The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Potty Training

This past week we have been potty training at the Gille house. Yes yes this means there has been a whole lot of nakedness and bodily fluids time. I must say for a just turned 2 year old Gracie is getting the hang of this.

Grandma bought her a potty that she uses. It's pretty darn cool in that it sings and plays music when fluids hit the bottom. Heck if I had a song played in my honor I'd be going 30+ times a day too like Gracie does. It is instant gratification. We had Gracie's potty in the down stairs bathroom facing the toilet but she moved it to face the same way as the real toilet. Since the rearrangement of potty furniture she has been on fire! Potty timing all the time! She also has to have the light on to go in there on her own

Day 1 &2-2 days of bare bottomed goodness = no accidents (let me add I was on her like white on rice to go try pottying)

Day 3&4-2 days of "big girl" panties= 1 pee pee incident (she got distracted with bolt watching and then the next day 1 poo poo accident ( which she had just pooped like 5 minutes before but think she tried farting and so she what we like to call around here "sharted" herself. Later on that day as I turned on the shower, she looked up at me with a worrisome expression and said "mommy pee pee, go pee pee" so we rushed to the potty and she went. First time she requested without me giving her the constant reminder (que happy dance by me)

Day 5,6 & 7- panties and pants. No accidents and she even pee'd at sams. Impressed? 
 Even went to 3 hours of church and went potty there! Gracie rocks! Either matt or I was in nursery with her just in case the feeling came and she needed to go (which it did)

* side note*
Gracie has a hard time pulling down her undies on her own and pulling them up properly. We r working on this
The only accidents we have had are when her stool was a little loose (i think she thinks she is tooting but a little hershey squirt comes out....cant expect her to know everything just yet!

We have ventured out each day and when did so we used a pull up. We went potty right before and right after and she didn't pee in her pull up.  She no longer wears a pull up when we go out…..brave I know but she refuses to wear a diaper now.  Little miss independent! Nap times and night times she wears a diaper. Most the time she wakes up dry but not consistent enough to make me wanna venture down that road. She knows its nap time now because of the diaper and fights me big time to not go "night night". Gracie is a party animal but because she party's so hard a nap is a must for my potty girl.

She enjoys calling "ma ma" to yell in excitement "ma ma I poopy in potty!!" Wish I could include the voicemails she has left revanator. It's pretty gosh darn cute if ya ask me. I wish i could get it to go on blog...maybe ill figure it out...

okay its ghetto but was the only way to do it! watch it.. its cute!


I am so proud of Gracie. I hope she keeps this up. She is such a smart girl. She is saving me money and easing my life just a little with less poopy butts ;)

I love you Gracie girl

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday/Blessing Weekend Boating Fun!

Matt and Gracie took his parents out on the boat while they visited for the fun filled birthday/blessing weekend.

gracie giving her dad a mud bath while they figure out what to do
They fixed the previous issue in the boat and then took it out....well another problem occurred and after some tubing it broke down again. NOT TO FEAR! Chuck came to the rescue!

Heidi 1 Month

You are 1 whole month old! Oh my goodness! this is going by way to fast.
STATS (approximate)
8lbs probably 4 oz or so (you were 8 lbs at your 2 week check up)
19 inches
perfectly cute head

Things you do:
  • eat every 3 hours or so
  • take a nice long afternoon nap.  sometimes its for 3 hours...i love it
  • get fussy in the evenings.  right around dinner time. perfect timing.
  • get hiccups often but dont get all frustrated like gracie would
  • like to be swaddled
  • like your paci (whenever you cry gracie is quick to give you it-she knows how much better she feels with hers haha)
  • go 0-60 when mad.  like gracie.  you wimper for a second or two and then its full out freak out mode. (oh boy)
  • sleep pretty well at night now. wake up to eat and then go back to sleep

You are awesome. We all love and adore you.  You are the perfect addition to our family!

here are some pictures taken last weekend by the very talented Stephen & Stepheni Beckman! Thank yall!

our family tradition...boy this is gonna get harder each time we add a kid......:)

Heidi Blessing

this picture is a tradition i started w gracie.  i plan to take one with each child and i have a photo hung up in my room

A BOLT Party!

Gracie had a BOLT themed birthday party.  She LOVES this movie.  I must admit I kinda like it too.  She had so much fun the whole day.  We started out with doughnut holes, then got an icee at speedy stop, painted her toes (pink & purple) went to subway (she had pb&j brought from home), napped, partied, partied and partied!

then off to gmas and gpas for pool time!

best buds

then was pizza (from sams) and CoOKIES!!

when she spotted this cookie cake earlier in the day she had a mental breakdown because she wanted to have it right then!

then she was spoiled with gifts.she gave everyone thank yous and hugs though :)

she had a blast!