The Silly Gilles

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Utah Trip

*I did this post last Tuesday night (night of our return) but I got a notice that I have used up my blogger storage.  I tried different things (even deleted 1 year worth) and didnt work. So I bought the storage.....

The past 5 days we have been in Utah visiting family and friends. This was Gracie's first time in Utah.  Although there wasnt any snow on the ground it was pretty windy and chilly some of the days.  Windy enough my poor little girl got wind burn on her face :( but she just loves the outdoors.

To put it in perspective for you it is 6 pm and Gracie is out COLD.  I am drifting.  We are exhausted. We played at the park, frisbee golf, celebrated matt's grandpa's 90th birthday party, bowling with gille cousins, babysat Tj, watched garret kick butt at his BYU swim meet, met up/played with UvU bballer babies, ate at lots of yummy places.  We kept busy.

here are some pictures and videos of what i was able to capture

giving baby TJ a kiss.  she is going to be such a great big sister
gracie with grandpa Gille (90)

Gracie even bowled!

video of swim meet fun

on their first date :)

she adored carson

Monday, November 5, 2012

15 Months

You are a whopping 15 months old now.  Quickly turning into such a big girl these days (size 5 shoe now to prove it)....too quickly.  You have your own language now and are always trying to tell me and others something.  Jibber Jabber.  Last night you wanted me to know you wanted ice cream so what did you do? Used that noggin of yours and grabbed your pretend ice cream cone, came over and grabbed my finger and led me to the fridge and then preceded to point up to the freezer. BRAVO. BRAVO. You are too stinking smart.....and I am such a sucker that I gave you a cone with blue bell pepermint ice cream (your favorite).

you like it when i buy you a sonic drink. you feel like a big girl

If you cant say the word you let me know by pointing or grabbing my hand and showing me what you want.

Current Vocab
  • momma, dadda
  • hi
  • bye bye
  • baby
  • doggie, hi doggie, hi sophie (all these are very clear) she knows each dog but can only say sophie
  • ball
  • bath
  • sign: more, tree, ball
  • yes; shakes head no when asked if wants to go night night or bedtime
You LOVE outside.  You will throw little fits when I bring you inside but sorry girl, momma needs to make some dinner so you can eat.  silly.  You also adores your friends. You know which houses your friends are in and when we go outside you heads over to their front doors.  Too funny.  At the park you usually find a older girl to be your friend.  Last week there was a 7 year old girl that you instantly became friends with and was trying to talk to.  You even grabbed her had to hold it. So friendly.  You have A LOT of your Grandpa Beaman in you.  He is the most social/friendly man I know.  Its a great quality that I hope you keep.
dont mess with you and your stick wacha!!

You understand a lot more than I usually give you credit for.  You know most of what I am talking about so now its time to watch what comes out of my mouth.  Your current activity you like to do on command is to spin.  its so cute. you go around and around and around and then fall onto your bum from being dizzy. then you giggle and stand up and do it again.  So silly.

Your memory is also very remarkable for your size.  You know every time I put a certain bib on you, you are getting a popsicle.  When I ask wheres your paci because you dropped it somewhere you turn back and go find it.  Whenever I say lets go to the park if you dont have your shoes on you head for them and freak till I get them on your feet.

I need to watch how I deal with unruly pooches around you because you mimik me.  I gave tex a little spank because he was naughty and sure enough you came right up after and gave him a gracie spank too. LOL.  You are so loving to them majority of the time.  You lay your head on them. Give them nice hugs. Even pet them softly.  Taking them on walks is your favorite.  Its better than I could ever imagine.  I worried how the interaction was going to be between you and our furry family.  I love it.

I just love my toddling toddler.  You are the light of my life.  I am so glad God gave me you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! We started off by Gracie, Me & Grandma Voting. GO ROMNEY!

