The Silly Gilles

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gone and Done it Again!

Remember last year when we made a very spur of the moment decision and bought a boat that we didnt measure or anything and wouldn't fit into our garage so we resold it like 3 days later?????  Well.  This time round we browsed craigslist and kingwoodyardsales for something that struck our eye and that was close by.  We found the perfect little starter boat for our family.  The owner lived like 2 miles away from us so it was pretty ideal.  We went to "just look" and didnt plan on buying a boat till next summer but when ya find a good deal ya cant pass it up right???

Its smaller than the last but still seats 7.  Also actually fits into our garage. Its a REAL tight squeeze.  Matt had to cut the siding off our garage door opening and still the trailer needs to go in perfectly and one trailer wheele squeezes in a little upon entrance into our van.  PHEW!  Matt is going to fix the siding so it is removable and can take on and off so it looks cosmetically right.  He puts the boat in straight back and the trailer has a hinge on it already so it actually just fits snug as a bug in a rug. Our mini van is able to pull it.(getting new tires though to help with pulling out of water) Runs great.  Got to test her out on the lake yesterday and we had a blast.  Gracie loved going over the bumps.  She didnt care for the life jacket.

watch out...gracie is hangin' a left

Matt is super stoked.  I am happy he is happy.  Now he has to put the shed up so we can get the bikes and other miscellaneous items that were in the garage and are now in the front room.......but he finishes with malonebailey tuesday and gets the rest of the week off before he starts his new job on May 6th.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gille's in Galveston

Since February 1st Matt has not had a free weekend and has had to work all of them.  So we planned a trip to Galveston since this is one of the last weekends before I start swim coaching (i start tomorrow but meets dont start till may).  It turned out to be a little chilly due to the wind. Besides the wind it was perfectly sunny out and Gracie really did still have a ball.
Gracie Girl loved the water even though was a little nippy (she has been swimming the past week in her Grandma and Grandpas pool which is like 68 degrees so i know the temperature doesnt really faze this little munchkin.  She chased lots of "birdies", ran into the "watie" and away from the "watie" and love burrying her little toes into the sand.  This will be the start of many beach trips for my little girl.  She loves the fun in the sun.
sun screenin it up.

her face is PRICELESS! dont mind the whale running next to her

We brought our bikes and rode them around everywhere.  Even to Walmart to get a dvd player for our room so we could watch a movie together (which Matt and I havnt sat a watched a movie since busy season)  I am one deprived woman I know ;)

We went to rainforest cafe.  Right off the bat Matt and I spotted a really realistic Boa that dangles from the ceiling so I took her right over to it......Gracie freaked out a little bit....maybe a little TOO realistic.  She didnt get much of a nap between beaching and dinner so she was a little emotional throughout the dinner.  She enjoyed see the "fiss" (fish) and the elephants that would come to life every 10 minutes or so....the giant 3 gorillas though she was freaked out of and didn't want to look at them when they would start moving.  We even got the volcano at the end.  Gracies reaction was priceless.  So confused.

Gracie enjoyed staying up late with mom and dad and having a slumber party in bed with us.  She fell asleep laying on my belly/chest while Heidi tried her best to move closer and closer up to her big sister.  Gracie even gave baby Heidi a kiss before bed.  She kisses my belly button lol.  I am a very lucky girl to have such a loving daughter.

Next morning we woke up and took a stroll on our bikes down the seawall.  It was definitely a warmer day than before.  Gracie turns a lot of heads cause she is just so friendly waving and saying hi.  We stopped at our turn around and took her into the gift shop so she had a little break between.  She liked the hermit crabs the best.

as you can see she got into a lot of stuff at the gift shop

she has two more mugs in her other paw

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doggie Birthday!

Today marks 3 years from when the puppies were born!  We do a annual birthday to celebrate and combine Sophie and Max's birthday into it too :)

We gave them a birthday bath

We had hot dogs.(even sparky and mary joined in!)

We sang and gave them a special treat that they really enjoyed.

gracie stole her mommys treat...

That was yesterday.  Today is actually their birthday.  We went for a walk with all 4 of them. Gracie handled them all. She insisted

she scraped her knee on this has an OW WEE

She wore a doggie shirt in honor of her special siblings birthday. We love our doggies!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past Easter weekend we did some fun things....mainly Gracie and I because unfortunately this is Matt's busy season so he joined in once in a while.

Friday we went to Park Group (something I took over and now have KW1,2,&3 attending) and had a Easter Egg hunt.  Gracie did well. She collected her 10 eggs not knowing there were treats inside.  Once she found out that it was all over.

Saturday we ran some errands and then did some yard work
after getting all sweaty from mowing, weed wacking, and blowing it was time to cool off....

Since our hall bathroom is under construction we really have no tub to bath the dogs in. We are remodeling it. New tile, new tub, new crapper, repainting cabinets, re-texturing walls and replacing faucets.  Its going to be awesome! My neighbor gave me this idea to bath them all in the swimming pool.  It was pretty cold water but Gracie loved every minute of it. As you can tell.  The dogs were less than enthused.

Sunday had bunny pancakes and Gracie received her bike. 

Then church and then Gma and Gpa and GreatGma and Blake &Ashley and their kids all came over as well as Bishop Gillis for the Easter Fest.  
I think Bryson likes Gracie's bike

This is what happens when you have dogs for siblings