The Silly Gilles

Friday, May 30, 2014

My Life Remote

I often times wish I had a life remote. 

Life as a stay at home mom can be very emotionally draining. With two girls ages 2 and 10 months there is quite a emotional roller coaster ride I am taken on. Seems like someone is always eating and one is on the verge of needing a nap. We play, someone gets hurt, throws a fit, then there is giggling, and lots and lots of partying. 

There are moments in my motherhood experience that I would like to pause. Breathe it in. 
Feel-The warmth. The touch. The smile. The love. 
I am not describing profound occurrences. Just simple things. 

As sit down with Gracie and complete a puzzle with her and the excitement she has as she completes it. The high five and response of "mommy I did it!" (pause please) 
Or as I follow and watch my 10 month old Heidi doddle around everywhere and turn towards me and we catch one another's eye and she smiles scrunchy faced as she fearlessly walks back to me (pause please)

Every morning Gracie calls for me that she is awake (she still sleeps in a crib) and I go in and get her out of bed. I pick her up and she wraps her arms around my neck and we hug (pause please)

When I go in to get Heidi after her naps. Her room is a dark dungeon so I can't see her, but I can hear her little feet in excitement with a squeal of delight to match (pause please)

As Gracie kneels in prayer and thanks her Heavenly Father that "Heidi doesn't fall no more and no more crying" (pause please)
When I am nursing Heidi and I look down at her and catch her looking right at me and I give her a smile and she immediately stops nursing and gives me a big open mouthed dimpled grin (pause please)

When I see Gracie help Heidi and give her hugs and try to help her when she is sad or upset (pause please)

Or when Heidi lays her head onto her daddy's tummy with a big smile on her face. (pause please)

Lastly when gracie asks as I am writing this post while on the elliptical, "mommy do you wanna come cuddle with me now?"  I stop exercising and writing, yes gracie I would love too.  (pause please)

I love my family.  Our love for one another.  Family is what life is all about.

I sound like my kids are getting old or something. I know it's not the case. I just don't want to forget these moments. These feelings. I just fear I will forget. I fear they will forget. I fear one day they won't need me anymore. Because I need them. I will always need them. 

I am often told it goes by fast. The fast forward button is not on my life remote. 

I love being Gracie and Heidi's mom. It's the best. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Heidi 10 Months

Happy 10 Months Day and Mothers Day (to  all the awesome mothers out there, especially my mother-you rock and my mother in law vicki-another amazing example of motherhood to me!)

This past month you have evolved in your walking abilities to where I let you go free more often.  Before I would either hover or hold your finger when you walked around because lets just be were not the most stable or consistent walker.  Now its a whole different ball game.  You gain balance beautifully. Dodge objects and even pick up things.  You can get to standing on your own in the middle of the room (this one I am not super excited about...too dangerous)  You B-Line it to the stairs....also scares me to death.  You are always moving. You are such a happy go lucky baby and I love you very much..what can I say.  I just LOVE both my girls to the moon and back.

10 Month Stats
19lbs about
Tall enough to reach magnets on fridge
getting very smart

back to back pics...sneeze and smile

 little miss clapper

 Things you are up to:

  • walk walk walk walk.  Main mode of transportation. Have gotten really good.  Can turn around. Back up. Stop. Bend over and pick something up.  You usually crash onto your bum bum and cry even though it doesnt hurt that bad.  I do use the handy dandy revanator original walker with you as a precautionary tool.  Dont want you to have a really bad spill and deter you from wanting to walk.
  • can get to standing with great effort from sitting
  • make a scrunchy face and breath in quickly with nose when excited. So cute
  • make a clicking noise with mouth
  • clap clap clap your hands
  • wave to people but not as much as your sister did.  you are a little more bashful
  • eat anything and everything we feed you using the foodmill.  Love spaghetti, meatloaf, mash potatoes, red beans and rice, and cheetos puffs.  You also enjoy finger foods to feed yourself-cereals, yogurt melts, veggie straws, cinnamon sticks and pretty much anything I put in front of you
  • Take two 2 hour naps a day in your crib.  You wont go to sleep at your ma ma and pa pas but all I have to do is nurse you and put you in your crib with your paci and you go to bed by yourself
  • Still wake up about twice a night to nurse.  Your longest sleeping stretch is usually 3/4am-8/9am
  • Really love your big sister and get so excited to hear her when I bring you down from your nap. Squeel with delight in anticipation
  • Such a happy go with the flow baby but want to be active and moving when awake at all times
  • You have a smile to melt any hear and a sweet tender personality to match it
  • Fit in 12 month clothing
  • enjoy water like your big sister.  you b line it for the big pool at ma ma and pa pas
  • also love the stairs.  you go straight to them when walking solo. i have to be careful

 i spy a cutie with a runny nose

Gracie wanted a photoshoot in the princess dress too. So I obliged

 i spy a nose boogy

my girls LOVE to PARTY

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Being this past weekend was my last weekend swim meet free we decided to make a fun trip to galveston and invited the Warr's and my parents.  Its was a beautiful sunny day! Both Gracie and Heidi LOVED the beach.  They are definitely little fish! I was lucky that my dad remembered Heidi's walking jacket.  Total backsaver.  Heidi walked everywhere. Pretty much all by herself....just have slack for the big falls so she doesnt fall on her face.
Heidi can now stand up from sitting in the middle of the room and start walking. She can take mini steps up (like driveway) and turn around. and stop, and go just about anywhere she wants.  she is one impressive happy little munchkin.  we love her.

i love my little family

matt taking his mini him for a walk

the usual crew of girls..minus aspen..she didnt wanna be photographed

lets go fly a kite...up to the highest height!