The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Princette Gille

Gille #2 is a GIRL!!

Our little princette is what we will call you. That was my title growing up, being the second girl.  Made me feel special :)

We are finally going to even the girl:boy ratio in our home.  4:4.  Yes. Yes. Matt is the lone male human but he has 3 other males living under this roof that have a say on life in this house too.  I am just so excited!

Heidi Laraine Gille 
(pretty sure on full name and spelling-was going to add e at end of first name but looks like die...not good)

You bounce around in my tummy all the time.  You are more active than Gracie was.  That's saying a lot because she was a wild woman in there.  I think it could be because you have a little more room to move around.  I think my oven got an enlargement/upgrade between pregnancy #1&#2.

I am also relieved the doctor double confirmed you are a girl because he guessed you were a girl when you were 17 weeks and so I started to crochet your baby blanket which is purple.  I am made a lot of headway on it so if you turned out to be a boy I would of had to set all that work to the side and start with a new color.  So thank you for that ;)

I am excited to see what a fun relationship that will be sure to develop between you and Gracie girl.  Best friends.  You will be pretty much exactly 23 months apart from one another.  I am also interested to see how you and your big sister will have your daddy wrapped around yalls finger.  There is nothing better than the bond between father and daughter.  Your dad now has TWO dates to the daddy/daughter dances. I am just soooooooo happy!!!

as y'all can tell Gracie wasn't having a very good time....she loved the balloon just woke up really grumpy and needy

I cant wait to meet you and give you a nice mommy snuggle!!! eeeek!

21 week bump and gracie's

Monday, February 18, 2013

Counting my blessings

This post is probably boring to yall but I want to post it for me to have for future.

As my belly grows its hard to sit back and watch my body transform into full blown pregnancy.  Hard to admit I shouldn't  be lifting heavy things, climbing up ladders, playing contact sports, the list goes on and on.  This pregnancy has been very similar to my last except that I am showing about 3 weeks earlier than I did with gracie.  I hear thats normal so I am not worried or anything, but just documenting for future pregnancies.  My cheif complaint though is my skin has been terrible this round. I had flawless skin with Gracie.  facial acne is for teenagers....not pregnant moms.  its a evil evil transformation that I hate.  other thing I hate it my outgrown hair grows SO FAST when i am pregnant and its hard to find the time or more importantly $$$$$ to get it done.  So aint pretty.  With all that complaining I also have some bragging I need to do.

First off,  I have an amazing husband who is working like a dog right now.  70plus hour weeks is not fun.  He makes that sacrifice to provide for his family and to allow me to stay at home and raise our little kiddos.  I don't tell him thank you near enough.  He also is working out and getting big buff and huge (what my brothers -tys,gar,wil,&bryan call it)  Just like he made his goal to get his CPA he will also turn 30 in January and be in the best shape of his life.  You go boy!  Maybe Ill join you after July.

Secondly, my Gracie Girl.  Boy can she sometimes get my blood to boil or reach me to the point of exhaustion but she is also so fun, so loving, and so smart that at the end of the day I smile when I think of her and all her antics.  She makes my life better.  She teaches me patience everyday and I am thankful for that.  I love hearing her babble and talk.  Some words are getting so clear its so cute.  It really is amazing what all you know.  I ask you to go grab things and you know exactly what I am talking about.  You must of gotten your smarts from your daddy.

Thirdly, my baby Gille yet to be named (its down to two names).  I can tell you are going to be active just like your big sister.  You are constantly moving around in my belly.  I hope you two are alike.  You are already loved by your mom and dad and gracie so much.  She will love having a little sister to play with.  I will enjoy the break as well.  I do worry having 2 kids and being able to show love to both but I have a sneakish feeling you and Gracie will get plenty of love and kisses from me that you will be saying No like gracie does at times...haha

Fourth, and four to be thankful for, is my dogs.  As they all 4 lay on the couch with me as I write this.  Each one has such a unique personality that I wouldn't give up any of you.  People have offered to take one of you or two off my hands to lighten my load but I cant.  When it is time to groom you or pay for shots,heartworm, flea preventative I find myself a little overwhelmed, but you all 4 are my family.  I have the best dogs in the world.  Others may think their dogs are the best but sorry mine are! :) jj

Anywho. I have a lot to be thankful for.  Hopefully my little issues clear up and I will find the time and $ to go fix my hair but till then I just need to sit back, relax, and look at the blessings I have right in front of me!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Out of the Old...Into the New

If you know know I like to be prepared.  With a lil sister on the way I want to make Gracie's transition as smooth as possible (mothers of multiple kids are saying HA yaa right) anyways.  She will be moving into her big girl room once Matt ghetto rigs the newly aquired used 4in1 crib our neighbor so kindly gave us. Another wonderful neighbor gave us a awesome toddler bed but I am just not ready to battle her to stay in fact. I know she wont stay.
Before I found out we are having another girl I wanted to make Gracie's new room super cute.  But now that I know they will bunk one day I am thrilled I went the extra effort.  Growing up we had girly and boyish rooms but only a single paint color for all walls(sorry mom..kinda boring).  I have been going into homes with my mom because they are looking to possibly move in the area and some of the rooms were decorated SO CUTE. I have always wanted to do this. So I did.  Was a lot of work.  Did it all while Matt was gone for the week on business.  My dad came over and helped with the high parts and then another night both my parents came and helped with dots.  I am so lucky to have them close by.

