The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heidi 2 months

You are 2 months old! This is a fun age because you are now interacting with us.  You love to give wide open mouthed smiles and try to communicate a lot.  Your saying "hey i have things to say too mommy!" Matt thinks your going to be the soft spoken one but I beg to differ.  I think you are gonna be a spitfire of a little sister!
you didnt feel like doing a photo shoot

your sister wanted to help make you feel better

2 Month Stats
10lbs 10oz
22 inches long
15.75 noggin'

What you are up to

  • you smile :) nothing better than a smiling baby
  • you like being swaddled to sleep.  You are only awake for about 45 minutes before you are done and want to nap again  Then sleep for 45 up for 30ish and back to sleep for 30ish.  Some afternoons you take a 2 hour nap straight.  I love those afternoons.
  • you sleep about 6 hours at night. wake to feed and then sleep for another 3. 
  • you dont like your car seat at all.  in fact you hate it.  it doesn't lull you to sleep as easily as it did with Gracie
  • you have GERD like gracie. i caught it much earlier with you.  ever since we started you on the medicine you have been much less fussy.
  • you get very irritable when have to poopy.  usually poo while nursing and causes you to upchuck milk. so i have to keep a rag handy.
  • you love bathtime.  you will sit in the tub and soak for 15 minutes or until gracie splashes you..whichever comes first. usually its the later.
  • you are a paci baby as well.  you have your purple one and gracie has her pink. 
  • you coo and squeel and try to communicate a lot
  • hold your head up very well and steady.  we do bumbo practice.
  • caught your first cold from your sister. bummer. always feel so bad for congested baby's
  • wanna be held a lot but not as needy as your older sister.  have had to set you down due to potty training gracie but you are a trooper.
  • a real beauty.  

here are some pics of you.  you make the serious eyebrow face a lot...i think you get that from me. your just a thinker :)

i love your dimples


We have a song for you and your sister.  Its something my dad would always sing about me and my childhood best friend hope.
"gracie & heidi. gracie & heidi, nothing goes together like and gracie & heido-ho, i love them so, ohhh" (repeat)

I love you Heidi