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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why I have the best job

I am so grateful that I get to be a stay at home mom. Its never a dull moment at this house. Boy do I love having the duty of being this girls mother.

we have fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dance, to much booty in her pants!

happy Tuesday all!  My dance buddy is awesome!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 Year Comparison

Hidy Ho Gracie Girl,
I thought I would do one last post before I turn your first year of my blogging into a book and do a little comparison of you to dad and I.
We all 3 have the standard 1st birthday treat in high chair picture

who is who??

just a cute video of you

It will be very interesting to see who you end up favoring.  Your Dad pointed out that I had a much larger forehead (thanks) than you do but a lot of the pictures of me look A LOT like you besides the forehead size.  Thank goodness you didnt get that.  You also have a rounder noggin like your dad did and dont have as much hair-more like your dad.  I think you are just too cute and waay cuter than I ever was.  My little hybrid.  Your cute and sweet. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Year into Motherhood

A Year into Motherhood.

What a ride it has been.

A year ago, give or take a few days I became a Mom.  Although, before then I would have argued that I was already a Mom of 4 wonderful dogs, but after the birth of my first child, Gracie, my world was officially changed.  I actually posted on being a mom shortly after I had Gracie.  Go back and read it.  You'll see how my world was rocked.
To some motherhood comes really easy.  Or maybe they put on a front and say everything is wonderful, but for me it was quite a transition.  It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and also the hardest.  How can that be?  I have learned to love someone more than I could ever imagine loving.  No longer am I concerned about how I feel.  It is about Gracie, what can I do for her.  I now better understand how our Heavenly Father feels about each and every one of us.  What a wonderful thing to feel unconditional love towards another human being. Her happy and joy is so much greater to see than my own.  Motherhood is selfless service that comes with no greater joy.  It is the best feeling.
Gracie is a little miracle that I prayed and prayed every night for and when Heavenly Father knew I was ready, He blessed us with her.  I began this journey pretty overwhelmed and feeling in over my head, hormones and emotions just going nutso, and let’s not forget very very sore, but after a year under my belt I look back and smile that I thought my life was so hard.
There are still days that I want to pull my hair out but in those moments it never seizes to slap in the face with a moment that I wish I could freeze in time.  A moment, a simple act by my loving daughter that catches my breath and makes everything worth it.   A look in her eye as I am holding her and then she lays a big wet kiss on me.  A snuggle from her when I need it.  I need her.  She needs me.
I love being able to stay at home with her.  After seeing her grow during her first year I am so glad I got to experience all her milestones with her and will continue to.  I got to help her with tummy time.  I got her to giggle her first funny.  I witnessed her first roll. I put her in her bumbo to work on neck strength.   I showed/ crawled with her.  I got to be her first word.  I was the one holding her hand while she practiced walking. I have been so lucky to watch her and help her grow into the fun loving toddler that she is today.  I am so lucky.
I love to see new moms with their new babies.  What a wonderful sight.  I am in no way a veteran, but I lasted a milestone, a first birthday.  I am in no way the perfect mom.  I wish.  I definitely could be better.  I am a little neurotic.  A little over protective.  I could have taught her sign language.  Matt wishes I potty trained her (if I was super mom maybe).  I tried teaching her and have been successful in some things.  She is smart.  She is independent.  She is loving.  She is caring. She is happy.  She is friendly. She is perfect in my eyes.
Being a mom has turned me a little soft (emotionally and physically).  I never would of cried during some of these Olympic stories.  Now that I am a mom I know what joy comes from seeing kids accomplish their dreams.  I turned emo right after I had her. I thought it was just the hormones talking but still even after a year I am moved in ways I never was before her.  Its a little embarrassing.  But its who I am now.  A mom.
I hope she knows I love her.  I hope she knows that I am always there for her.  I hope she will come to me and look to me for answers and help.  I hope she serves others and has a smile on her face.   Most of all I hope she knows that she is a child of God (I sing her it every night) that loves her very much.  That thru Him anything is possible.
Being a mom is the greatest blessing and a title I will hold with honor.  I am still learning the ropes, but will maybe get it right by the 5th child…who knows.  I guess I have to keep on trying J

Motherhood. There is no greater joy.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

12 Months-->1 year old!



WOW! I officially have a 1 year old.  Kind of ages me don't you think Gracie?  A lot of changes have happened since day 1 to day 365.  Crazy the magnitude of it all.  I looked back at all my videos and pictures before starting this post and got teary thinking how much you have grown.  You are still my little baby but you are getting so big and smart.  I am real proud to be your mom.  You make me smile and laugh everyday.  I hope I can do the same for you throughout your life.

