The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silly Gille Clubhouse

I have been talking about a so called clubhouse for a month now and most of you are probably thinking I am making this thing up. Well, a month worth of hard work (mainly on mr handy man matt's part) it is pretty much all done! wooohooo!!! (still need to paint door and baseboards, wooden box covering random pipe and install proper lighting) Although I think Gracie does miss the construction zone.  Many a times she wandered in there to come out filthy and needing a trip up to the bath tub pronto.  I cant wait to see the  memories she and other future Gille's make in there. 

 sorry gracie not the best shot of you. but so people can see what the clubhouse looked like at the start
 washing and wiping. what she does best

I was cleaning up the drywalling/construction mess and she decided to help me...such a good helper. 
 Matt at this point cut out door space for wall and workin on drywalling (notice the cords we are covering up)
 Gracie is quality controlling...she played with A LOT of screws during the drywall dad would of had a heart attack.
 Had to putty all the screws. This is where I came in :)
 Matt put door in and framed it. Missing handle but will come later
 tape and mudding.  Gracie got real into this step.  REAL DIRTY TOO

 During this time Matt turned 29! The year he gets big buff and huge. His muscles have already gotten bigger and so has my tummy.  hmmmmmmm
notice back left there is a hole. that was the original intrance thru closet. i didnt want kids coming in and out thru there so thats why I had matt make another intrance.  much much bigger and better
 Laminate Flooring. Very addicting. What can I say i guess its a pregnancy thing. The clubhouse was much easier than last pregnancy when I did the whole upstairs.

 Baseboards installed.

 A look from in to the outside world....we now have a transition in place where laminate meets the tile
 first friend in playhouse. just the other day gracie invited emmie and aspen over for her first official play date in playhouse.  I didnt get any pictures. I was too busy chatting and making sure no one got the door slammed on one another.
 wanna come play?
 its still a work in progress but now its play in able.
WELP!! Gotta GO!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

California Christmas

This Christmas we went to California.  Jake and Rachele both live in Pacifica/Half Moon Bay so all the Texans and the Utahns flew over to spend a screamin' Beaman reunion over there.

we have been back for a while but both Gracie and I got sick the last day there and took a week to start feeling human again.  Between her being under 2 and me being pregnant there is really not much we can take to help with the terrible cold/flu we got.  We were miserable.  At least i can blow my nose. Poor Gracie could hardly breathe so that made for some sleepless nights in bed with momma. 5 of them. to be exact.  She let me blub syringe her nose though which helped, but still was sooooo stoufed up and terrible cough (first time she has had one) it was not fun. not fun at all. and to top it all off she has her momma's luck with this one.  she got 3 new teeth. i swear. when it pours!

Back to our trip.  California is beautiful.  The scenery is breathtaking   The weather wasn't the best during the visit.  Pretty much rained majority of our visit but we still had lots of fun and made the most of it.

First day was kinda a blur. Consisted of two 2 hour flights with a 2 hour layover in between.  Long day. Didnt think we were going to make it. LOL. but we did.

Friday the world did not end. Nope. Georgia though did turn 2! wohoo! She had her favorite pizza and Erin made a princess cake.  Erin is very talented at cake decor.  We hung out at J&E's, went bowling, and then enjoyed a pizza princess party.  Georgia was not feeling very well, but hey "its my party, i can cry if i want to" right??

these two were BEST BUDS...husbands is what they called it...think they meant cousins

reva original princess cape and crown. turned georgia into the happiest birthday girl ever. 

Saturday we went into San Fran. The rain let up, but good thing we left when we did cause when we got everyone loaded it start POURING.  Gracie peed all over herself at the end of the trip....she wasnt the only one it happened to at some point :)

saucy gi gi

Sunday we all went to church.
screamin' beaman clan
We tried to get family pictures and everyone brought clothing for a beach picture but the weather had other plans.

all 6 of us...all grown up. weird

matts family did this picture...outdoors..but i had to try it even if circumstances weren't perfect. 

all the grandkids together. we will be adding a couple more by end of summer! 

sexy face jake?

Monday was Christmas Eve.  Surfing was the first event! All 6 (matt in place of rachele) went. It was awesome.  I got up like 5 times.  I wasnt even cold. I am not a fan of taking off the wetsuit though.  Matt and Jake were pros of course.  Garret did really well too and Blake and Tyson did great! It was a blast!

my hott husband

garret ridin!

proof i am up

kids loved the water!

haha nice face tyson

Matt and I went back the spot where he proposed. It is in between Rachele and Jakes house.  We passed it everyday! I am so glad he asked me to marry him.  I am the luckiest girl around.

Exploring the low tide

father son moment. one of my favorite pictures of the trip 

Christmas Day!

Last full day there: Golden Gate to Muir Woods

Thanks to jake, erin, rachele and scott for being such wonderful hosts.  we had a great time!

Thats all she wrote folks.  We had 100"s of more pictures but this broad is getting tired and I dont want to bore people. Super long post.  Im out!