The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get it Girl!

Gracie is finding much use of her hands these days. She grabs at her toys....she may be a south paw. We shall see :)  A basketball will be in her hands soon! haha

which shall I grab...

zebra looks fun

got it!
Plus, my Gracie has many mood swings in a short amount of time...

im going to cry mommy

SIKE! im funny! gotcha

dont laugh at me mom!

please hold me mommma....pu pu pu please hold me!

Lastly Gracie likes to grab her toy and taste it...

look at her focus

mission accomplished!

Pumpkin Patch

Tis the time of pumpkins......

Thank You Hannah for the cute pumpkin onsie!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Napping issues still continue... but we will get thru it. Appreciate all the advice. Been swaddling her and doing nests and what not.

My mom kept telling me Gracie looks like a kewpie doll.  I had never heard of such a doll so I looked it up. She totally does!

She has the same patches of hair to no-hair ratio and oogly eyes.  She is 11 weeks today.  Time flies!

Just some pictures I took with my phone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advice Gladly Accepted

Ok. So. Gracie is almost 11 weeks. Closer to 3 months then 2. In her 2month update I mentioned my dilemma about her sleeping patterns. NAPTIME. Help!

This is how it goes. I feed her, burp her, love on her/play with her for about an hour. She begins to fuss because getting tired. So I put her in my magical hold (her pressed against me, kinda like feeding, with pacifier) rock, sing and pat her till she is sleeping. Also turn box fan on for some added white noise. PERFECT so far.......

She is out. PHEW. So I ever so gently lay her down in her crib between two rolled up receiving blankets to put pressure on her belly and support to her backside. (Attempt to keep her thinking she is still with me). DONE.

I stay for about 5 minutes. Patting her back softly. Making sure her pacifier doesn't fall out. CHECK she is still out. FREEDOM! I tiptoe out of her room and book it downstairs.

20 minutes later.... CRYING! Say what Gracie??? In this 20 minute stretch I am running around like a mad woman getting all kinds of tasks done that are very difficult with her in my arms... aka one handed.

So she is screamin bloody murder. So I go up and see what this baby is crying about. She has fenagled her body impressively. Arms reaching. Wide eyed. Look in her eye of why did you leave me? Grab me please! So I try to soothe her laying down in her crib. NO. She is kickin. Arms are reaching. She wants up. DANG. So I pick her up. Today I did the whole process again. 10minutes later. She was up crying! Yikes.

So I am having a dilemma within. Do I spend a half hour putting my baby to sleep. For her to sleep a mere 20 minutes. I........

******And if I keep tryin to get her to go down like that. She is hardly getting the proper sleep. She will make me pay for it in the evening. That's for sure! Little Miss Fussy Butt =)

Cuddle her in my magical hold. Sit down watch tv, movie, use computer, do things single armed and have her sleep anywhere from 1.5hrs to 2hrs. Do you see what craziness this baby has become?

So as I write this. After 2 valiant attempts to get her down on her own for a nap, she is passed out on me completly content. Don't get me wrong. At times I LOVE that Gracie is such a cuddle bug with me. But momma needs her space. If only could get 2 hours a day of ME time. Would be nice.........

Anyone out there have this same predicament/battle?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Since we had A TON going on during our anniversary back in September we decided to celebrate it after Matt took his CPA test he had to study for up until October 12th.  Anywho.  It was my year to plan it.  Pressure was on.  Its difficult to plan with a 2 month old baby.

I am thankful that my parents live so close.  We invited them to the beach with us for a little surfing and skim boarding.  My mom watched Gracie the whole time.  Due to her having a hurt shoulder.  Stinks she couldn't come out and surf and show me up, but once she heals up she can :)  She got up earlier this summer when I was pregnant and couldn't surf.  So she has mastered it already.

