The Silly Gilles

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heidi 11 Months

Its crazy to think in just one short month you will reach your 1 year old milestone.  Wow! Day by day your personality is growing and revealing itself to us.  You are such a fun loving gentle mannered cuddle bug baby. We are lucky to have you.
You have become a professional walker. You can dodge, step over, step around, and pick up and carry just about anything.

11 Month Stats
19ish Lbs
Tall enough to mess up gracies clubhouse TV
So so so smart

Thing you are up to:
  • A walking you will go, A walking you will go. Hi Ho My Heidi Ho A Walking You Will Go!
  • Eat everything. I use a foodmill and feed you whatever we are eating.  You especially love spaghetti and most pastas.  You also love finger foods and want to self feed.  Becoming miss independent. You have had ice cream and you love it.  I have given you your own cone twice now and fill it with marsh mellows and top it with one scoop of blue bell.  You go at it.
  • Love the water.  You are def far from afraid
  • When tired you are cuddly and like to lay your head onto me and your dad.Very cute and endearing.
  • Front teeth are breaking through and another on top beside your two front. i think also the other two on your bottoms beside your bottom center ones.....lets just say you are not a happy camper. none have broken the skin fully but your top ones are def inflamed and ready.
  • Joking.  You like to tease by giving doggie a treat and when they are about to bite it, you snatch it right back.  Pretend sneeze.  Try to run away.  You are a funny little girl
  • Say "da,da" "ma,ma" and "hii" 
  • Love to clap
  • Love your big sister and will follow her around everywhere
  • You walk around the house carrying different objects/clothing. Silly munchkin
  • Have about 7 paci's in your crib and pretty much all get thrown out by the end of 2 naps of the day.
  • Climb up the stairs, but in any instant will fling yourself back or begin to step right on down like a big girl.
  • Graceful in your falls now.  Sometimes you will have a really bad spill and get a goose egg on your face but you keep on fighting.
  • Not affraid of the swimming pool, want to swim on your own already.
  • Love the song "happy and you know it" clap clap away
  • Like your blankie and binkie
  • Walk around aimlessly and when tired walk to me and with a big wide open mouth give me a big wet kiss or a snuggly hug. 

You get smarter by the day. Your dad and I love you so much  Gracie does too.  You are the perfect addition to our family. We love you Heidi Ho.

"Hi Ho Hi Ho, I love my Heidi Ho. Heidi Hi Ho Heidi Hi Ho, Heidi, Heidi Heidi Ho"