The Silly Gilles

Friday, March 23, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas in the spring is beautiful. I LOVE the weather. I LOVE the flowers.  I LOVE the sunshine.  I LOVE TEXAS!This is the best place on earth. 
If you out of towners that read this blog, didn't know, blue bonnets is Texas' state flower.  It is ILLEGAL to pick them.  They are beautiful when in bloom and take up huge amounts of land and are so fun to take pictures in.  So Gracie girl and I and Grandma Revanotor went on a quest for blue bonnet patches :)

ILLEGAL BABY! No wonder she looks guilty!
Hmmmm cant pick or eat?
Nobody said Bunnys couldnt pick momma :)  Good disguise Gracie Girl

Thank you teanie for the tip on where they were so close!
As you all can tell. We had a fun Friday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

new face

video of Gracie doing her scrunch nose face. so cute. she does it all the time now. cracks me up

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comparison to Mom and Dad

Lots of people ask who Gracie resembles and its hard to say...
Gracie girl has different attributes of each of us.  A little Hollie/Matt mutt you might say.  She has matts eyes for sure when she smiles (lets just say she will have issues with flash photography :)).  His rounder face.  She has my chin.  My nose and looks like my color of green eyes.  Other than that she is all Gracie. Her own cute self!

Hollie in bonnet approx 6 months

Hollie again 8 months

Matt approx 8 months i think??

again Matt 8-9 months?? they didnt have dates on them

What do you think?
Regardless. she is just too stinkin cute!

Monday, March 5, 2012

7 Months

I cannot believe Gracie is now 7 months.  Everyone says how time flies but boy.....too fast! Gracie is super yummy at this stage.  She loves to hang out with mommy, my little partner in crime.  She wants so bad to just stand up and be mobil that I have a feeling it will be sooner than average.  Her new "thing" is she likes to wave bye bye to people.  She opens her hand and closes it so proud. 


What you can do:
  • sit up all by yourself like a pro
  • when on tummy scoot backwards
  • pull yourself up when laying back in car seat, changing table, swing
  • officially reach floor in walker. so proud of yourself
  • say "ma ma ma ma ma" so cute!
  • still use pacifier
  • can pick up small objects (like jelly bean) with thumb and pointer finger-talented
  • stand up holding onto coffee tabel, couch..anything
  • throw a fit when I walk away. kinda attached
  • your sleep routine when weather permits is usually like this.  wake up 6. up for 1.5 hour. nap for 30 minutes or so during our morning run.  up for 2 hours.  sleep in car seat as we go to store/errands for about 30 minutes. up for 2-3 hours. sleep on bike ride for 40-50 minutes. up for 2 hours. then we begin our bedtime routine.
  • stranger danger.  she will let you hold her if she warms up a little bit to you first, but try to grab her right off the bat and she throws a fit crying for me to hold her.
  • Beautiful long eye lashes. getting more hair on top. Nice and blonde
  • now eats solids a bunch-2 times a day. LOVES FRUIT and most Orange choices.
    • what you do like: mango, pear, banana, apple, carrot, squash, sweet potatoe, oatmeal, rice cereal and of course nUm nUms still :)
    • what you do not like: peas, green beans (ick i dont either i tried them), turkey&sweet potatoe

You are so fun to be around. I get a lot of comments from people saying what a happy baby you are.  This is a true statement.  You can get sad and fussy but its because you want me to hold you or entertain you.  You are lucky you are the first of the Gille kiddos because you are spoiled rotten.

her hair looks a little orangy on top but thats just the light in the back. its all blonde

My mom got some fru fru outfits when she visited California.  This outfit is sized for 18 month old but we were able to jerry-rig it to fit.  i can totally see Gracie begging her Grandma to let her wear it to church or whenever. So CUTE!

Funny things you do:

  • busy busy busy....always moving. wiggle worm! you wear me out silly baby
  • sucks on EVERYTHING. gets it sopping wet/sloppery. YUM
  • waves at everyone
  • pull yourself up onto me and try to stand like a big girl
  • pull off left sock and look like a little hill billy
  • grabs/body dives for any object in my possession.
  • stick your tongue out like a rock n roll woman

interview with gracie girl