The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heidi 7 Month

Heidi Ho! You are 7 months old! Time flies.  You definitly have a more laid back personality compared to your big sister but your night sleeping needs some major work.  I joke and say you are nocturnal but yeah....pretty much.  I wish you would let me get 3 solid hours of sleep in a row without waking up for a paci or to nurse or just waking up to be comforted.  You nurse at least twice during the night.  I try to put paci in your mouth in place of nursing but you now will bat it away and get really upset with me.  NO MOM THATS NOT WHAT I WANT!

I think your stomach has issues still.  Ever since you got sick off the antibiotic and then caught the stomach flu you have had bowel issues.  You used to poop around twice a day but now you will go days and it is obviously bothering you especially at night.  Some nights you will wake up just screaming in pain until you poo....its bad.  I feel like these bowel issues are preventing you sleeping for a long period of time.  Your tummy is messed up so you think you want to nurse.  I dunno.  Call it mothers intuition but thats what I feel is going on.  The doctor seemed to think you will eventually regulate but heck its been since mid december.  I look forward to the day but until then I am here for you during the night whenever you cry out for me:)

7 Month Stats
18lbs ish
getting long
super smart

Some things you do:
  • You sit up very easily.  There are time you lunge for objects and face plant it but you are usually pretty good about stabilizing in the sitting position
  • You enjoy standing most.  You can hold on to tub or rails or coffee table to stand all by yourself.  I monitor this very closely just in case you distract yourself and loose balance (which does happen)
  • You eat about 1tblspoon of baby food a day.  You dont really like eating solids. You would much rather nurse.  You have started grabbing the end of the spoon (real close to the food end) and put it in your mouth yourself.  You will eat much more food this way even though it is a very big mess.
  • You lay on your tummy often and push yourself waaaay up with your arms straight and now putting your knees/legs underneath you and balance on all 4s.  When you really want something you will drag your head on floor and push with all your might with your feet and grip floor with hands and move forward.  So you are pretty much crawling but not full force.  It will be soon. Was the end of next month that gracie began to walk unassisted. you might beat her
  • Hair is more strawberry blonde than white blonde.  You seem to have hair more like your daddy did when he was little.  So this means you may be my dark haired child.
  • Eyes look like they are greenish blue.  Think they will turn out to be hazel but we have a few more months for that to stay or change.
  • Professional grabber.  I have to be very careful with you because you will grab anything in sight.  Like my hair or people next to me's hair and you dont let go very willingly.....gracie has caught the bad end of this habbit of yours.
  • You have started sticking your tongue out a lot.  Kinda razzz with it as you do.
  • Overall you are a very happy good natured baby.  You always have a smile for people.
  • you have a nervous habit or just a twitch that you scratch whatever is near. usually your belly or pillow or someones arm.

this is one of my favorite pics of you with your grandma.  we are sure lucky to live so close by.

Shall we compare???

I think daddy wins this one....his genes are a little more prominent in Heidi.  Whatever she's got...its cute!

Fun with Friends!

We are lucky to live on such an awesome street.  Gracie has two buds Haven and Izzy that live right next door and right across the way.  It has been bitterly cold here lately (laugh it up utahns and northern peeps...i know it doesnt even compare but its texas snowed 3 times!) anywho. it was finally in the low 70 and we were out enjoying it on a sunday afternoon.

Last night for FHE we had the warr family and my parents over for a valentines themed night.  The girls made heart shaped pizza's to their liking and then cut out sugar cookies and decorated them after.  The girls really liked their sprinkles and pink frosting! We sure enjoy the Warrs.  Gracie lights up everytime she hears Emmy and Aspen and spouts off about the whole family.  We are lucky to have such great friends.

gracie got roller skates. pretty funny story of why. but she earned them

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Half Birthday-Gracie Girl!

You are 2 1/2 girl! This means its your half birthday! You love birthdays! Any excuse to eat cake and make it all about you is fine and dandy in your book.  Lets see.  2 is a really fun age.  You have grown so much during this year.  You are absorbing everything around you and constantly learning new things.  You have lots of what I call "gracieisms"  You are so fun, full of smiles and energy.

Your bestest bud is still Emmy Warr.  Boy do you love Emmy & Aspen.  I think you'd rather live with them than me but you get to see them pretty often to get your fix in.

You love your doggies but have started teasing them a bit where you will follow them around and they don't like it one bit. You even sometime play kick them and I REALLY don't like that one bit.  A time out or two has been given for these actions.

