The Silly Gilles

Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a great Easter!  I believe Gracie did 5 different egg hunts (spoiled rotten---her teeth may be rotten haha)  I have been bugging matt to make the girls one of my childhood toys but he just really doesnt have the time during the week and seemed like he found something MORE FUN to do each Saturday.  Well I successfully guilt tripped him and he made the picnic table/sandbox for the girls.

I think he likes it more than he thought he would. Gracie LOVES IT! She played for an hour all by herself.  She really wanted to get her feet in so she propped them up and was pouring sand on her toes but sand was getting out of the box and onto the grass so we told her no.  Well what does she do?  Climbs right into the box and sits and plays.  So cute.  She loves her new toy.  Heidi enjoyed putting her hands into the sand and even tasted it. haha.  I can see many hours of fun for the two of them.

I didnt want a sand pit because I dont want cats using it as a restroom.  So this is a way to keep it covered and no rain will get in either.  I love it!

After church we had Blake and his family, my parents and grandma over for dinner.  Turkey, potatoe casserole, mellow jello, salad, stuffing, and watermelon! YUM Revanator also made chick looking deviled eggs! So fun!
no keeping heidi still

I am so grateful for family.  We love living so close by.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heidi 9 Months

Heidi Ho!
9 Months has passed! Oh my. You are turning into a independent babe. You LOVE LOVE LOVE to walk around and get into mischief while holding my one hand.  You will cruise furniture and brave by yourself time to time.  You have only had a couple bad spills but hasn't deterred you from keeping on trying.

9 Month Stats
18lbs 4oz (42%)
28 inches (63%)
18.11 inches head circumfrance (95%)

Thing you are up to
  • walking...holding my hand and use your other hand to grab stuff
  • using foodmill to feed you whatever we are having for dinner. You have done well with spaghetti
  • still wake up 2-3 times a night to eat...
  • getting really good at picking up food to eat. you are beginning to use your pointer finger and thumb to pick up the pieces given.
  • get constipated. try to give you a little apple juice to help with it but you are not very good at drinking it so I syringe it in. haha
  • giggly with your big sister
  • give wet juicy kisses
  • put everything into your mouth
  • enjoy bike rides and walks with the dogs
  • cry if pick you up when we are walking around together
  • not that vocal....just will say babababa and dada da but no mama  you also do the paci or hand in and out of mouth as you make noise with mouth.
  • just like gracie did-enjoy putting your paci into my mouth and grabbing it back. gets you giggling pretty good
  • will pull yourself up to standing in crib or in kiddie pool or using me slightly. you want to stand all day everyday!
  • get onto all 4s and do a downward dog are trying to get to standing position
  • you can crawl on all fours but you look a little possessed and don't like it.
  • you actually talked a bunch during this photo shoot.  Gracie was at school so me and you had some alone time.

lashes are getting longer

doggie kisses

 you have the cutest dimple around

stickers no longer last very long
love my silly little gille

Mommy loves you very much. You are such a fun easy going baby (majority of the time) you love me most and i am good with that :) you are going to have so much fun with gracie very soon. yall already have giggling battles and you try to talk to her.  its really cute

you are fiercly cute and a sweet natured force to be reckoned with.  I love you baby heidi. dont ever forget it!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preschool Group!

the group!

was messy...but fun!

A small group of us started a "preschool/joyschool" for our youngins....gracie has been soooooo excited to "go to school" (kinda makes me sad she is growing up so fast) she has been asking for her backpack to go to school all week. They all had so much fun!
I got to teach the first day! Pressure was on! but i think it turned out great.  Actually ran outta time to do all the activities I wanted but now have something for next month.  Each of us teaches one thursday a month.
Todays lessons was on colors......specifically the colors of the rainbow.  They are all very smart and spouted off the correct object colors when shown.  They did an obstacle course. two crafts and hands on spaghetti colored noodle fun. even had snack time with daniel tiger and a popsicle while playing with bubbles.  I had fun and i hope they did too!
bryson was being kinda shy and of course gracie was being gracie...joyful and loud and then bryson began to talk and everytime gracie would go "look mommy bryson is talking now..hes talking!" haha. this little girl is a crack up.  she got up at 630am roarin and ready for school.  she is napping now...(she hasnt napped in 2 weeks)
i am excited for gracie to learn with her friends.