The Silly Gilles

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pool Fun with Cousins

Last Saturday Blake and his family got together at my parents.  We BBQ'd and went swimming and tested out our underwater camera! Gracie just LOVES her cousins.
top step toy playing

super strength grandpa!

taylor striking a pose

notice gracie holding onto bryson.  she just loves him

8 months apart.  gonna be buddies

taylor and blake being sea turtles

long lovely locks :)
And of course another video of underwater girl!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Girl and Her Box

Gracie is getting good at entertaining herself and me.  She is a silly little girl with a big fun personality.  She learned another word today...EYES (also points to her dolls eyes)..yummm

I hope this video makes you laugh or if not, at least smile today! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hit Double Digits

Gracie you are 10 months old today! Dang girl you are getting old!

10 Month Stats
About 19 lbs
Tall enough to reach and peer into trash can to pull over or grab anything in sight
Getting too smart so head must be growing

Oh the things you do:

couldnt keep you still for pictures

  • Walk (this is now your main mode of getting around, honestly you are so stinking rarely fall and if so its graceful onto your bum bum usually containing a diaper of pee because you are always tinkling)
  • Take 2 naps a day..sometimes 3 if you fall asleep while I run but that one is hardly a nap.  So with your two its usually a short one in the morning (30 minutes or so) while I'm running errands and then a longer one in afternoon at home (1-2 hours everyday is different)
  • Sleep through the night.  About 11 hours each night.  Wake up at 6 every morning for some nUm nUms and then fall back to sleep for another hour.
  • Cut both bottom teeth during your 9th month.  Your vampire teeth (i don't know the real name..guess could ask my dental hygienist sister but oh well) are coming through right now
  • Talk a lot, can say : "ma ma, da da, ba ba, tuh tuh, hi(loud and clear so cute), doggie (you usually comes down the stairs after nap and say hiiii dogggiieeee with a big smile on your love your dogs so much) and hot dog (yes crazy but she said it the other night when we were jammin to it)
  • Love the Mickey Mouse Playhouse song Hot Dog.  You go nuts! 
  • Point a lot
  • Like to share your food with the doggies.  Such a stinker though.  Ill see you thinking about dropping dogs some food and I say "nooo gracie" and you stare at me and drop the food (no looker style) and when you hear a dog eating you look down.  Booger
  • You just started getting kinda picky with food.  The dogs are not complaining.  You still eat well though. You really love fruit.  A lot like your daddy
  • You don't mind getting slowly dunked into the water.  You know how to hold your breath
  • You are a very busy little girl.  Now that you have walking freedom you go all over the place.  I don't have to worry as much about you.  As you walk you carry all kinds of things, ball, remote, foods found in pantry, dog bowl, you name it you can carry and walk with it.  You also can stop and squat down and grab things.  Dogs can be in your way or walk in front of you. You dodge them.  You also like to kick balls while you walk.  You are one impressive little girl.  Its kinda weird looking because you are so small.  Seems unreal.
  • You are a magnet for the dishwasher and the first item you grab is of course, the knifes! stinker.  im quicker than you and have solved that issue.  Also love the downstairs bathroom. Head straight there if door is left open.  You like to pull down the toilet paper.  Other hot spot for you right now is the pantry.  I had to move my canned goods row up 4 rows to be safe.  Now the chips are at your perfect reach.....yaaay for crumpled lays.
  • Give the yummiest wettest sweetest endearing kisses.  I just melt.  You give them willingly still and sometime surprise me with a nice wet one.
  • You throw fits if I am not paying enough attention to you.  You can now get up and walk to me and grab my legs and hold on till i pick you up.  Problem now is, your dad will take you into the other room away from me so I can get dinner prepared or whatever and next thing i know i have 10 little fingers gripping at my shorts.  You also throw fits when I change your diaper.  I tell ya to not pee pee so much and i wouldn't have to!
  • Dad taught you to walk up the stairs like an adult...and that's how you think you should.  its pretty funny but super dangerous

  • Enjoy bath time and the activities leading up to bedtime.  Dad covers you with your towel while you lay on changing table and plays peekaboo.  You get quite the kick out of it.  You also still hug mr giraffe mr lion but now also hug mr monkey and mr bear as well before night night
I love this age for you.  I feel you are overall a happier baby.  Sometimes when you bonk your face or smack your head I think oh goodness itd be better if she just crawled but you are overall more satisfied walking.  I will keep trying to keep you out of harms way but trust me baby....its a full time job!
taking the saying "make love to the camera" seriously :)

Gracie.  I think you are awesome.  I love you girl!