The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


on a search for the best diapers.....

Lately I have been having a hay day with blowouts and Gracie.  I even sized up to 3's when she doesnt even weigh 16lbs, but the 2s were not cuttin it.  I decided to go get a box of target diapers. I had some when she was size 1 that someone gave me and never had a issue with them. So i wanted to give em another go.

I LOVE THESE DIAPERS!!! I highly recommend them to everyone! Also they are cheaper than Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. HOORAY! These are my new favorite. I HATE the huggies snug n dry. Terrible.

these bad boys have prevented 3 what could of been horrific blow outs.  all stayed in the diaper and one she was in the carseat while she did her business. IMPRESSED! Oh the little things in life that excite me now :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank you Tiff for doing this for me :)
So far Valentines has been excellent...besides waking up to a dog barfing at 3 am and spending the next half hour cleaning up all the areas. Poor sophie. I have no idea why she was sick...but she went downstairs and did it..luckily.  Anywho as I was cleanin up i noticed Matt left Gracie and I a Valentines Day present!

Her very own Jumperoo! Hopefully she will let me get some things done and play/entertain herself....fingers crossed.
Then matt went to work and Gracie and I went on a 4 mile run.
I made matt a poem out of candy......its a little too silly to put on here :)

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day as well!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Boo Boo

Today as I was routinely going out back to scoop some doggie poop after witnessing maxaroo partake in some yummy pooey delight.  I usually put Gracie in her bumbo on the cement slab out back. The dogs usually stand around her but today they stayed indoors.  Well as I had my back turned for a second I hear Gracie screamin bloody murder face down on the cement.
accident scene

She has her first boo boo. no more bumbo for her. She is so wirey that she gets out of it. Bummer. Now have to figure out a new way to scoop poop with gracie.  hmmmmm.   Poor girl! I should be fired from my motherly duty. Fail today.

cleaned it up but still bleedin...poor baby

Monday, February 6, 2012

Half Birthday

Happy 1/2 Birthday Gracie!

Things you do!
  • Love love love toothbrushes.  Its so funny. You go WILD for them
  • Have found your individual fingers. Its so funny. 
  • You waved bye bye to grandma and grandpa today. Took a lot of focus but was doing it.
  • Say Ma Ma loud and clear.  Unfortunately there is no association with me but still like hearing it.
  • Reach for the person you want to hold you....real endearing.
  • Have stranger danger if you are taken away from me and can no longer see me. but if I am near by you usually are fine for a bit.
  • If someone new holds you and you are scared you cry and cry and reach for me. Once you are handed back you smile and giggle at them.... saying "haha got you...i just wanted my mom!"
  • Go running with me in the stroller. You fall asleep so it keeps me motivated to continue to run...if i stop you wake up immediately.
  • You dont like me walking away from you.  Give I get out of your line of vision you freak out....CLINGER
  • Can sit up all by yourself.  Been able to for a while.  Only problem is if there is something you want a little ways in front of will nose dive to get it. ouch.
  • Like babbling. Making Razz noises. Just a jibber jabber.
  • Still love your pacifier.
  • You want EVERYTHING i have.  and now you can get it. sometimes i forget how far you can actually reach.
  • Still take cat naps.
  • Can transfer toys from hand to hand
  • Eat rice cereal and love it!
  • Love little kisses behind your ear and neck. you coo and turn your head for me to kiss the other side. so funny!

6 Month Stats
14 Lbs 14oz
25 1/2 Inches
16  3/4 Noggin

so silly

so cute

so sweet
so limber :)  awesome toe touch baby
i think she is waving haha
I decided to celebrate her half birthday.  I mean she is only 1/2 of 1 year old once right???? I tried to convince Matt she needed a gift, but he wasn't sold. hehe. Sorry Gracie I did try. Anyways I made her a hat for her birthday to wear. It is a Gille tradition.  Maybe something I will do for all kiddos. We will see. Not making any promises though!

Here are some fun random pictures!
Just a few of your favorite things!

practices healthy hygiene
you even met teanie!

half birthday girl with grandpa!

yumminess! rice cereal was your treat...sorry cake will be on your 1st birthday!

bedtime! told matt to smile....  

Boy 6 months has just flown by.  It is crazy how quickly you are developing and growing so fast!

Gracie steals her daddy's toothbrush!

Gracie loves her mr giraffe

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Dolls Allowed

Don't go buy any Dolls for me mom......
check out all these fun toys!

im a baller...its what i do

hmm that golf ball is making my baby look a little manly... hehe

already workin on her close this baby!

I'd rather play with these Balls!