Surfing is tough!  Doesnt help that Matt makes it look so easy.  Matt taught me how to in 3 steps:

1.  Push yourself up with your arms and arch your back
2.  Slide right foot up between hands
3.  Stand.

Step 3 is very difficult.  Didnt help that the waves were very short and weak. Tough day to learn but I got up. We have proof

Then Matt and my Dad skim boarded.  My dad grew up skim boarding in California with a big round saucer. Seriously.  The thing weighs 20 pounds.  For reals.  My dad made it out of plywood.  Its pretty awesome.  He is awesome that he can still do it.  One day I hope to be as agile as my parents are at their point in life.  Shoot my mom still runs 5 miles all the time and my Dad joins her as well.  Encouragable!

These guys rock

get low

Then I made Taco Salad and Tres Leches Cake....Per Matts request. Then we went on a bike ride and watched a movie.  I hope Matt had fun.
Ridin' in style

Friday, October 14, 2011

First Photo Shoot

This is my first Go Round with my new camera.  Took 3 attempts.  All ending in her crying hysterically. AWESOME.....So if her head is cut off.....oh well did my best.

Gracie is 10 weeks old!

Booties her Great Grandma Rebeck made....also the blanket in the background!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quarter of a Century

This past weekend I turned the big 25.  Matt made french toast for breakfast. While Gracie and I cuddled in bed in our nice dark bedroom courtesy of mom and dad making me radiant barrier window shades.  Love em!   Then  I opened my awesome present from Matt...
yes.  A DSLR camera.  The Nikon 3100.  Photo shoots here I come!
For lunch we went to Cheddars with my parents.  I got the always yummy steak and chicken fingers.

she fell asleep :)
Then we went home and relaxed.  Took a nap with Gracie.  Then we went to parents for dinner (my fav noodles and tomatoe juice)  Had red velvet cake mom made.  Then watched Transformers and had mom's homemade yummy popcorn,  It was a great birthday!
My partner in crime

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 Months Older!

Oh boy!

My baby girl is 2 months old today.  I am partial but this girl is down right yummy.  Some fun things Gracie does now are:
  • Smiles all the time!
  • Coo's and makes noises to grab our attention
  • Holds her head up all by herself with no problem
  • Lets farts go like no body's business!
  • Has a blow out a day
  • Loves her paci
  • Recognizes my voice...will smile just hearing it.
  • Loves to be held in by me, Loves football hold with dad
  • Likes shopping/car rides. crys when car I run red lights (jk!)
  • Each morning suffers from gas pains...let it loose! i tell her
  • Notices the dogs now
  • Notices all her surroundings.  Very wide-eyed
  • Gets downright fussy and unpleasant when gassy/tired
  • Has very active legs....likes to use me as kicking bags-ouch
  • Sleeps 5 hours at night
  • Wont go down for naps during the day for long, wakes up within 15 minutes by herself, but when i cuddle her she will sleep for at least 1 hour......DILEMMA!
  • Getting chubby.Little Rolls
  • Loves nightly bath with Daddy.
  • Doesn't last long being babysat.  You miss me and I miss you.
  • Absolutely perfect in every way 
2 Month Stats
10lbs 6oz.
15inches head 

Today at your appointment you were so brave.  You got 3 shots and took 1 oral vaccination.  The first one you cried for a second and then held my finger and looked at me and calmed all the way down.  Unfortunately it was not over.  You got the next two in your other leg and boy you were one sad sad baby. I teared up but the nurse handed you to me and I cuddled you. I don't like seeing you cry. Never will.  Dad and Grandma were there for support.  You have so many people around that love you.  You are sleeping right now.  Poor girl.  Doctor prescribed you some antacid.  Hoping this may make you more comfortable if you are suffering from heartburn.  We dont know for sure why you are being so fussy.  Hoping this helps.  I just want a happy little girl.

I am so blessed to be your mom.  I look at you everyday wondering how I got so lucky.  

You are my best bud.
I love you.
My Gracie Girl.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Photo

we all felt sad

that was our first family photo shoot.  Gracie is 8 weeks and 2 days old!