The Silly Gilles

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cousins-Gracie & Bryson

Gracie is so lucky to have cousins live so nearby and even better a cousin that is her age! I never had this growing up.  We would only see our cousins every few years and then when saw them was for a short while and took almost the whole trip to warm up to them and then once were buddy buddy and comfortable we would have to go back home to Texas.  Enough of my sad sob story ;) and back to the two cute cousins.

Gracie loves Bryson.  The cool thing is they will be in the same grade and hopefully go to same middle school and high school.  They are gonna do joy school together.  Byson will help protect Gracie :)  They will watch out for one another.

Here are some pics of their budding friendship

gracie was about 8 bryson is 16 months

 gracie is 2 1/2 next week and bryson just turned 3

Time Flies! 2 similar pics to compare side by side...kinda cool!
I am sure Heidi and Logan will get along fabulously as well! Yay for cousins!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fishy Face Photography of Us :)

My sister- in- law Tiffany is a photographer/dental hygenist.  She is crazy talented and quite the multitasker.  I am always at aw when I hear her crazy schedule and the number of kids she is capable of watching on a regular basis AND still find time to have a photography business AND have lots of fun with all her kiddos AND be the loving mom that she is.  SUPER MOM.

Here are some pics she took.  I hope you enjoy them because I sure do! Check out her website. I highly recommend!

linked in pic for my hunny done by tiff

Thanks tiff. you are truly gifted!