The Silly Gilles

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heidi 15 Months


Each day you get smarter and smarter and learn more and more.  You are starting to get pretty opinionated about things.  You have thrown your big fair share of fits.  Its your new thing.....saddens me a bit but know it is just a phase and you are still that sweet little munchkin most of the time! Also we are currently visiting your grandparents in florida with your texas ma ma and papa but you seem to be very very very attached to me.  If I try to go out into the water you freak out and start crying and throwing a tantrum.  You wont let me out of your sight.  I am sure this phase will pass as well but I am here for you none the less.

15 Month Stats
21lbs (45%)
31 inches tall (62%)
18.5 inch big ol noggin (82%)

Things you do:
  • You scream bloody murder till you get what you want. it usually works
  • getting upper molars and bottom side incisors. 4 teeth at once. not happy about it
  • wave high to strangers
  • dislike shoes on your feet.  you rip them off all day long...all day long
  • bark like a dog
  • say "hiiii"
  • really getting down the hang of mimicing.  you follow what your sister does all day long.  from climbing on top of sand box to walking on a board to getting in boxes to be pulled around.
  • love love love your blankies and pacis.  if a blanket is in sight you want it in your arms.  at some point you can be found with 5 blankets in your arms.
  • eat constantly.  your happiest when you are stuffing your face.
  • current favorite food are most pastas, walmart brand squeezable fruit things, cheeto puffs, cookies, popsicles, pretzel sticks, goldfish, PB&J, noodles and tomatoe juice, love chick fil a chicken nuggets, all in all you are a very good eater!
  • sip stealer with mommys soda
  • nod head yes and no with purpose
  • love to run away from me.  you get this little jump to your step that is adorable.
  • fold your arms when we say "heidi lets say the prayer"
  • throwing more tantrums lately.  we were blaming it on teeth but now there really is no excuse.  
  • if the dog bowls are down you are either pulling food out of them or putting your foot in the empty bowl and walking around in them.
  • you get excited to see your dogs.  you really do love them. and love to pull their hair which isnt very nice...but i guess its the price they pay for all the food you drop down to them from your high chair on a daily basis.  its ridiculous....i find out when we go eat somewhere how much of your food ends up on the floor.  poor restaurant workers.
  • enjoy feeding the turtles at the bridge.  you eat some and drop some food. (stale food)
  • still nurse once a day. at night right before i put you in bed for the night.
  • getting top molars and your bottom incisors came through recently.
  • a true mommys girl through and through.  
remember those tantrums i was telling you about? well this is what happened each time i removed her clashy snack cup from her hand to let tiff take the photo....
because this is what she wanted.....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little Tikes Soccer

Little Tikes Soccer

Are these not the cutest soccer players you have ever seen?

So months ago I looked around for leagues to put Gracie in to play soccer. There were only a couple of options.  Gracie would be put with up to 7 year olds.  I could not do that since that is a huge age gap so the thought crossed my mind..."why cant I just put together a little league" and then I called Jennifer Warr and told her my thoughts and with her help the rest is history.  Jennifer is a great friend and such a talented person.  She made all the soccer jerseys and me and her coaches shirts. I wish I was as crafty. Sewing is a dying hobby but such a neat and special talent.

We have 4 teams: Tinymos (us), Thunder, Hurricanes, & Crush. Each team has 6 kids (actually two with 7) so that makes 26 kiddos.  Its great.  
All kids get a jersey, medal and individual and team picture.

My girls.  I am one proud mommy

Gracie Gille #1

Gracie is loving being a soccer player.  She has a good little kick but needs to work on stealing the ball.  We are working on being aggressive.  I sure do love that munchkin! She scored 2 goals today! 1 in wrong goal but eh a goal is a goal!

Tiffany took the pictures above while she visited for the day. I have the best and super talented sister in law!

Heres some pictures from game

and some practice shots
inspirational speechin it....more like telling them there is no crying allowed in soccer...haha