! I now need to take care of this baby that has been partying for the last 9 months in my tummy?!?!


I feel like a elementary school aged kid counting down to Christmas break or the last day of school.  I catch myself telling Matt, "You know, this is the last weekend as just us?" It’s a week filled with lasts.  I can say "it the last fill day here  before we become responsible for our child."  Each day from now till the 5th is lasts and then we will be parents... Wow


Heavenly Father is putting a whole lot of trust in us starting the 5th.  I am super excited.  Knowingly scared. Extremely anxious. I am a whole lot of feelings.  Just a bundle of emotions.

Matt and I have been brainstorming how to keep track of our kid’s lives.  I’m not much into scrapbooking....I never caught the bug for it.  Matt thinks is too expensive.  My dad, being the organized man that he is, has 3 ring binders for each of us and filled it with pictures and other keep sake things.  He used clear page protectors that had individual spaces for 4 x 6 pictures.  I feel confident I can do that.  So we are going to.  Or something similar.  Matt also had the idea to buy a USB for each child to put in the binder of all their pictures as well for a digital copy.  I like it.  Technology these days is amazing.

I hope to be one of those awesome moms like my sister-in-law Tiffany that captures so many fun memories with her camera.  I know her kids will appreciate it one day looking back.  It’s my goal to do the same.

Scheduled C-Section August 5, 2011. 8 am.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I thought with all this extra time on my hands and having to stay off my feet and be indoors I would try to make a quilt.  I have made quilts before, but its been a while.  My mom and I figured out how to download different fonts onto her embroidery machine.  It took us a while to figure out how to put it all in the program and work on her embroidery machine. We figured it out! Now she has a lot of new cool fonts.  Opportunities are endless now :)  The quilt was completed today. I had to go buy satin at hobby lobby to finish the border. My mom says little kids like silky things. I hope she likes it.

My mom made a hooded towel for her with one of the new fonts.  Gracie girl is getting hooked up.  Crazy thing is. It was the day we finally figured out the whole thing she was like I am gonna try it on this. Next thing I knew she had a whole hooded towel complete. Like it was effortless and quick and easy. She is one amazing mother. Heller Mader.

Next is the finished product of the poop chute. I know many of you want to see it. So here it is. All painted and in tip top working shape. Soon it will be put to very good use.  Its professional.

Flap to open to throw diaper down. Also prevents any possible stinky upflow :)

What it looks like in window
Side View
Front on with Trash Can attached
I have my weekly visit tomorrow. He said if she is still breech (which I gurantee she is, I can feel her sittin on my right side, and he said she wont turn) then we will set up the c section.  My mom thinks he may not want me to go 40 weeks and 1 day and run the risk of going into labor with the c section.  Who knows. If thats the case it will probably be next week. If he is comfortable with it then I am good with waitin till August 8th.  Either way, I am ready...I think....are you ever totally ready?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laminated Landing and Good ol' Frank

So I thought the laminate flooring laying would be over aint! Earlier this year I put laminate in all 4 bedrooms by myself and with the help of my mom.  I didnt do the landing at the top of the stairs because of two reasons. I thought carpet would be best coming out of the bathroom for wet feet and the lastly the landing looked very difficult to figure out how to lay.  We hadnt had any problems with doggie accidents since the tile and laminate got put in, but one day Matt decided to do a good deed for a neighbor who was out of town and we were watching his dogs and he washed his dogs in our guest tub.  There must of been some sort of leftover scent.

Matt hard at work
It only took twice for them to mark on the carpet landing in front of the guest bathroom.  I had enough! Went to Sam's and bought laminate flooring for the landing.  I had no doubt that Matt would be able to figure it all out.  He is much smarter than me.  I assisted a little but its amazing what is hard to do now with this belly in the way.

So the only carpet we have in our whole home is on our stairs.  It will be a while before we replace that.   

Ta Da!

