The Silly Gilles

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gracie's 1st Paw-ty!

I know I am a little earlier throwing Gracie Girl and 1st Birthday Party, but we will be in San Antonio at a baby blessing on her birthday so I decided to celebrate her turning 1 a week and one day early.

Decorated Cupcakes

Gracie LOVES her dogs.  Seriously. One of her first words. It was the word right after ma ma and da da.  Its true love right there.  She gives them kisses and hugs.  Trys to lay in bed with them (on their doggie bed-they dont love this)  Anywho, with this said I decided to give her a doggie themed party.

Let the PAW-TY begin!  Blake&Ashley and Kiddos all came for Gracie's special day.  As well as her Great Grandma and of course her Grandmaz and Grandpaz along with aunti sis and aunti girlfriend.

Cousin Play Time

Bryson giving Gracie a ride

Cousins Playing

making dog hats

just hanging with her buddies

As you can tell I think the pups were a little overwhelmed! HAHA


giving violet kisses...from blake and fam

first cousin fight for toy

great grandma gave her a new learning toy

she loved her doggie card and cart with food from grandma
climbing in her new car seat...moving on up!


Cupcake Time

GRACIE: I will admit I am a little shocked at your reaction to the cupcake.  You have such a sweet tooth.  I usually give you a little dessert every day after you finish your dinner.  I thought you'd dive right in.  I think you were a little uneasy with amount of people just staring.  Also didn't like me walking away.  NEEDY...You eventually warmed up and ate a little but honestly was more interested in playing with the balloons.

such a sad cute face!

partaking with daddy's help


giving the balloon kisses

showing Gracie how its done

just a little dirty

Clean Up

Gracie: You LOVE to help wipe things.  Its funny cause you do it often.  You must watch me cleaning a lot.  Hopefully you will get good at it soon and be a REAL GOOD HELPER!

Balloon Fun

HAHA LOVING his balloon

Balloon Play

Where's the Birthday Girl?

So thirsty!

Doggie Girl Close Up
is that just not the cutest bum you have ever seen?  Thanks Revanator for making this!
sportin the pigtails

Swimming After
catching nemo!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Susie's Visit!

Susie came to visit us!  Gracie warmed right up to her.  Although it was a VERY raining week to visit we still did some fun things.  Watched movies, cooked, shopped, jogged, ate mexican food and BBQ, played bball, went waverunnin/wakeboardin.  

Sus bought gracie this car for her upcoming first birthday!  SHE LOVES IT! she climbs in herself and rocks back and forth and squawks for us to drive her in it.  

Sus is not a dog lover. In fact she is allergic....but they just couldnt resist cuddling with her during pretty little liars!

Then wave runner time. WHAT WHAT!

Notice they are professionals.  I AM NOT.  but for my second time I did better than I thought I would.  Sus and Matt do jumps. I go across the wake and feel very accomplished.

video for your entertainment

ohhhhhhh buddy I am going to be sore in the morning!

Thank you susie for visiting the Gille's!