The Silly Gilles

Monday, November 3, 2014

Florida Vacation 2014

tiff took this cute pic of our family and many of the others below!
Last month we went to Florida for a week.  We bought tickets for revanator and randyman as a thank you for watching our girls while I did summer league swim coaching.  Was a lot of fun to have everyone all together and not to mention, 6 adults to take care of 2 kiddos.  I will say gracie had a good kid to adult ratio since Heidi would only let me get within 3 feet of her.  She wanted mom and ONLY mom.  You will see in pictures below....i pretty much am the only one holding her 24/7....luckily she is stinkin cute so its all good!


For the first two days we rented SUP and spent hours on the beach taking turns and having races.  Its a relaxing and easy sport to learn.  Tiffs boys Isaac and Dylan picked it up and were pros in no time.  They are little coordinated often shirtless athletes ;)
The water was perfect for paddle boarding. calm. little waves

 These are photos of a little beach trip we decided to take the day before we left thinking the storm was going to come later.  Turns out later meant 5 minutes after arrival!

alligator farm pics.  we had a great time there. we got to tease them to get their food.  we were suppose to.  keeps them from being lazy and having to work for their food like they have to do in the wild.

 this guy was awesome. dad has 4 of these but non are this big day!

We got to spend lots of time with tiffany and her boys and baby julia.  Gracie adores all of them.  I am glad tyler and her clicked so well this i asked who will she marry and she said "well mommy you have daddy.  i will marry tyler"  she adores him and they got along so perfectly.

 they were very tolerant
 happiness is all over that smug little smile of gracies

 gracie is infectious.  she makes others around her feel loved
 by the very end..heidi let vicki hold her

 we had a wonderful visit with our loved ones! thank you don and vicki and tiffany and co for being such wonder hosts and showing us texans a great time! now come visit us!

"ive got my toes in the water bum in the sand, not a worry in the world and sand in my hand, life is good is good today" -reworded zack brown band song