You are really cute and sometimes stinky.  You are silly but get a little moody when tired.  Patience is not your virtue, but your so fun loving.  Little miss socialite who makes everyone feel special.  Give lots and lots of kisses to inanimate objects. Lover of nasty rap and you bounce with it, bounce with it, while listening. Hair is not what we call plentiful but have enough for some cute bam bam piggy tails. Beg like a bird when people eat around you. My little mimicker.  I better watch what I say and do.  A year ago you changed my life.  Being your mom is the best.  I love you to the moon and back baby girl.

12 Month Stats
19lbs 2 oz (18%)
29.5 inches long (63%)
18 inches of noggin' (70%)

Things you do:

  • Put yourself to sleep for naps and bedtime.  You like a little cuddle but then want me to put you in crib with blanket and two pacifiers (one for your mouth and on for your hand)
  • Busy body.  Always moving.  NEVER still.  You are a maniac....(sing it when you are just mindlessly walking around/spinning around)  You are very skilled at manuvering yourself around and over things.  Can step over park ledge, into garage, and out sliding door.  Very impressive.  You also walk backwards. Side step, and now can do a mini run when you are really getting after something.
  • Smarter than I realize.  Recognize lots of words. Knows all the face (eyes,mouth,hair,nose) and points to it.  Tries playing fetch with Sophie. Try to put dog harness on the dogs.  Rarely very reckless when moving about the house.  You are careful around things that you know are not easy.  You try to put on your shirt.  You also have been trying to put on hair ties and actually know it goes on her hair.  So cute.
  • Climber.  Can climb onto couches.  chairs.  coffee table.  dinner table (you use the chair and then climbs onto table.  i found you up on it after my back was turned from you while doing dinner dishes and I heard a glass fall onto table and turned and sure enough you were on all 4s on top of dinner table...CRAZY girl)
  • You are a sweaty little girl.  When we go outside you sweat a whole lot like I do and especially on the back of your head right behind your ear.  Also above your lip....I suffer from the same problem
  • You caught your first cold a couple of weeks ago after attending a play date.  Ever since then you went from 3-4 feedings a day to didnt like nursing with a stuffy nose.
  • You are nursing 1-2 times a day.  More often just once, first thing in the morning.  It is kind of sad to think you dont need me like that anymore.  It is our special bond that I will miss.  You have become kinda invasive about checking out the feeders though.  You just grab the neckline of my shirt and dive right in.  Pretty funny until you are wanting them in the middle of checkout at porter Walmart.  You were getting desperate and even looked for your Grandmaz.  Ha ha.  Such a funny girl.
  • You have a really cute focus face you still do.
  • 6 teeth.  4 on top (all came in at same time) but one grew faster than others...snaggle tooth for a bit there.  2 on bottom.  
  • Clap.  Right hand into the left hand.  Still like to dance/bounce
  • Wear pigtails.  
  • Like to walk off pool step to me and will go under the water.  No biggie
  • focus face 2
  • Love your car susie got you.  I catch you in it all the time.  Everyday we go get the mail in it and all i have to say is "gracie wanna go get the mail? go get in your car" and boom she is off and runnin to her car and gets in all by herself.
  • focus face
  • Love the park.  Playing in the bark and swinging and sliding down the slide.  If I let you though you'd climb up to the top (dangerous) all by yourself.  
a girl and her dog
having a moment

Here are some fun pictures we took when we went to the park.
vroom vroom

dirty bum bum
pure joy

off and running
poll kisser

  • You like your little outfits grandma makes you!

  • Like to pretend eat your fake food.  Ice cream cones are your favorite.  You also like real ones too :)  Its funny the noise you make mimicking me eating pretend food.  You hand me some to join you in a fake meal.
  • Little jokester.  Enjoy a mean game of hide and seek.  Like to hide and then run out and scream for me to find you.  Find ourselves get in giggly moods with one another.  You are my little buddy. We both find each other very funny.
  • Great at mimicking. I was making fun of something that happened the other night at basketball to your Grandmaz and was making a loud sound and you started making that same sound and would laugh and laugh after.  We got a kick out of it with one another.  You are really funny.
  • Still like the water.  You will walk right off the edge to get to me knowing you will go under water and fine doing so.  Also like to climb out and then walk into the water to me....not sure if I like this one, but the smile on your face melts me.
  • Enjoy and good snuggle with pups.  You climb into their bed and lay with them.  I have a feeling one day they will be in bed with you.
  • KISSER. Love to give kisses.  At bedtime we read books and you enjoy kissing all of the kids in the books. So cute.
  • Love fruit snacks.  I break them up and you gobble them down (more like swallow whole).  Also like peanut butter & jelly, grandmas smoothies, strawberry cereal bars, blueberries, pasta foods, ice cream (especially grandmaz peppermint straight from HER CONE), & pretty much anything I am eating.  You are my little bird. feed me Momma, feed me!
 I can

I am gonna wraaastle these balloons down and pop em!!

Yaaaayyyyy! I am one!

You are my first.  I hope your first year was as good as mine being your mom.  Truly blessed everyday.  You are my sweet little girl and will always see you this way. Don't grow up too fast.