The Silly Gilles

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Come have a Ball!

We combined and celebrated Heidi and Gracie's birthday party since we would be inviting the same people and that my parents were going out of town for 3 weeks and would likely be unable to attend a party the weekend of gracies birthday. So with that we combined and let them have a BALL!

the feast was served: spaghetti and meatballs! breadsticks and edemame

ice cream was the dessert!


 Gracie and Heidi had great present opening helpers!

Gracie gave her round of hugs!

We have great family and friends! Thank you for being a part of Heidi and Gracie's special day!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Heidi 1 Year

Heidi Ho!
A year ago I was nervous going into your birth wondering how I could love someone else as much as I already loved your big sister Gracie.  Having you, enlarged my heart to love another human being with all my might mind and strength.  You are my rock. You and Gracie complete me.  The other day me and your dad were talking about hobbies. To be more specific exercising.  I know a few people who have really gotten into exercising and spend a lot of time doing this.  I do love exercise but I will be honest.  Its not my hobby. My hobby is my kiddos.  All my attention goes towards you two and I will do my best to lead y'all in the right direction as daughters of your Heavenly Father.

I have a 1 year old.  This year has flown by.  I look back at pictures and video of you and get sad how quickly you sprouted into a little toddling munchkin.  Most of the time you are a happy little explorer.  You never stop.  The only stopping is when I put you down for a nap.  You and your big sister are two peas in a pod. Endless energy and love to party.


12 Month Stats
19lbs 15 oz
29" Tall enough to open trash can and look inside
18.31" head circumfrance and super smarty pants and unable to fit noggin in most shirt over your noggin...tight squeeze

Things you are up to:
  • Nurse 2-3 times a day.  Dropping all night feedings. You occasionally nurse in the wee hours of the night.
  • Love to mimmic.  You will do streamline arms when we swim in the pool. Also enjoy folding your ams during prayer time. You get super proud of yourself
  • When in pool and we are telling gracie to kick you start kicking.  Super cute.
  • Love the song "Happy and you know it!" Clap clap clap away!
  • Gives lap hugs. You will walk up to me or daddy or momma and papa and lay your head down on our laps 
  • Enjoy climbing up onto mini trampoline and jumping
  • Stand in bathtub without falling
  • Climb all the way up the stairs...going down is questionable.
  • Fearless of water.  When taking the pics below you attempted to walk into the lake numerous times.
  • Enjoy most foods.  Prefer pastas, green beans, watermelon, yogurt melts, taco salad, eggs, cheese, veggie straws, cheeto puffs, chick fil a chicken nuggets, ICE CREAM, cookies, brownies, cereal-life, cherios, also love mission burrito's spinach tortilla-I have to buy an extra because you and your sister eat 1 whole one between the two of you.  You are pretty easy going when it comes to good and stuffing your little cute mouth and will eat pretty much anything.
  • LOVE my phone.  Especially when I turn music on. You carry it around and jam (bounce dance) and are perfectly content.  You get pretty stinking upset if I take it away from you.  Thank goodness for Spotify.  We have Taylor Swift radio on majority of the day at home.
  • Everything still goes into your mouth.  You tried to put a half alive cockroach multiple times in your mouth the other night.
  • I cant turn my head for a minute or leave bathroom door open.  If do, the next thing I will hear is the sound of splashing water. Que hand washing.
  • You now have two bottom teeth, two top and the two top beside front are coming thru.  You have quite a gap between your two front teeth. Most likely will have to get the cut. Its okay. You get it from your ma ma who you are named after.  She turned out alright and so will you!
  • Just flipped you around in your car seat when we took a trip to sugarland.  I must say you are much much louder facing forward.  Happy most of the time, but definitly louder.
  • Enjoy going to story time with Gracie girl. You walk around and join in on the songs.  After when we go get books you enjoy removing every possible book from the shelf...real fun game Heidi....real fun.....
  • Enjoy going on walks with the dogs.  You would like to walk one yourself but you are not quite old enough.
  • Rarely ever...actually NEVER hold still.  The only time you are still is when you are sleeping.  When awake you are constantly moving and exploring.
  • Beginning to want everything your sister has and your sister wants everything you have....lots of tears.
  • On bike rides you like to hold the handle bars and will move my hand off like "hey mommy let me steer!"
  • Drink water out of sippy cup but only certain ones.  You are pretty picky about it.
  • Love your blankies.  You carry them around and about trip yourself (often times do) with every step.
  • Enjoy waving bye bye.  You do a limp wrist wave. Its cute. You always have a huge smile on your face while doing it.
  • A little booger butt in the stores.  You fight and sqweerm to get down and then run around a reek havoc when on the ground and free.  Young wild and free are the best 3 words to describe you.
  • Stick to Da Da and Ma Ma and Ba Ba(dog)  Thats about it.  Most everything else is lunging yourself into a fit and crying till I figure out what you want.
  • Also enjoy carrying babies around and cuddling with them.  So motherly :)

It was extremely difficult to get a non moving shot of you.  The big issue was you look down while you walk (which is safe but not good for pics)  I would set you and then run around you trying to capture a shot.  very frustrating but oh well. You are just a busy babe.

Its 7-11 go enjoy and free slurpee! oh wait...we dont have 7-11's....guess we will have to go get a ICEE in your honor!

I look forward to what the next year brings and the talking that will develop.  You will have a lot to say once learn how to say it.

Heidi, Hi-Ho. I Love my Heidi Ho! Heidi-  Hi-Ho Heidi Hi-Ho Heidi, Heidi, Heidi Hi-Ho! repeat! (to the tune of Heigh Ho by 7 dwarfs)

when Heidi does this smile I see all Matt in her

dont judge me...i know gracie has a large doggie paci in her mouth.....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 4th!

Last year on the 4th I was about to pop. Litterally.  It was hott. I was huge and pregnant.  Beached whale look. This year I am not preggers and was actually a nice cloudy morning....why is this how it always is when not pregnant????
In the morning we went to the parade.  Then we went to my mom and dads and had BBQ and swam with Blake and his family.  After kiddos napped I grilled up some steaks and then we did fireworks!

FIRE FIRE TIME! (gracie called it fire fire)

pure happiness

Then the next morning matt and I went out on our wave runner before the girls got up..thanks mom and dad for coming over and watching them!  Sure do love spending time with him.

gracie loves to help with chores