The Silly Gilles

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Utah Trip

*I did this post last Tuesday night (night of our return) but I got a notice that I have used up my blogger storage.  I tried different things (even deleted 1 year worth) and didnt work. So I bought the storage.....

The past 5 days we have been in Utah visiting family and friends. This was Gracie's first time in Utah.  Although there wasnt any snow on the ground it was pretty windy and chilly some of the days.  Windy enough my poor little girl got wind burn on her face :( but she just loves the outdoors.

To put it in perspective for you it is 6 pm and Gracie is out COLD.  I am drifting.  We are exhausted. We played at the park, frisbee golf, celebrated matt's grandpa's 90th birthday party, bowling with gille cousins, babysat Tj, watched garret kick butt at his BYU swim meet, met up/played with UvU bballer babies, ate at lots of yummy places.  We kept busy.

here are some pictures and videos of what i was able to capture

giving baby TJ a kiss.  she is going to be such a great big sister
gracie with grandpa Gille (90)

Gracie even bowled!

video of swim meet fun

on their first date :)

she adored carson