The Silly Gilles

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sisterly Love

I am so ecstatic at the love between Gracie and Heidi already. Gracie loves her baby sister. She wants her to come everywhere with her. Heidi is smothered with kisses between Gracie, daddy and I. We are just in love with our sweet new addition to our family. Heidi has a very laid back personality thus far. Gracie is more my high strung child. They compliment one another. Only time will tell to see Heidi's true demeanor.  Ill keep my fingers crossed for easy layed back....or else there will be some space between Gill #2 and #3.(yes i just admited i will have another-i havnt been tortured enough ;))

Monday Gracie and I and "ma ma" went to the Walmart and when we were leaving Heidi sleeping with Matt she was crying sayin no no no Heidi come, Heidi come. I convinced her to come with us after persuasion of saying we are picking out a dog for her sister.(which she remembered and held me on the promise) On the car ride home all she could say is baby Heidi baby Heidi over and over again. She ran straight to the door and went to Heidi's bassinet bedside and said "miss you Heidi. Miss you Heidi". Wow. It choked me up a little. The sweetest thing I have ever seen. Sisterly love. 

Gracie likes holding Heidi while she watches her cartoons. She now understands Heidi drinks milk from mommy and not crackers or whatever other food she can find when we say Heidi is hungry. She says Heidi bite mommy.  I guess thats what nursing looks like to my almost 2 year old.

Gracie is always asking about the baby.  Wanting to know what she is doing or where she is.  She is very aware that her sister is here to stay and she doesnt mind one far!
So far my recovery has been great. I need to make sure i keep my weight restriction jn-check but certain things I lift (gracie groceries and so on) is like second nature and hard habit to break. Has been much easier the second time around as far as surgical pain. I dunno why. Maybe my abs and what not are used to it so the trauma wasn't as dramatic. Who knows. I am also grateful now that Gracie was such a piranha on my feeders. There isn't a baby now that can hurt me lol. They have been toughened to the max. Thank you Gracie. I now need to work on the supply to meet Heidi's demand.  I could feed 10 Heidi's right now.  Takes time.

I am so very blessed to be a mother of two sweet girls. I am so lucky. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Heidi Laraine Gille

Welcome to the family sweet girl!
You are destined to be overly loved, adored, and a dog lover like the rest of us.

The day began with me getting on and off about 2.5 hours of sleep the night before.  I am just a very anxious nervous person so this isn't too shocking.  Your dad slept like a rock till 730am.  HMMMMM doesnt seem very fair, but he is so easy going and doesn't get all nervous about things.  Thats one of the things I love about him.  Makes us compatible.  Gracie slept well too. (she has no idea you are coming)  Because I was up so early I decided to not waste any time.  Charlie was perky when he saw me moving around so I grabbed him and we headed to the Walmart grocer.  Your dad informed me late last night we were running low on cereal.  Well, I don't think that will be the case for at least the rest of this month.  I restocked our pantry with cereal.  I just hope he and your sister eat more than cereal these next few days I am at the hospital.

Gracie woke up as usual.  We watched a little cartoons and I fed her breakfast.  I double checked my hospital bag (thats been packed for weeks because didnt know), took my final special soap scrub shower and put on a little make up so I dont look like a zombie for you.

We then loaded up and brought your big sister (seems weird saying this) Gracie to your grandma and grandpas (or as gracie calls them MA MA and PA PA)  Grandma heads the hospital a little after your dad and I arrive and get settled in. They have us arrive 2 hours early, even though could all be done in an hour tops. oh well

last moment of a family of 3
IV started and doctors there, here comes the biggest NFL player looking anesthesiologist.  He told our L&D nurse that my facial reaction when he walked in to introduce himself was priceless. I told him as he was administering the spinal tap that I saw him as I arrived and thought he was the one assisting my doctor in the c-section and would be on the other side of my abdominal wall tearing it apart.  That scared me since he is so big and strong, turns out he is my best bud. Dr feel good is what I called him.

I went back with grandma and got my spinal tap and all the other prep work that I wont go into great detail for.  Doctors came in. Matt came in and next thing you know (after drs had to go WWE on my upper tummy to get you out) I hear you cry.  A sigh of relief and overwhelming joy came.  You were here.  You were more than worth it.  You are perfect.

giving you a COOL HAIR DO

Heidi Laraine Gille
6lbs 11oz
18.5 inches
Born 1:07 pm on 7/11/2013

Gracie and grandpa greeted you as you came out and watched you get weighed measured and washed.  She is really proud to be your big sister.  She call you baby Heidi.  and "mine"  She enjoys taking you on walks around the unit with me so I can try to get my system moving since the traumatic surgery.

giving her baby kisses.  darn camera was too slow

our new family of 4