I took some pictures of before i even began (walls were plain tanish color) and some better ones along the way but little did I know that the "good deal" china memory card with 32gb of memory was in there and its a piece of junk. none the pictures worked. So the first few are my cell phone pics I would send to Matt to show him progress.
matts response to this picture was....."thats a stark change" (he wasnt a fan)

Gracie hasnt officially moved in but she likes to go in there and jump off her bed and pull out everything in her the way i refinished her dressor.  A neighbor was just throwing it out. say what!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

18 Months

You are 18 months old! A whopping year and a half!(yumm that made me want a bk whopper :) and fries)  You are a smart and spunky and a little bit bossy.  Agile as can be and developing quite the imagination. You are soaking up and understanding your atmosphere more and more. You are learning words like crazy and developing mannerisms (and very tonguey-get that from dad i think) that resemble me and your dad(this part is funny and scary).  You are fun to watch grow and develop into a crazy little spitfire.

Current Vocab:
Ma Ma (Grandma)
Doggies (can also point out which dog is which from our 4 and her grandma's 2-says sissy,sophie and trys to say max)
Hush (@dogs)
Go (@ dogs)      notice she is pretty good at bossing the dogs around...i don't know where she learned this......
Get (@ dogs)
Abby(abby cadabby doll)
Ow wee
Nuh-uh (as a response to my questions but doesnt realize means no but she usually means yes)
No Mine
Amen (after meal prayer)
And whatever full out jibber jabber conversation she has with herself or me or dogs

18 Month Stats
21 Lbs 6oz
32 Inches long
18.5 Head
Yesterday we were playing in your clubhouse and you kept coming in and out and grabbing your necklace stash one by one (mardi gras like) next thing I know max comes into the clubhouse with a save me look on his face.  He had necklaces all over him.  He precedes to lay on my lap and you decide to grab neclaces off of him one by one and are leaving us to do something else with them individually being delivered to someone or something.  About 4 necklaces later I hear you demand "go" "go" "go" then I heard clanking of necklaces and then enters sophie with necklaces around her neck and body.  Too funny! You then gave charlie a turn. Dress up with your doggies.  I can see it now. Just dont be like me as a kid and sneak in neighborhood cats and dress them up.  I wont like that and I am pretty sure your doggies will get jealous and  let me know.

Favorite foods:
Pastas (pizza, spaghetti, ziti, mac & cheese)
Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
Blueberry pancakes/muffins
Scrambled Eggs
Orange Juice
Coke Icee
Cherry Limeade (sonic)
Treats (ice cream,cookies, typical unhealthy little girl)
beautiful eye lashes

rock collector

my tonguey explorer

bubbles are fun

"uh oh"

splish splash
I am still your favorite (sorry dad). If you get a owee or a bump I am the cure. You are more independent around your dad and grandma and grandpa.  Your neediness comes out when you are with me. You are a little helper around the house.  You like to wipe things when I am cleaning. I now give you your own wipe and let you go to town and clean whatever your little heart desires. When I make stacks of laundry you un-stack and spread around the room.  As i put away items you re position them wherever you choose.  As you can tell. We keep a tidi ship around here :)

Your new record for holding onto monkey bars or any elevated bar is 16 seconds! super strong little girl!

You are going to be a big sister in July and will have to share the princess title. You are our princess and your sister will be our princette. Now if we have more the 2 girls your dad and I will have to get creative I guess.

Your newest coolest trick is jumping. you can almost get up about an inch. its pretty sweet!

Our next trick will be potty training.  You try to help me out and get in my space so you know whats goin on.  The other morning you flipped out because you wanted to take a morning bath. So I let you.  Even though you hadnt taken your morning poo. Jokes on me.  15 minutes later I am doing my makeup and I hear POOOPIE and you are flipping out pointing in the tub.  Oh boy. So a lesson was learned.  You have been running away from me lately when you need to poo so you can do it in peace and then I ask you if you did and you run off shaking your head and saying nuh uh.hmmmmmm sorry gracie you cant fool me missy.

Gracie. I love you so much. I hope you know this.  You are awesome.  You are my best bud.

 I will always be there to catch you when you fall