The Silly Gilles

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Steps

Gracie is taking steps on her own....I have been practicing with her all the time.  Now she is able to do it on her own.  She has really gotten good at balancing...take that for an 8 month old!

revanators hands are there just in case....dont wannt let her get hurt and not wanna practice anymore :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


this baby is movin! watch out! now we really need to get that baby proofing list done. YIKES!

When she crawls it reminds me of like a posessed person from a scary movie...but she's not scary just spastic :)

Gracie LOVES to walk with assistance EVERYWHERE! she will go for a long long long that she is breathing heavy and needs a drink of water from her sippy cup. lol
She crawls when desperate. but can get going pretty fast and heads straight for the fireplace in the tv room or the door in the main entrance.  Those are the hot spots. I need to baby proof the hearth ASAP...injury waiting to happen
She soon turns 9 months so I will do a long list of now dos then but this was just a clip of her crawling for your viewing pleasure :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cute Lioness

A friend gave me this Lion costume.  It was too big when it was Halloween but is so darn cute and really does go with her nursery theme.  So I put her in it and let her ROAR!

why are you laughing?
have to keep her caged!
to sweet to be scary
ready to pounce!

Splish Splash!

Gracie already LOVES to swim! The water is pretty chilly but it does not phase her one bit.  She immediately wants to go in the water once we step foot out back at Grandma and Grandpas.  So proud. 
I try to get her in the water almost everyday.  Wears her out. Equals a longer afternoon nap. Sums up to me being a happy mom.

too chilly for mr. matt

kick kick kick kick
real proud

after she dried off with daddy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter !

Love, Grace Sophie Max Charlie & Tex

*gracie is unhappy in the duckling picture because when we took the pictures we started with the chick and lets just say, the chick should of been scared for its life! Gracie was grabbin/swatting for it like crazy.  Revanator kinda screeched thinkin Gracie was gonna kill the chick and that scared Gracie.  Then when the duckling was put down it was very antsy and active running everywhere and it kinda scared her with the mixture of her Grandma freakin out. Too say the least it was freakin hilarious and so much fun!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shih-tzu Party

Its that time of year again. Many of you probably thought after last years doggie birthday bash I wouldnt do another after kids come along.  Well poeple. I am here to prove you wrong!  We did it again. Our 2nd annual Shih-tzu Birthday Party! It was so fun!

 We had a catching contest, but this time each person threw 6 rice chex (1 to each dog) and tested the best tosser. Check out the videos.


Then we did a shih-tzu scramble where we let the dogs watch us put rice chex all over our living area and then released them and each person had a dog and counted how many they ate.  Sophie won with 15.
anxiously awaiting release
Then we sang to them and gave them their birthday treat. One scoop of soft dog food and the a carrot stick for each year they are.
They loved it!
we ate the cake :)

Happy Birthday My Shih-tzu's Love You All!

ultimate twinners....didnt even plan it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

8 Month Old

Okay I know I say this every time but time flies way to fast! Gracie is such a funny, playful, smiley, giggly, happy, loving baby.  I am one lucky mom of one amazing daughter.  She lightens my day and brings our family so much joy. She is also really stinking cute.  I dunno if other Gille babies will be as cute, dunno she may the ultimate batter.  Love you girl.

Estimated weight 16 lbs and a few oz's
Some things you are up to:
  • moving. (sigh), always moving.  
  • LOVE to WALK around with me holding your hands.  You go from place to place in the house and check it out (like the entry window seel to the dog bed to the staircase to the tv room to the sliding door to the....okay you get the point) not gonna lie though about 20 minutes into exploration you are not even tired and want to keep going but my back begs to differ. Gracie's personal taxi service needs a break.
  • Not a fan of crawling.  Nah who wants to dirty their hands and knees right??? but if you have to, you do get up on all 4s and can get from point A to point B (get pretty frustrated though)
  • Pull yourself up onto things and hold on.  Mainly me.  You like to pull yourself to standing using me.
  • Says "ma ma, da da, na na, ba ba"
  • Dont like me leaving your sight.  Still clingy.
  • Eat everything.  Enjoyed pot roast the other night.  Chicken tonight.  Avocado. Sweet Potatoe.  Veggie Sticks, Apple Cinnamon thingys.  Not too picky.
  • No teeth yet. but you are chomping down on things, drooling, and pretty irritable lately so I think things are moving in those gummies of yours.
  • Play this game with me at nap time and think its sooo funny. you giggle and giggle. you try to put your pacifier in my mouth and then pull it out and put it in yours.  you think its hilarious.  kinda counterproductive to what i am trying to get you to do but i think its silly too so we end up laughing and playing for 20 minutes before getting down to nap time business.
  • getting real good at bye bye waving.  people enjoy it. especially strangers.
  • Sleeping through the night (que my happy dance/jig) you sleep about 11 hours (out burst of hallelujah chant).  Finally find the pacifier by yourself....most of the time.
  • you have many versions of the scrunch face.  you make it often. we have the happy scruncher, silly scruncher, frustrated scruncher, angry scruncher and the copy cat scruncher.
  • enjoy going to the park near house and swinging. big smile 
Last week you and your cousin got to hang out while I watched him for a few hours.  They are 8 months apart.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cute Chicka

She was a little scared of the fake chicks.....grandma made them TOO realistic :)
model look

save me

there's that cheesy smile

i think one just hopped mom!
she is just so yummy

loves to stand all the time