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Friday, January 27, 2012

busy girl

Takin care of business

quite the multi-tasker

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Shih-tzu Zoo of hairy kiddos

Its been a while since my doggies have appeared on this blog.  Needless to say, they feel neglected. So here is to y'all, my wonderful sweet doggies.

aka sophers, soph, sophalufugus, momma dog, my shadow

  • you are the perfect dog. you dont bark, chew, have accidents, piddle....your the ideal doggie
  • you do what your told
  • you keep a safe distance from Gracie.
  • you follow me around everywhere.  I am the center of your life
  • when Gracie naps on me in the recliner you jump up and join in
  • you love treats!
  • you love walks
  • you want to leave with me every time i leave
  • you are my bud
aka maximo, big daddy, emo dog, loner
  • you act 10 x bigger, but you are by far the smallest of the pack
  • we joke you'd rather be in a home as the only dog, like with grandma, and in reality its like to be alone lol.
  • you don't know how to jump...its so funny. you cant get into the car or any couch. phobia or something.
  • you need a running start to get wait for all others to go up before you head up
  • you know and hate the word BATH. you hide when mentioned haha
  • love walks
  • love kids
  • occasionally go out back and eat poo..yuck
aka chhhaarrrlliiee, hewi, poo breath
  • daily you partake in poo.....its sick. its your weakness..your delicacy
  • only one who is willing to get close to Gracie and get grabbed. Even when she has a fistful of his hair
  • needy dog. cant pet another dog w/out him in your face wanting some lovin'
  • you have to be first/in lead on walks.
  • whine at 7am to be let out
  • my back up shadow
  • fast eater
  • if get scared you piddle
  • biggest of them all
aka tex mex, chewer, mr. sneaky, matts fav
  • hate baths...think its best to put your head down at base of tub to avoid water, but doesn't work.
  • if something is took it
  • main chewer upper
  • you have a wind/bum fettish
  • lick and lick and lick if someone lets you
  • fast eater....super fast
  • love matt
Sparing Partners

sophie vs tex
max vs charlie

you all love to hang out with Gracie and I.  All know not to get on the blanket set down when Gracie is playing. All just lay around and watch her. She loves going on walks in stroller and watching y'all walk beside her. The pack of us brings lots of attention.....
 max n tex "i want that...."

I love each one of you crazy pooches! 4 dogs is a lot but wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A post about Mothers.

let me just add a little tid bit that this is not me complaining.  Some may disagree with this post.  It is not meant to vent, complain, offend, or scare.  My hope is to amuze and hopefully make you smile when reading...just like all my posts.  Dont get me wrong. I love being a stay at home mom and getting to take care of Gracie. With that said,

I used to kinda "brush off" I guess I would say, what other mothers before have told me about the hardships/or challenges of motherhood.  Well I now know what they are talking about.......

I have a very sweet, adorable, cute little munchkin but I wont sugar coat it...she is NEEDY.  Love her to death, but oh my this girl is gonna run me ragged!

The things we go through, the silent slaves......

  • A what is suppose to be a relaxing shower at the end of a long day turns into a hysterical barfy upset massacre within a matter of 30 seconds because baby does not want to wait 5 minutes in the swing while you get a little me time. The whole incident left me vulnerable and regretful
  • My meals have turned into a scarf-downfest.  Wait did I even taste that? Seriously pre-baby this girl could put food down fast.  That was nothing compared to how fast I can eat now. I should enter a eating contest and put my new lifestyle into good use :)
  • What once was pleasantly small, but perky ant hills I once had, turned into large and sore to start the day and by the end of the day drained to sagging nothingness. Used and abused
  • 2 am and up on pacifier duty.  Baby drifts off to sleep so I go back into bed.  I fall asleep after 20 minutes and she is up in 30.....yaaay for 10 minutes of sleep for me.
  • Baby gets put down for her nap and the mad rush by me to prepare little parts of dinner and get everything else done that needs two hands to accomplish and just when I begin to really get into what I needed to do......(cue crying baby)
  • In a store that doesnt have carts that will hold a car seat so end up carrying her in the car seat so she will fall asleep(because its naptime) even though my arm, shoulder and back is starting to ache so bad ya cant stand it...but cant set the car seat down because she will wake up....oh the dilemma!
  • feeding her and hear dirty business being done down below and start feeling warmth on my thigh...then the warmth turns into wet, and its hits you why but she is not done eating.....Yay for blow outs!
  • baby wakes up in middle of night so cuddle her and pat her to sleep in your arms and next thing you know its 2 hours later and you wake up with a burning sensation in your shoulder and elbow that wont go away....hmmm but we both got some sleep
  • Put gracie down at 8 and used to watch shows at that time, but now try to sleep, because who knows when she will decide to wake up.
  • Loved going to the I stand and hold a baby the whole time....only 1 movie has been worth it so far. my back would beg to differ
But after all these things, once Gracie gives me a giggle or a smile or a kiss, I would do it all again and again because she is worth it and I love her so much!  Being a mom is a hard job but the best job.  Hats off to moms everywhere. Especially my mom.  She raised 6 kids and did it with style.  Thanks for being such a great example to aspire to!

check out our new ride
the num num mobile

and just in case you were wondering if she is still stinkin cute.....YES MAAAAM!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Manly Handyman Hunk of a Matt

When Gracie arrived back in August our blog has primarily consisted of her and all her momentous developments.  Matt has been I guess you could say neglected.  So this post is ALL ABOUT MATT.  Here you go buddy boy.

