The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Old Mcdonalds had a farm...EIEIO!

Today we went to Old Mcdonalds farm with the Warr/Butlers.  Gracie sure does love her some Emmy and Aspen time. We are very blessed to have found friends she loves so much and that Matt & I enjoy hanging with Jennifer and Brady too.  Such a neat family. Gilles love you guys!

natural cowgirl

gracie and "ma,ma"

this is funny because i put a outfit on gracie that i found last night and shes never worn...well the pants are waaay to big...made for kids who wear diapers and gracie doesnt and has a small little booty.  after them falling down 20 times and bringing her panties with them she confidently said "i got this mommy" and held them up nice and tight as she ran haaha. was quite the sight.

moment captured

"you've got a friend in me"

best buddies

rylie asleep

2nd time round on choo choo train!

heidi out with "ma ma"

pure joy

Monday, October 21, 2013

Trunk or Treat/Carnival

Friday was our ward trunk or treat.  We attend every year.  This was the first year we didn't bring the dogs and that  was mainly because i knew there was a chance for rain in the forecast.  GOOD THING I DIDN'T. It started pouring right as we all walked out to get set up outside for the trunk or treating.  The carnival was fun. So due to the rain everyone went into the gym and there was a circle of chairs and the kids just walked around and filled their buckets with candy.....some were very greedy i might add.

Blake and Ashley and their kiddos came.  Gracie sure does love her cousins. Riley is JJ WATT and Bryson is a Dinosaur. Taylor was a Cowgirl. Gracie & Heidi are BYU Cheerleader of course.

all ready to go


Sunday, October 20, 2013

BYU Game

Yesterday we went to the BYU game as a family.  My mom and dad came as well.  I have never been to a college football game (deprived i know) so we decided to go.  They played University of Houston in Reliant Stadium.  Not gonna was a long game. but I enjoyed it.  I think Matt and Randyman REEEAAALLLLYYY enjoyed it.  Gracie did great.  She cheered B-Y-U B-Y-U and still does today. lol.  Heidi did well to considering.

for some reason it wont turn this picture but gracie's joy is priceless in this picture

my cheerleaders!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

Fall is upon us!
The cool front has come! pumpkin time! It pains me a little to have my girls in BYU cheerleader outfits for their costumes this year but we are going to the BYU vs U of Houston game this saturday and already had a BYU cheerleader outfit for gracie that still fit from when she attended her Uncle Garrets swim meet so I had their Uncle Garret get Heidi one too for the game.  Well now for Halloween they are BYU cheerleaders together! haha sorry girls. your momma is cheap. but yall are super cute!

 Gracies favorite activity

 her very own

 heidi and gracie each have their pumpkins