The Silly Gilles

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toddling Toddler

Gracie turned 13 months last week.   She is getting very very skilled at walking to where it turns into a little run, only problem is, she doesnt look at where she is going sometimes.....BONK!

She is refusing to take 2 naps now....bummer.she is a once a day napper..the whole life as a mom with her baby sleeping two 2 hour naps a day is gone.  Didn't last long.

makes a really funny flex face and strains and really does flex...dont know exactly who she learned it from but...its funny!

I bought her a little tike basketball goal.  pretty excited about it because she loves her balls and to throw them. Now we will have a target for her to throw her ball into.  basketball breeding her young!! dont judge me!

here she is showing her ball holding skills.

She is bound and determined to walk the dogs herself.  She has gotten pretty stinkin good at it.  I only trust sophie and max to be the ones pulling.  charlie is just too strong and tex is big as well.  tex has been reeping the rewards of gracie's meal time food toss.  he has gained probably 5 lbs because of her.  not good.

she loves to join doggie bathtime.  the dogs are indifferent about it.  they just want to get out, but she enjoys her bathing buddies.

she also loves her da da
matt shaved his head.  cutie