Then we went shopping.  Both Gracie and Grandma got new shoes.  Reva got some stylish Bobs.  Gracie sized up. She is now a 5. oh my. Got her the exact same little buster browns she has had in 3, 4, and now 5.  We like them.....

We all shared a chicken burrito bowl with spinach tortilla from Mission Burritos. YUM.

After a VERY short nap....Gracie and I washed our Van. She is a great helper.  Wipes it down. Then she went over to her Ice Cream Car and washed without me even saying anything.  That girl is just too funny.

I gave her a popsicle for her hard a cool mom what can i say :)

After being soaking wet we tidied up for homemade pizza for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Dad.  We made 3 varieties.  Standard Peperoni and Cheese. Carb Smart Supreme. French Bread Supreme.  Not gonna lie. My Carb smart one wasnt bad, but I wasnt begging for seconds.

Then we headed off to the Ward trunk or treat.  Gracie invited her best bud Haven to come with her.  She just adores her friend!

Oh yeah! I had shirts made for "our theme" this year.
GILLE SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (think sad commercial)
We had all 4 dogs and a kitty cat.  Id say we are getting there :)
only 3 dogs are in photo...tex was being a party pooper and sleeping in the front seat.......

my favorite kitty

cowgirl and cowboy
Gracie actually carried her candy jacko for a while but once she got 1 dum dum and spotted was over. she put it down and grabbed it out and HAD to HAVE it.  So yes I was that mom allowing my cute pink kitty cat toddle around with a potential choking hazard in her mouth. But she had a DANG GOOD TIME!
one happy kitty

Next up is my very very very FAVORITE next two Holidays.  I am torn between which I like better!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Anniversary & Birthday

Last month Matt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  This year it was Matt's turn to plan it. We swap every year. He has the odds I plan the evens.  We spent the day doing things I like to do as a family.
Started off with french toast cooking downstairs and Gracie and I gobbled it up.  Then we all went on a run with Revanator.  Along the run there was a rolled up paper on the ground.  It was a treasure map (sound familiar?) It led to the trunk of the Corolla.  What could it be? A family Tent! and a Queen blow up mattress. Because he knows I wont sleep on the ground. High maintenance...what can I say.

We then went to feed the ducks.  There were only 2 ducks but we found out there were a TON of cat fish.  Perfect for the gift I bought for us (fishing poles...we found our spot).

It is our tradition we buy one another sporty gifts for our anniversary.
Then we ate at Skeeters.  A MexiTexi place real close by.

Gracie slept. Then woke.  Then we took a bike ride to the park. She played and played.
she sure does love you doggies

We finished up by having dinner at Sharkys outside by the lake...I enjoyed steak and shrimp.  Matt had some catfish.  Gracie had PB&J and some of our stuff.

On to me turning 26.  On the downhill slop to 30. Oh boy.
Once again and packed day as a family.  Matt got to take the day off for my birthday. Yahoo! He watched Gracie while I went for a quick run.
I at my Coco Puff for Breakfast. Yumm.
Then we went to shoot some hoops.  Matt let me win.  Gracie didnt last long
Ran a couple of errands with my mom and met my dad at Freebirds for lunch.
Gracie slept. We painted our mini fence. Gracie woke

getting some birthday lovin' from my pups

We went to pond spot to fish....but there were not many fish.....must be a morning thing.  BUT there were LOTS of ducks! Gracie enjoyed feeding them. So cute.

daddy teaching daughter the sport of fishin'

entertaining gracie with a bobbin and her fishing pole

We ordered HINS for dinner and got take out to eat at home.  Then played at park, and watched Gracie eat herself a pepermint ice cream cone.

gracie can ride down the slide all by herself now a days.  also can walk sophie.  shes pretty awesome

I am above and beyond blessed.  I love my family!

here is a fun picture from this weekend. we demolished our garden...turned into just a weed pile. now its grass. i also bought some citrus trees-grapefruit. lemon(potted) and lime (potted)
gracie loved playing in the dirt. shes so funny.