The Silly Gilles

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby Gille Girl #3

Baby Girl #3 aka Hollie.

I want to start of by saying the lack of posts on your behalf are not because of lack of excitement for you.  Simply a lack of me getting on my computer and blogging about you. I feel like my head is spinning with a million tasks to do and this always gets put on the back burner.  I am prepping now so I will have plenty of cuddle time for you!  I have written journal entries for you on my phone so I dont forget some of these little moments for you.

Today was your detailed ultrasound.  We went to a different place so could get a higher quality ultrasound done.  Lucky us because you were squirming from side to side so much and so content staying belly down against my belly that the ultrasound tech had a hard to capturing a lot of the things she needed to so gave us extra time to enjoy you.

The ultrasound tech said you were super active little girl.(I already know this since you are constantly jabbing me all day.  you wake me up in the middle of night with your belly parties)  You did not like her poking you.  You also had your hands in fists and were making sucking with your mouth. She got a real good picture of your little open mouth and perfect button nose.  She was able to acount all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.  Your heart, spine, arteries, bones, head, vertebrae, brain, and everything was perfect.  You measured all proportional and little over 21 weeks based on measurements.

As I layed there watching you I am amazed at the miracle that you are.  I often look to your siblings and compare how much they have grown and think back to when they were just like you, tiny and small and kicking me from the inside.  The gift of motherhood is truly a gift from our Heavenly Father and His hand is in all of it.  

I am blessed beyond words to have another healthy and happy gille girl.  I love you very much.  You are a very strong little munchkin in that your movements are visible from the outside and all family members felt you around 20 weeks..  I have begun working on your baby blanket.  Its a bright pink.

Your biggest sister is super excited to meet you. She watched the ultrasound along with your dad, ma ma and papa and sister heidi.  Gracie kept pointing out your backbone.  She also really enjoyed hearing your heartbeat.  Heidi had to leave at end due to the lack of  understanding and loosing interest.  She will surely be interested when she sees you in person!

In these pictures I see a lot of similarities to Gracie with your cute little button nose.  Heidi has one to so lets just say its safe to say you will be cute!

We are super excited to meet you end of august!