You love to dance in the car in your carseat.  You will say "louder mommy" and get your jiggy on in the back seat.

You enjoy watching your movies/shows in your clubhouse or also called "pubhouse" and know fully how to navigate your "baby tv" to watch whatever you want on Netflix.  Your top choices are : daniel tigers neighborhood, super why, curious george (notice we dont have cable and only get PBS?) and sometimes some random barbie or land before time flick will be chosen.

You have recently started caring for your baby dolls.  You will feed them milk from your correct anatomical spot, burp her, soothe her, and put her to sleep.  You even do baby talk. In the picture below you are feeding your baby doggie.  You dont discriminate.....all babies need milk ;)

You don't like to sit in the house all day.  You ask to go to the store or to mommas house or to go to speedy stop, You get stir crazy just like me.  We are very alike in many ways....kinda scary

You are getting good at your red trike. You get to a pretty decent cruising speed.

Pretty good at soccer.  You enjoy kicking the ball and running to it and kicking it again in stride.  I am working on ball skills like trapping the ball with you.  You prefer just to kick and run around but one day you will appreciate this.

Your memory is quite amazing.  You have an innate ability to remember names and past things that have happened.  On new years eve I really injured my eyeball playing powder puff football and got elbowed right in the eye socket.  Needless to say I was in a lot of pain on the drive home from Eagle Springs to Kingwood. You replay that car ride home pretty often.  I dont know if it really sunk in because you were scared or what but you tell me about it all the time.  You say "mommy got hurt member?" I say yes i do. "mommy hurt her eye and cried in back seat and gracie had to be quiet and I say its okay mommy. you will be okay mommy" This did happen. I wasn't crying but looked like it because I couldnt open my eye. but i was in A LOT of pain and you did tell me it would be okay over and over. which I appreciated.

You associate different stores with things you like there.  Examples: Sams club is the pizza store, Target is the popcorn store,  The new big Krogers is baby cart store.  Its pretty funny

Some of the things you say I think, where did you learn that? You have an opinion and total mind of your own these days.  You voice that opinion.

Your current favorite songs are: happy and know it, twinkle twinkle, monkeys swinging in tree (with ur name, heidi, me, daddy, ma ma, and papa's name as the monkeys-you like to make it personal), itsy bitsy spider (with me doing actions on your back as i sing it)

we have had a few texas "snow" days

Gloved Bites.
Retold by Me
You have been wearing gloves/mittens since Fridays accident.  We were off to the park down the street because the weather was too beautiful not to be outside.  You were showing me and your "pa pa" your super fast running in the neighbors yard while going to the park. Well the neighbors yard has 2 mini hills and you were not looking down so you got tripped up on the first hill.  As I witnessed the fall I thought to myself "phew she just missed that ant pile-what a lucky girl" you laid there on your tummy for about 10 seconds smiling and me and pa pa. I made my way to you in the yard (you were about 8-10 feet away) and noticed tons of dark colored things all over your one hand.  Immediately I snatched you up and started hitting (not hard) the ants off your hand.  I was freaking out cause those boogers were dead set on staying on you.  I removed your shirt because they were moving down.  I kept thinking ok that's all of them and then there would be another between your tiny fingers.  I removed your pants and shoes and socks to because they seemed to not be coming off. Luckily it was a somewhat nice day and not to chilly.  Also luckily pa pa was there and was holding Heidi so I could react faster than what normally I could when we are alone just the 3 of us. So I carried you back home where ma ma was on the phone with your uncle.  We bathed you, since you were filthy anyway from the park group earlier playing in the sand, and to ensure all ant would be dead.  You had bites all over your right where else but you had about 12 bites spread on the top and palm of your hand.  I lathered your hand up in essential oils-Lavender and we decided to double duty by putting tooth past on the bites.  Ma ma was worried you'd touch your eyes so we told you the glove would help make you feel better so you let us put it on you as you whimpered.  Very sad. You requested 2 gloves- one for each hand.  Well we have been taking very careful care of your bites and they have pretty much dissipated but the gloves are still on...and you FREAK out crying whenever we take them off.  I make you take them off to eat but you cry and cry and cry so I put a rubber glove on your hands. You call them "mommy gloves" because they are way to big for you and I wear them when I am getting my hands down and dirty.  Anyway. I don't know when this glove phase will end, but it is pretty funny.  You have it in your mind that the gloves are helping.


I love you very much.  You are spunky and full of life.  You make my heart full.  I love you girl!

Never change. Keep that smile on your face.  Live life wild and free baby girl!