The Silly Gilles

Monday, June 17, 2013


Over Memorial Day we went to Galveston.  Crazy I know!
Matt got to surf.  Gracie had a ball going into the water and running back out.  Gracie would get face fulls of water but it didn't even phase her.  She is fearless in water.  She loved the beach.  I had to keep her lathered in sunscreen though cause she was out and about the whole time.  She even got a ouchy from rubbing raw from her diaper cause she was running around SO MUCH. She also made friends with two teenage girls and  kept going over by them and hanging out with them.  Kinda awkward for me but EH whatever. They would hand her sea shells and she would throw them into the waves.  She thought that and they were pretty cool.

We then went to a friends parents house for a pool party and it has the ultimate party backyard.  A dug out trampoline that gracie loves and a really neat rock slide in their pool.  Matt went down with gracie a handful of times.  She LOVED it.

My daughter is a party animal.

Blueberry Picking

On Saturday we went blueberry picking.  Due to me have swim meets every Saturday morning till the afternoon we can only go in the evening.  Suposovely the morning crowd was huge and picked most of the selection but there was still some up high and some pretty decent areas.

Gracie caught on very quickly.  Once she ate one it was all over. Everything I picked went into her mouth.  She then grabbed a green one and "icky" was her response.  She was the professional blueberry on floor picker.  Also grabbed sand and put it in our bucket.  Good thing she had her own bucket.

We picked for about an hour. IT WAS HOTT! Gracie started whining saying "wati, wati"-translation---->water. So we gave up and headed back.  We got 3 lbs worth and I used some for the next morning for Matts fathers day blueberry breakfast pancakes.
My Sweaty Munchkin

Pregnancy #2

So I feel really guilty.

I have been told its normal and happens, but I still feel bad. I wanna be better.

I have been the worst documentor this round.  With gracie she has soo many little journal entries from me about how im feeling, what im up to, what the doctor is saying, but with Heidi I think I have 5 TOTAL entries.  PATHETIC. This could be due to the fact that I have a very energetic 22 month old around 24/7 and then when I am not watching her, I am swim coaching (sometimes with her there).  Nap times I am either napping as well or answering a swim email parent or doing entries or getting much needed housework done.

So lets see Heidi Ho.

Now that I am at the end....down to the nitty gritty days this is how I am feeling.

Acid Reflux during the night is just about unbearable.  Its really really bad these past days. So bad I feel the effects of it the next day.

Sleep-hmmm who does this? I get up about 4 times a night (which is a feet in its own to get my body rolling out) to use the restroom. But this prepares me for your arrival.

Weight. I am at I was with Gracie. Give or take a pound or two

Belly size.  I think I am about the same.  Maybe a tad bit bigger.  Your dad seems to think bigger but I dont think he really remembers.

Activity. Due to your position and lack of space this area is begining to cause some issues. I dunno if you are right on a nerve or what but I get shooting back pains and shooting pains into my right groin.  I get thigh cramping pretty often too.  Its weird.  This could be that I am coaching and out in the heat standing so far along in this pregnancy where I was all done with coaching at this point when I was pregnant with Gracie girl

Position.  Head down (well 3 weeks ago you were. he didnt ultrasound a few days ago but I am sure he will on wednesday) Dr. was very confident you would stay head down due to lack of room.

Fluid levels. I think good.  I will once again find out on wednesday but by this time with Gracie I had really low amniotic fluid so had to be put on modified bed rest.  Which I didnt follow very well and dont see myself following very well if with you since I am coaching and have your sister to chase around.

Your room is ready.  Bed sheets are washed.  Blanket is made.  Towel is made (both by your grandma) clothes are washed and folded.  Diapers are bought.

Hospital bag needs to be prepared.  My goal before Wednesday just in case.  Doctor said he would try a VBAC on me if everything happens on its own.  He warned me not to get my hopes up about it though.  We will see.  He wont induce.  His deadline a few weeks ago was July 8 or 9 but we would go with 8th since its your Grandma Beckmans birthday.  Might as well have significance if getting a c-section right?   New insurance may not be accepted with his office starting July 1.  DILEMMA. I will find out this week. If so may need to find a new doctor. We will see. I hope this isnt the case.  Your current doctor is the best around.  He knows what he is doing and I trust his judgement.

Me, your dad, and Gracie are very excited to see you!