Perfect Transitions done by Matt

Now onto Good ol' Frank.  I was hopeful Gracie would decide to turn. I really honestly believed she would cooperate and be a good girl.  I did hand stands in the pool, hips up high and even saw a chiropractor who did the Webster Technique.  At my doctors appointment he informed me that Gracie is still Breech.  In fact, she is Frank Breech. I was crushed.  I have been having the feeling that she doesnt have enough room to move and the doctor informed me that its the exact case.  I have low amniotic fluid so therefore she is unable to flip for me.  I am not showing very much because my stomach is strictly all baby and hardly any fluid.  That explains the small tummy.  He told me to just accept that she wont turn and to start planning for my C-section. 
All along I thought my due date was August 11th but he has me down for August 7th.  It got kind of confusing because she is a chlomid baby and I was so irregular that the fact I got pregnant even was a true miracle.  So I need to accept the current matter and be thankful for the blessings I have recieved thus far and continue to recieve.

good interpretation of what she looks like in my belly

I also asked him how much he thinks Gracie weighs.  She is tipping the scales at about 6 lbs and will maybe make it to a whopping 7lbs by the time she is delivered.  She is gonna be a little baby girl :)  I then asked him if he could tell if she has hair.....he couldnt. I thought hey if I just got the cut me open news I at least wanna know if she will have hair.  I didnt go on to ask what color.  I joked with mom because there is no way with a black n white 2D ultrasound.
So was time to pick the date to deliver her. I kindly asked the doctor to let me pick August 8th to go in for a c section.  He said that would be fine.  What is neat about the 8th is that Matt and I were also born on the 8th.  He preceeded to let me know that I will be undergoing stress tests each week and if Gracie seems stressed we will have to deliver her earlier.  I am currently put on a "loose" bed rest.  I no longer can participate in physical activity and need to take it easy.  If ya'll know me you know this is going to be a very difficult task.  We dont know what caused the low amniotic fluid but all the standing out in the heat for summer league he said did not help.  When I told him about the job he thought I was more in the water then out of it. That is not the case.  Regardless, I could come up with a million what if's and really it doesnt matter.  Gracie is healthy and strong.  If she ruins my potential to get abs again so be it.  I am blessed with a eternal family and nothing else matters.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As of today, Gracie is still breech.  She is being very difficult.  I feel her trying to move a lot, but doesnt seem to be enough space....

Dr. Schettler says if she stays breech I will have to have a C-Section. Not good. Not what I want. I asked him if there was anything I could do and he said "she will turn if she wants to turn."  I then preceeded to tell him all the information I have read on how to and advice I have been givin: handstands in the pool, flips in the pool, ice pack on head with heat pad on pubic bone, stair method, hips up method, music/talking by the pubic bone and last but not least the weirdest....shining a light down there. All tall tales.  Dr. Schettler said to not listen to those that they are just stories. 

Our Prom Style Prego Photo-Attractive I know :)
Well, I just dont know WHO to believe.  I wish Gracie would just turn already.  I have been doing handstands in the pool, flips in the pool and the stair method.  This 4th of July we decided just to relax and be lazy so Matt and I headed to my parents and enjoyed ourselves in the pool.  I worked on turning Gracie and he did some resistance swimming.  We thought a bikini would be funny for me to wear while we took pictures of the DE Breeching...and so Matt thought itd be funny to wear his da don ta dons! haha.  We are not wearing these outfits because we think we look good in them....TRUST ME. I know I DONT. but if I didnt no one would see the Great White Whale!

Handstand underwater and tricks :)

Watch out! Its the Great White WHALE!

We had a disposable underwater camera still from our honeymoon that we had not finished taking all the picture on it.  So we took the rest of the pictures and went and developed them.  It was fun to see some pictures from our honeymoon. Back when I wasnt huge.....oh those were the days  :)

I was told that doing the Webster Technique could turn Gracie.  I would have to go to a Chiropractor to do it.  What do y'all think? I am debating....Also version is an option at the very end.  I was advised not to from my neonatologist because the cord could get wrapped around her neck and brain damage could result. Very scary.  Most of all I want a healthy happy Gracie! If that means cutting me open to get her safely in my arms then thats what I will do.  Until then, gonna try my darndest to turn you! Cooperate girl!