The Silly Gilles

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gracie 3 1/2

Gracie Girl!
Today is the day you are half way to being 4! Cant believe in six short months I will have a 4 year old.  You are a sweet little girl and such a joy to be a mom to.  You began sunbeams and are thriving in it. There is a song you are learning and you know just about every word and belt it during singing time at primary.  You are the only one.

those eyelashes are amazing

3 1/2 Year old Stas
3 Feet 2 Inches.
Super smart and sharp

Things you are up to:

  • Your canine teeth are very visible still so many think you are missing your two front teeth.  You have front teeth but they are slowly turning down.  I dont think the pacifier is helping the matters.  You sleep with a doggie paci at night time only.
  • You are really into learning primary songs.  Love love to sing the song "I love to see the temple" and know all the first verse.  Also like "childs prayer" and of course "I am a Child of God"  
  • You often ask about Jesus and where he lives and them temple and if you can go see the temple.  You impress me with your willingness to learn and love the gospel.  My hearts full
  • You really like school  You LOVE school.You look forward to Thursdays.  
  • You are very patient with you little sister Heidi.  She often wins the battles because you are too nice.
  • When you do something you know is wrong you will tell me "I am sorry mommy, do you still love me?" and I cant help but smile and say "of course gracie girl...always"
  • You tell me I am your best friend.  You are a real mommy pleaser.
  • In the mornings or when Heidi is sleeping you will look at me and put your arms out and say cuddle? I immediately have to stop what I am doing and enjoy the moment.
  • You have a gift for memory and names.  You remember so many events and things that I have a hard time recalling like you do.  You also are really good at remembering peoples names and listening and paying attention to learn names without even being told.
  • At bedtime I have to tell you 2 stories.  You love stories.  Also sing two songs.  Every night. No exceptions.
  • You love to help cook in the kitchen and open the door for me.  You say you want to be a big helper in the family.

I look forward to more growth from you.  You get taller and smarter and funnier everyday.  I love being your mom.