The Silly Gilles

Monday, November 5, 2012

15 Months

You are a whopping 15 months old now.  Quickly turning into such a big girl these days (size 5 shoe now to prove it)....too quickly.  You have your own language now and are always trying to tell me and others something.  Jibber Jabber.  Last night you wanted me to know you wanted ice cream so what did you do? Used that noggin of yours and grabbed your pretend ice cream cone, came over and grabbed my finger and led me to the fridge and then preceded to point up to the freezer. BRAVO. BRAVO. You are too stinking smart.....and I am such a sucker that I gave you a cone with blue bell pepermint ice cream (your favorite).

you like it when i buy you a sonic drink. you feel like a big girl

If you cant say the word you let me know by pointing or grabbing my hand and showing me what you want.

Current Vocab
  • momma, dadda
  • hi
  • bye bye
  • baby
  • doggie, hi doggie, hi sophie (all these are very clear) she knows each dog but can only say sophie
  • ball
  • bath
  • sign: more, tree, ball
  • yes; shakes head no when asked if wants to go night night or bedtime
You LOVE outside.  You will throw little fits when I bring you inside but sorry girl, momma needs to make some dinner so you can eat.  silly.  You also adores your friends. You know which houses your friends are in and when we go outside you heads over to their front doors.  Too funny.  At the park you usually find a older girl to be your friend.  Last week there was a 7 year old girl that you instantly became friends with and was trying to talk to.  You even grabbed her had to hold it. So friendly.  You have A LOT of your Grandpa Beaman in you.  He is the most social/friendly man I know.  Its a great quality that I hope you keep.
dont mess with you and your stick wacha!!

You understand a lot more than I usually give you credit for.  You know most of what I am talking about so now its time to watch what comes out of my mouth.  Your current activity you like to do on command is to spin.  its so cute. you go around and around and around and then fall onto your bum from being dizzy. then you giggle and stand up and do it again.  So silly.

Your memory is also very remarkable for your size.  You know every time I put a certain bib on you, you are getting a popsicle.  When I ask wheres your paci because you dropped it somewhere you turn back and go find it.  Whenever I say lets go to the park if you dont have your shoes on you head for them and freak till I get them on your feet.

I need to watch how I deal with unruly pooches around you because you mimik me.  I gave tex a little spank because he was naughty and sure enough you came right up after and gave him a gracie spank too. LOL.  You are so loving to them majority of the time.  You lay your head on them. Give them nice hugs. Even pet them softly.  Taking them on walks is your favorite.  Its better than I could ever imagine.  I worried how the interaction was going to be between you and our furry family.  I love it.

I just love my toddling toddler.  You are the light of my life.  I am so glad God gave me you.