The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Heidi 18 Month


Half way point to 2!  You are a crazy spunky adventurous little munchkin.  Although speech is a bit delayed I think you are just holding out to blow us away with sentences right off the bat!  You love your big sister and will lay your head on her often.  She usually reciprocates but sometimes she boots you off but you giggle and are not offended.

I have not been able to do a mommy photoshoot with you because weather has been crazy nasty out....cold and wet.  This weekend is suppose to have some sun so I will take pictures of you!
18 Month Stats
23.2 Lbs (46%)
33 Inches (58%)
Head (95%)

Things you are up to:
  • You always and i mean ALWAYS remove your shoes and socks when driving in the car.  Does not matter then length. I turn around and they are off.  Its freezing outside!
  • Take 1 nap a day and usually sleep at night for 13 hours.
  • Do not speak but make noises and will point at things you want. When I ask "you want this heidi?" you shake your head and continue to point and noise make.  This continues till you get what you want.
  • Like watching music videos on the tv with gracie and will dance
  • Dont watch much tv at all.  Gracie will sit and watch a show but you are much to busy for that
  • Love the dogs. Getting much softer with them as you pet them.  They appreciate it.
  • Eat pretty much anything.  You are my eater.  You also now want your own drink whenever we stop and get drinks.  Big girl!
  • Love your blankies. When get you out of your crib you must have them in your arms before you get removed.
  • Love going down the stairs to say goodnight to the dogs on the stairs.
  • Sometimes gives kisses.  Usually with your pacifier in your mouth
  • Nuzzle your head in my shoulder when cuddly and when putting you down for nap/night
  • Enjoy coloring with crayons.
  • When you do something like fall on your bum jokingly and others laugh you will smile and do it over and over again to get a good laugh out of everyone.
  • Enjoy playing in gracies bed and swinging on the crib bar.
  • Still a big time mommys girl
  • Have a mouthful of teeth. molars top and bottom and your bicuspids came in jst a couple weeks ago.

I am sure I am missing lots of fun things you are up to! I am so proud to be your mom.  You and Gracie bring me more joy then I could every imagine. I hope you know and always know how much I love you! Love you Heidi Ho!