The Silly Gilles

Monday, November 25, 2013

Blakes Kiddos

Blake let me take some pictures of his kiddos.  We needed a nice picture of his now 4 kids all together and i decided hey lets do a photo shoot and get some good updated photos of your older kids since Logan just got his photo shoot last week ;)

gracie came while heidi slept and matt worked on flooring the attic.  she adores her cousins. she was in heaven just watching and getting to run around with them during off times.  she was a pretty good little assistant

I have some HANDSOME nephews and a BEAUTIFUL niece

i love this picture. he is so proud to be a big bro

i love you kiddos!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Logan Robert Beaman

Hi all! Meet my newest nephew! Blake and Ashley let me take photos of him.  He is so perfect and sweet!  I am no pro but I think his perfectness evened out my beginner photo skills :)

he has a squishy face...he is already so strong at a week old! he was very squirmy so it was hard to keep him in the position we would set him in...photographer probzzz haha.

Logan Robert Beaman
9lb 4oz
21 inches
Born 11/13/2013

the tonka truck pictures didnt turn out like i had hoped.  i was hoping itd warm up quickly outside so i could take it outdoors in the grass and by fence but he is just too sweet and new to expose to any cool weather.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Rachele and Ava came to visit for 6 days.  So we did a little photoshoot! i am not a pro...but i try

ava and heidi are 7 weeks apart...heidi is older

 i call it...the torture chair!

heidi's arms got away from her and ava got the worst of it.....too much jig in her jiggity

heidi looking at her "ma ma"