The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Babies

Emily Harris offered to help me out with these photos and teach me about photography. She knows A LOT! I learned a ton by her just talking me through some of my camera.  I told her what I wanted to do and without telling me knew it would be very stressful and difficult to photograph 2 infants and 2 toddlers and picture them being perfect and smiley....HAHA It was quite a stressful shoot..but she is a pro so they turned out great!..especially when your kids blows chunks at end......heidi was soo tired by her turn and emmy....well she was being difficult haha.

These girls are best buds

Thank you Emily!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heidi 5 Months

Happy 5 months! We are getting one month closer to your half birthday.

5 Month Stats
15.5 lbs ish..
getting taller. love to stand 
smart little booger

what you are up to

  • you love to stand. you love to stand at tub each night before bath.
  • love your jenny jump up and jumperoo play thing. because it lets you stand
  • you grab at everything. with full force you will lunge yourself to it.
  • you are starting to sit up.  you are pulled forward but can sustain your body for a while and steady yourself.
  • you giggle when tickled and played peek-a-boo with
  • still drooling all over the place
  • starting to get upset if gracie snags a toy from you...."HEY thats mine gracie! I was playing with that!"
  • stranger danger has begun in full force.  you didnt like anyone else holding you at "pa,pas" retirement party.  you get really worried if cant see me.
  • at night you only want me. you will cry and whine until you are in my hands and then you are giggling and smiling....mommy's girl
  • waking up a ton in the night....your killing me. you eat twice during the middle of the night. you got pretty sick midway through your 4th month so i think this is why but its killing me some nights
  • enjoy sucking your toes
  • beginning to eat rice dont really like it
  • very good at grabbing hair, toys, hair accessories, and whatever is in your reach
  • roll over both directions. better at tummy to back. but will roll back to tummy if wanna

doing a photoshoot with your best bud rylie tomorrow. more pics to come!