Matt is busy.  He is always doing something.  From what his family has told me, this is how he has always been.  Between work, family and church there is NO MATT TIME.  I feel bad for him about that, but I know he wouldn't want it any other way.  

Matt can do it all.  I truly believe he can accomplish or master anything he wants to, but there are times I don't allow him to...(like putting new gaskets on the van...or installing tile downstairs on the diagonal--sorry for holding you back)  

He is the rock in our family.  He brings a smile to my face every time I see him interact with his sweet daughter.  They have a special connection.  She smiles from ear to ear when he gets home.  Gracie LOVES her dad.  

Matt has quirks about him.  He does things his own way.  He thinks very differently from me, but if we thought exactly the same then life would get boring and mundane so its okay we are so different.

Matt gets younger looking as I get older looking.  Its not fair.  He just turned 28 and doesnt look older than 25. I hope our kids take after him and are forever young.

Matt loves to have fun and be a kid.  He loves finding sticks and starting fires in our backyard and cooking smore's.  He loves playing with his beebee gun. He is cute.

Matt is kind.  He isnt rude to people and has more patience and tolerance than I do.  

Matt has an imagination far beyond I can see.  He is able to develop new inventions and draw it out and actually build it.  He has built many things around the house which I will display later on in this post.

Matt can fix it. He youtubes or asks around and will fix just about anything.  He is has handyman smarts

Matt is smart.  Sometimes we argue because you are so smart, but I love you for it anyways.

Matt is hott.  Yes, I am biased but its true. The poster boy of tall dark and handsome. He is a looker and I often ask myself "why did he pick me?" I am one lucky gal.

Matt is a good man.
He is MY Handyman:)

infamous diaper shoot

garden/current fire pit

newly added Poo Box (notice the pooper scooper holder)

even has a bag of poo in it


decorative posts

doggie stairs.....not used anymore due to dog bed being on floor now

refinished coffee table
purse has one. super convenient

birthday enchiladas

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 Month Cutie

You are 5 months old today! Time flies by.  This past month has been really fun for me as your mom.  You are such a fun-loving girl.  You smile at EVERYTHING and laugh and giggle and even get embarrassed and nuzzle your face into my shoulder.  When you decided you wanted to roll, you were able to just roll over in both directions with no problem and get to where you want to go by rolling.  You have even started scooting when you really want something. You get pretty winded by the end of all your efforts.

You are such a momma's girl. I LOVE IT!
we are matching...what a kawinki dink!
the OH face

Here is your list of ABLE to Do's

  • Roll over both directions
  • Eat rice cereal
  • Babble on and on and on..especially when I take you for a walk in the stroller with the dogs.  Its so cute. You are just chatting away with me and the doggies.
  • Get embarrassed when people smile and get close to you. So you nuzzle your face into me.  Love this.
  • You want EVERYTHING I have or that is near by and if close enough or within your reaching distance you WILL grab it.  Its especially cute when you try to grab my speedy stop drinks. You make this "Oh" face and reach with all your mite for it. 
  • Love your big eyed goofy giraffe in the nursery.  You crack a huge smile every time you see it. So funny.
  • You are trying to sit up all the time now.  Flexing those abs and getting your core strength
  • Like to stand and hold onto things.  (the side of the tube for example)
  • Reach for people to hold you. Really makes me and others feel special.
  • Can put pacifier in your mouth all by yourself. Talented
  • When you drop things you look at it at reach back for it.
  • Love bike rides.  You fall asleep instantly (been doing this a lot lately)
  • Getting chubbier in all the right places. You are too yummy
  • Love to match mommy. Ask for a matching outfit everyday...haha maybe thats me.
please swallow before you smile gracie :)

paci play time
i can touch my toes!

giggly girl
Thanks for the cute little elf outfit mom/grandma!

I just started feeding you rice cereal.  Each day you get better and better at it. I have also put you in your crib at night.  This was one of my new year goals.  First night woke up couple of times for pacifier.  Second night, woke up and wouldn't go back down unless I cuddled you.  Third night cried and cried and cried.  Woke up every half hour.  BAD NIGHT. which led to your dad bringing you into bed again (sucker).  Last night, PERFECT. Woke up after 6 hours for pacifier.  Slept for another 2 and then woke up.  I am so happy.  Wish we could do that every night :)
perfect fit in the corn hole

I think you are teething.  You gnaw on every thing and are super moody like you don't feel that great.  I see a small white tooth budding from your upper gum.  I am sorry it hurts.  It cant feel good.  I don't look forward to the future damage these new teeth will bring to the feeders.  OUCHY wa wa.

Gracie is moving!