The Silly Gilles

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home Updates

I have not updated much about the house and different things with that.  

Built a Doggie Fence and Painted it

Built Toy Box

Baby Proofed Fireplace

Baby Proofed Stairway

Its pretty hard to get a lot of projects done around here but the baby proofing was a must!

oh the walking she will go

gracie gets exponentially better every day at walking...often when she takes off i turn back and watch and think oh dang she is gonna biff it or crash or something. somehow she keeps her balance.  its really funny to see such a small body just cruisin around like she does.  one amazing girl.

college scouts anyone??? here is your future athlete :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swim Training

Gracie gets in the water with me about 4 days a week.   I dunk her a couple times each time we go in...she doesnt fuss at all. she just loves the water!

likes to walk the stairs

I LOVE this girl!
I will post her walking soon. She is getting so goo that she really walks just about everywhere and doesnt fall all that much.  She can stand and bend and pick up the toy she wants and stand back up and begin to walk. It is pretty amazing/weird to see such a little thing so agile.  She scares/impresses me every time.

Also she loves to say HI....its soo cute.  i will post that too.

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was a 4 day weekend for us...Matt took friday and got monday (memorial day) off.  We had lots of fun!  I even bought a underwater camera for myself :)

Day 1- Surfing in Galveston
we arrived...notice she is wide awake

she didnt sleep a wink on the way up to Galveston...little booger. So grandmaz and grandpa took her for a stroll

she loves grandmaz and grandpa

Loving the waves!

love me some Gracie kisses

Now onto the surfing
matts hand looks weird

workin on balance

randyman riding the wave

i got up!

Now its our turn..Matt is a pro. This was my second time to try to surf...i am still wobbly

Gracie loved the beach/ water.  she was walking all over the sand

Day 2- Blueberry Picking
Gracie was a hoot to bring blueberry  she was a excellent picker. she would pick them right off and eat em.  she only grabbed a few leaves to try to eat.  mostly just grabbed at the ripe smart!


Focused.. mouth on the prize

got it!

drivin home!  jk!
Day 3- pictures. but was a nice relaxing day.. Took dogs for a nice walk.
Day 4- Pool Volleyball/BBQ with friends.  Was a blast.  Gracie even slept for 2 hours so I got to play! wohooo gracie

We had a great elongated weekend with daddy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Walking Update

Gracie gets better and better each day at walking.  Her record thus far is about 30 feet with having to stop and balance in between but not needing anything to hold onto.  It was scary but when she made it, it was impressive to say the least!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Ya'll!

I would like to give a big shout out to my mother Reva Laraine.  She is such a wonderful example to me and each day I strive to be the mom she is.  Also to my mother-in-law Vicki, another great example to me and the best in law a girl could ask for :)

Yesterday I asked matt to clear some space because I was gonna go to Sam's and buy myself a 7cuft freezer for the garage.  I miss out on lots of good meat sales because we just dont have the freezer space to store.  Not anymore!  Matt went above and beyond for this clearing of a space.  He reorganized the entire was a mess in there. Let me tell ya! 


after...with freezer
We also went to the Houston Dynamo game... brand new tickets...awesome!

For my mom I made her a herb garden that we saw off of pinterest out of an old pallet I got.   I think she liked it!

My mom made Gracie and walking jacket...another Reva Original.....I call it The Cruisin Baby Backsaver

Then Gracie gave me the best gift of all......(besides the sweet card she wrote me :))

she is getting real good. they are usually pretty wet but i love them!

I am the luckiest mom!
her shirt says i love mom

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nueva My Babaay

Happy Nueva my Babaay!

This past month has brought a lot of changes.  She went from being a baby I could walk away from and know where she would a baby on the go! and believe me she goes! The best word to describe Gracie is busy.  She is always doing something.  Now that she knows she can get there, no stopping her. I worry because she is very confident in her walking around where she should be a little more leary and use me more often.... but regardless she is a fun filled curious little cutie of a monster :)

9 Month Stats
17 lbs 9 oz
27 inches long 
17 3/4 inches of thinkin

Things you do:
  • Mobil! take steps from furniture to furniture, or person to person(see last post video), use furniture and cruise along side it, pull yourself onto furniture, crawl when need be
  • Can put water toy balls into cups or container or whatever.  Ball player
  • Know me as Ma Ma
  • Eat everything.  We use the foodmill and feed you whatever we are having for dinner.  You love it.  You also love your applesauce and cookie at the end. You are an excellent eater but still love your nUm nUms
  • Love water.  All proud you can drink it by yourself...always trying to grab my sodas but not allowed to give you any. you will taste the nectar of the gods one day
  • Enjoy feeding the dogs in your highchair.  She is a little stinker, but the dogs all gather around waiting for scraps!
  • Giggly when tired
  • Still love paci
  • Think its a fun game to put paci in your mouth and then into mine instead of going to sleep....procrastinating
  • Love waving at store workers.  If they don't wave back to you, you get mad and let them know you are WAVE BACK!
  • LOVE swimming...everyday I get in the water with you.  Sometimes we just play in our large pastic pool in the back but non the less, you love it.  Wears you out too.  Double bonus!
  • Starting to get a little attitude and will let me know when she doesnt want to do something....especially now that you are eating solids more and mobil.
  • Your two bottom teeth are breaking thru right now
  • Starting to clap
  • Wake up in the middle of the night saying Ma Ma? like a question...where are you. And I go in there and you are standing up in your crib jumping for me to grab you.  so funny but i am so tired.
  • Love the "hot dog" song on mickey mouse clubhouse show.....not gonna lie...I kinda dig it too. we enjoy dancing to it....and no i will not post video.

You are so fun and silly.  I am the luckiest mom in the world. I also think you are the cutest baby I have ever seen.  I know all moms think that about their kiddos but I honestly never imagined you being as cute as you are.  Must be the dad side in you ;)

here are some around the house photos that I have taken using instagram thanks to my big brother jake letting me have his old iphone. i love it! thanks jake!

yummy turtle in trouble

thats max's leash gracie...momma will have to get you one too :)

basketballer already

she thinks its fun to drop toys overboard and go grab them...dont worry i supervise/hold her in

love our pool time