The Silly Gilles

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Time off with Daddy

Matt had his last day of his former job on Tuesday and got the rest of the week off before he starts his new job this Monday.  Gracie and I sure enjoyed having him here. Matt and Gracie got a lot of quality evening time since I am coaching during the evening.  I think it is good for her to bond more with her Daddy before her sister arrives.

We went to the zoo

the arangatang came right up in front of gracie to greet her. she turned back SO FAST. kinda freaked her out...she thought he was coming thru!

Gracie mimicking the giraffe eating some shrubs nearby

gracie made friends with a fellow zooer

the splash pad was her FAVORITE part

 Then we went to the lake and invited Gracie's best buds Aspen and Emmy! Matt took a boat full of girls out on the water.  We found a cool spot to dock and the girls could touch. Emmy didnt like the mud on her feet. Gracie liked spinning Apsen around in the tube.  There were like 8 boats docked playing sand volleyball at this spot. Pretty sweet. We now have a good area to take the kiddos to play in the sand and just chill.

we tried to tube, but didnt have the right rope...we didnt make it very far LOL

was very hard to get all 3 lookin at the camera

warr girls. we missed ya brady!

emmy's hair is gone with the wind :)

speedy stop drink after boating. our tradition...that just started haha

she kept sayin CHEESE