The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Screamin Beaman's Reunite!

It has been 8 years or so since we have all been in the same place due to missions and what not.  It was awesome to get the whole crew back together!

The Feast

Micah with Grandma


Intense Dart Playing

Georgia just woke up from her nap :)  but the two cousins were checkin each other out :)
Bryson & Georgia
Taylor made themed cupcakes!

Grandpa with grand daughters
Fun at the Park
Go Kart

Wish I would of taken more pictures. Was too fun!

Good Lookin' Group of People!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cutie Batootie with a Chubby Bootie

 Prepare to see a very cute bare naked bottom.  If you cant look away, I understand.....It is very cute!

Gracie is getting chubbier and chubbier by the day.  Guess its all that milk drinking, no exercising and sleeping she does.  She has the good life :)  Gracie has been pulling herself forward a lot lately.  She wants to sit up like a big girl all the time.  She is communicating more and more, especially at the changing table.  I guess she feels she has a lot to talk about when I am wiping her hooha and rear end :)  She smirks and smiles constantly. Its cute because I just give her a big smile and she responds with the cutest smile/smirk and puts her hand up to her mouth and acts all embarrassed.  So yummy. She has found her thumb! Still prefers the pacifier, but in no time she will be using her thumb instead I am sure.  I will be happy when the day comes so I can sleep more at night.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Here are some 3 month or so pictures of Matt and I.  Matt is more like 4 months, its when he got his baby blessing.


Hollie Again

Unfortunately we don't have many of Matt when he is little.  Ill have to ask Vicki if she has anymore and maybe scan some over Christmas.  I love comparing her to us and see how she is evolving into each of us.  Some days I think she looks exactly like my pictures and then other days I see a lot of Matt in her.  Really is neat that Gracie is a piece of us and will continue to grow and one day create a baby with her future spouse.  It is crazy to think about it.  Miracles in the making.

Spotted Sucking her THUMB!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 Months Older

Gracie Hope
aka "baby"  "gracie girl" 

What you do now:
  • Smile ALL the time
  • Serious mood swings...happy, sad, hysterical, to sleepy in minutes. Emo Little PotLicker
  • Grab at toys and bring em' to your mouth
  • Suck on your fist....soon to find your thumb, I hope.
  • Love to look at yourself in the mirror. You sqweel with delight.
  • Neck is super strong. You love to look around and see whats going on.  You like to watch your momma.
  • Starting to pull forward with your tummy when I lay you back.  You will be sitting unassisted in no time.
  • Bring your feet up to your head.
  • Follow me with your head all around the room when I set you down....your kind of obsessed with me.....but I kind of like it....I LOVE IT! 
  • Been swaddling you while you nap...your a hoodini and somehow can get your arm out of it.  Impressive because I get her in there nice in tight.  Also, put a bean bag on top of her tummy for pressure, but yet one of her arms still moves under and out.
  • Blow bubbles
  • Drool
  • Stare at the dogs.  Soon to be chasing them :)
  • Love being sung to at the changing table.  If your happy and you know it, wiggle your legs. If your happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it, if your happy and you know it, wiggle your legs. (she is wiggling her legs of course)
  • Your nap lengths are improving.  Although you usually do "cat naps" about 30-40 minutes.  Sometimes you will go like an hour in a half.  But never know when.  Pleasant surprise for me when ya do.
  • Love sleeping on me still.  Dont know why, but you'll go for hours.
  • Sleep through the night.  Wake up about twice during an 8 hour spread for her pacifier, but then goes back to sleep.
  • Each morning wake up with little rats on the back of your head from moving your head from side to side so much.  Such delicate hair.....
  • Love bath time with dad.  I have had to sub in for him a few times this month and now I know why he likes it so much.  You are just so darn tootin' cute getting your bath!
  • Starting to get stranger danger.  You do allow grandma and grandpa still....thank goodness.
  • Starting to almost giggle.  Not a full laugh.  Seems like you get the hiccups when your trying to communicate a bunch.  Dont know if that is associated.

Startin' off real pleasant


there it is

Bath Time
Gracie, loves loves loves her bath time.  Future water baby right here.  I hope she continues it.  She is a very clean baby I have been told.  Whenever she has big poos I always wash off her bottom.  My mom taught me to do it and I think its a good thing.  She definitely needs it after her usual explosions down under.

I think she will have blue eyes.  She is my blue eyed, blonde, bomb shell!

You are getting so big and strong!
Big is beautiful right now baby girl....keep being beautiful!

I hope you know how much I love you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk or Treat

This is a short post. Mainly pictures (what matt prefers) Anywho, Gracie is down for her nap. I have a mere 30-40 minute stretch of time to myself and the list is long that needs to get done.  So I only have time to post pictures.  
This is our friday night festivities.  Our costumes were thought up by matt.  He won 2nd place for his at work.  The costumes were not very Baby friendly though.  I basically didnt use mine but for pictures because by the time the trunk or treat began Gracie was very unhappy and wanted to be held.  So I held her and got her to pass out and I monitored the kids petting the dog-babies while matt the baby handed out candy.  It was a fun/stressful night.   Gracie was supose to be an adult and matt, me, and doggies were the babies.  Anywho, then she wore a cat PJ/costume Carol Hunter a long time friend sent her.  Thanks Carol!

diaper girl

diaper boys
Max   haha!


Babies and Adult

My girls

Trick or Treaters taken candy from the baby Matt

LOVE this girl....she is getting big cheeks like her momma!

Matt cuddling her on Saturday while I dog groomed

My favorite shirt of hers haha