The Silly Gilles

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Surfside Beach Trip

Past weekend we enjoyed a 2 night stay in Surfside in a beach house that was about 150 yards from the beach.  It is a cool little town with houses on stilts. We had a GREAT TIME!

I made the little mistake of telling gracie about our surfside trip on monday.  All week she was asking me if it was time to leave for the beach.  The day before she wore her swim suit all day in preparation for her beach get-away

can you tell she is excited?

We brought the beach gear, surfboard and wave runner.  The Warr family came on friday and stayed through to Saturday. My parents came up on Friday morning and just spent the day with us.  Heinze family came up on Saturday for a couple hours of fun in the sun.

 heidi trying some sand
cute beach bum!

The wave runner was a blast.  Matt found a boat dock right down the road and would drive is around the jetty and meet us at the beach.  I got to drive it on Friday morning and was out there with 2 dolphins-my first time to see them out in the wild! So amazing.  They were so close to the shore.  Also the night before matt went out on the wave runner while girls slept and saw dolphins hoping the waves.  Pretty neat stuff.  I took Gracie out for a cruise in the open sea.  She loved it and even drove.  She is fearless and quick to the throttle.

Wave runner fun

Beachin it up!

tubing the waves

serious kite flying

daddy teaching daughter his skills

other beach house festivities
minnie mouse twinners with the "gracie do"

 they were so proud they could touch the roof.
 cooling off after the beach
 cooking some smores

 took a walk along the rock wall
3 little monkeys jumping on the bed
 these two are two peas in a pod. so grateful gracie has such a great best friend!
 rylie bug and heidi ho are sure to be best buds as well!
 gracie photobombed

this is heidi eating cheese from me.  was pretty funny. she kept going for more and more

 do you see a gracie girl???
There were lots of fishers when we were on the beach. In fact a guy that was no more than 20 feet from us was out in waves fishing.  He caught a HUGE fish! Was about 6 inches taller than gracie girl.
Majority of the trip Heidi was attached to me.  She has been fussy.  She is getting a mouthful of teeth and it is making her very cranky.

Gracie had a blast! When we drove into our driveway she cried saying she wanted to go back to the beach house.  She didnt want to leave.  She is my beach bum.  One thing I adore about Gracie is that she finds the great in everything. She is a constant party!
until next year surfside!