The Silly Gilles

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give Thanks to 2011

2011 was a great year. I have a lot to be thankful for and I will recap my top 10 highlights of the year.

1.Long term sub job at Creekwood Middle School for a coach on maternity leave.  I had a great time coaching 7th grade basketball and teaching PE. Miss those girls. 

2.Putting in Laminate flooring all over the upstairs.  Getting rid of the nasty old carpet was a bIG relief.

3.Suprising Matt with a surf board for fathers day.  I was so excited to get him it.

4.Coaching the Kingfish again.  I love my little swimmers and enjoy coaching them even when I was 8 months pregnant and was the hottest summer ever.

5.Getting tile put in downstairs.  Best decision EVER.

6.August 5th.  Life Changing Day

7.Thanksgiving Beaman's Reunite.  So fun to have the whole crew back together again.  Wish everyone would get with the program and move back to the great state of TEXAS :)

8.Florida Vacation with the Gille/Beckman family.  Fun in the sun, walks on the beach, and t shirt and shorts weather on Christmas day...cant beat it.

9.Buying/Picking up the new num num express mobile from Florida.  Gracie and I are happy to have a ride to call our own.

10.My family of a husband and four dogs moved to a husband, sweet daughter, and four dogs.  My life keeps getting better and better.  I am so blessed beyond belief.

Picture taken by Tiffany. She is awesome for taking pictures of us amongst her busy schedule.  Thanks Tiff!!!

But with the new year unfolding I also have a few goals I would like to accomplish.  

1. Cook a new meal once a week.  
2. Get Gracie to sleep in her crib at night time.  Partially my fault that she is in bed with me.  I enjoy it and its just easier.  I know its bad.
3. Be better about the words I choose to use.  Dont want Gracie learning potty words when her vocabulary becomes like a sponge.
4. Exercise more (yes i know everyone has this one) but with Gracie it has been hard.  I just need to set aside time.
5. Take dogs on a walk in the morning with Gracie. 
6. Learn more about sewing from my mom. She is the master.  
7. Be more patient.
8. Express my gratitude to those around me.
9. Be nicer to Matt. (sometimes can be a meany butt, not abusive though i swear ;)   )
10.  Say I love you once a day to my family.

Thats it.  We shall see if I can accomplish this long list in 2012.

WAIT Gracie just told me that she wanted to do a goals list for the New Year.
1.Be able to pet the dogs without pulling their hair out.
2.Be able to ask for num nums when she wants some num nums :)
3.Be able to reach for an object and not fall over.
4.Be able to poo poo and pee pee in a real potty (daddy hopes this one)
5.Be able to eat what mommy and daddy are eating
6.Be able to chase the dogs around the house.
7. Be able to walk where she wants to walk
8. Be able to learn what the words "let go" means when she has a chunk of moms hair in her hands.
9. Be able to take long naps
10.  Be able to say "I love my mom. You are the best mom ever. And sooooo beautiful" (haha maybe thats a little more mine)

Gonna hop on in, okay daddy??
May want to mute but had to share. i am obnoxious i know

Monday, December 5, 2011

4 Month Old

I am a mother of a 4 month old! Oh my!

4 Month Stats
13 Lbs
24 inches
16 inches of noggin'

num num drool!

 What you are up to these days:
  • you smile so much. you are soooo happy, when your happy... :)
  • you talk and talk and talk.  
  • you have begun to giggle.  they are usually short, but i got a long one out of you the other night as i tickled and kissed your neck.  
  • you can roll over from your tummy to back.  about once each feeding. it wears ya out.  and you do it when the dogs are around because you wanna get a better look at them
  • you roll from your back to your side at ease
  • you chill in your bumbo in the backyard while i scoop up poo and reach for the doggies as they slooowly approach you.
  • you enjoy the jenny jump up. you don't jump in it but you chill and look around and begun to bounce your head a little. super cute in it
  • you think its a fun game to pull your pacifier out and then try to put it back in....sometimes your aim is a little off
  • love fruit snack like the crinkle sound
  • will now play on your own for 20 minutes or so when i set toys on a blanket with you.  the dogs love to watch ya and let you try to grab them.
  • still cat nap.  waiting for the day when you will take a 3 hour nap....oh the things that i could get done
  • have stranger danger more so.  just depends on your mood and if i am standing in the room or not.
  • wont take a bottle.  found out after subbing half day and you wouldn't eat for grandma. you love your mommy milk. haha
  • drooly drooly drooly.
  • you put everything into your mouth.  i have to watch you when i hold you on my lap while im eating because you will now grab whatever is in front of you.  got to be careful because you have already pulled a bowl of food down onto the floor. the dogs appreciated it

Support Group
you were supper brave at your appointment today.  only cried for a little after the 2nd one (first one didnt phase baby).  the nurse said every baby cries after the 2nd.  you nussled right up to me when i cuddled you up.  you settled down and ate and went with grandma and i shopping to get your uncle his christmas present.  you are an awesome girl.

                                                                          Rolling Baby

Jenny Jump Up Time!

Gracie LOVES her Doggies

you look more and more like your daddy

especially the eye baggies you got goin...very cute

you are yummy and funny!