The Silly Gilles

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

I have been a real terrible blogger as of late.  I need to do better.  Family update is in order:

Matt is still working with Isramco and currently looking for a new assistant controller since his previous one got promoted to controller for the other side of the business.  On Saturday mornings he and a group of other dudes meet at river and go wake boarding. He also plays basketball on Wednesday nights and keeps rolling his i bought him ankle braces. He still my number one handy man around the house and fixes just about everything I need him to fix.  He is one handy guy and that is just one of the many qualities I love about him.

Me, well I am pregnant as ever and have around 8 weeks left.  Frantically trying to finish crocheting Baby Hollie's baby blanket before her arrival..  Making it through the hot texas heat and running from mosquito's with gracie and heidi in toe.  In my spare time I enjoy using my silhouette to design shirts for my girls and others.

Gracie, is a swimming machine.  She loves to swim!! She is pretty much pool safe and a little daredevil.  She is full of fun and my best bud. Gracie is super stoked about being a BIG BIG sister and will be much needed help for when Hollie comes.  I am excited to see her interactions with her. Gracie loves to tell me secrets (usually asking to get a piece of gum or something or tell someone something) and she has really funny quotes every day. An example of a few over past two days "mom i hope heavenly father has a bed at the temple since it is his know, so he can sleep and get plenty of rest" and another the other day as she was speedily pedaling her bike with training wheels I ask Gracie do you want to stop and hop in the basket? "well my legs are tired, but my body is not, so i am going to keep on going, okay mommy?" and last one is a goody, she was going potty and I came in to wipe her and asked "oh gracie did you do a poopy" gracie responds "no mommy sometimes my toots smell like poopy, but (giggles) mommy i did not poopy you silly mommy"

Heidi is becoming MUCH more talkative.  She can say about 20 different words now.  She loves to play mommy with her baby and basically try anything and everything her big sister tries. She also has my heart and is my buddy.. Heidi's favorite word to say is "NO"  she says it in many different emotions and ways but i must admit sometimes when I ask her something and she so smugly says it I just smile because it is so cute and I am so happy she is communicating.  Heidi has gone pee pee in potty about once each day for the past week in a half....its baby steps and she is so proud and happy when she does it.  I am not holding my breath to potty train yet...maybe at the end of july or something.

Dogs are great. They had a stint of real naughtiness when we were gone on two different vacations for about 2 weeks and made some uncharacteristic accidents in our home. I am glad the whole downstairs is all tile or else would of been real bad bad news.

I am truly blessed with greatness of gille family.

As for the summer we are going to spend it relaxing, swimming, staying up past the girls bedtimes and have had a blast partying it up with a different activity as a family each night.  We enjoy doing 1 thing with daddy before start doing bedtime.  I love my little family of mine and am the luckiest mom in the world.

Heidi turns two in a few weeks and we have a surfside trip planned as well.  then gracie turns four and time for baby hollies arrival.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tx to Utah to Tx to Fl to Tx

The end of may/start of june was a real busy one full of lots of family togetherness time.  We had bought tickets to Utah after finding out I was pregnant with Hollie as a last hoorah before baby 3 comes and Heidi turns 2 and is no longer a lap child on airplanes.  Efficiency people. Efficiency.

We had a blast.  We stayed with Tyson and Taylor whom of which are the best hosts you could imagine.  We basically had our own little apartment to ourselves in their basement.  Besides having to share my bed with Heidi and Matt and baby Hollie in my belly it was wonderful (heidi was going thru some seperation anxiety issues during these two trips so was very exhausting)

We didnt plan a full schedule for our UT visit because we wanted to be relaxed and just have a good time.  We ate LOTS of good food, met up with friends, went hiking to waterfalls, went boating with the Lowes, fed the ducks, went to soda shop, went to old mcdonalds farm(what gracie called it) played at the park and had a great time being with family and friends.  Utah has some great weather and the scenery is awesome too.  Gracie LOVED spending time with TJ and also loved her cousin Sadie.  Bothe gracie and heidi thought the dog sadie was silly and huge and werent sure if they should be scared of her or not.
does she look happy? um YES!

the most dangerous park play part I have ever seen...what were they thinking????

they loved climbing ALL the rocks and jumping off

I am so blessed

soda shop..dirty diet dr pepper. yes please


on top of a mountain with my 3 girls

rednecks have more fun!

bowling fun at UVU campus

matt and susie boarding together

so glad i got to see these ladies!

heidi really bonded with chantel! she doesnt warm up to everyone so this was huge

laying in nice utah grass!

heidi loved these ducks!

smores out back at uncle tysons

heidi's pooping serious

great minds think alike

cafe rio for the road....yes please!

During our trip we got news Grandma Rebeck was not doing so well health wise and was in the hospital.  She passed away the Friday we were there.  We were all very sad to hear the news because she is and was such a great woman.  We got word when the funeral would be and Matt decided flying was out of the question and he would drive but he wanted us all to go.  When he said "hey hollie do you want to go to FL the day after our return from Utah and drive 15 hours through the night to spend 2.5 days in FL and turn around and drive back to texas in the mini van" i will admit my jaw dropped.  It almost seemed unimaginable let alone unbearable.  Heidi isnt quite a roadtripper yet.  4 hours to dallas is all we have done with her and she got real antsy so imagining 15 to Fl seemed like a joke.  After much discussion the decision was made.  Yes, lets do it.  (this is pretty uncharacteristic of me....i am a very plan oriented person and routine oriented so sudden change doesnt usually sit well with me)  We packed up our mini van with 200 thousand miles and check engine light and were off (left at 6pm) I asked Matt if we could bring Sophie along since we have been gone and she goes thru separation anxiety so we brought her along for the trip. We drove non stop (basically for gas/pee stops) and matt drove till about 530 AM and then I took over and drove us to the destination.  The girls did great! I am thankful for tablet TVs with movies is all I have to say.  They slept most of the night and were complete troopers.

my co captain

grandma rebecks burial

We dropped off our stuff at the hotel put on our bathing suits and went for a lunch time swim at Vicki and Dons (FL ma ma and FL pa pa) and then to Grandmas viewing that evening.

Gracie LOVES adventure and LOVES vacations.  She really thrives in it.  Heidi really loved it too.  Both of my girls are so much fun to be around. Matt is always up for a party so the only occasional  pooper is me so I have to keep up with their party.  79c Polar Pop was sure to do the trick to help me keep up with my silly gille family.  We did lots of swimming with family and got to go to the beach and attend grandmas services.  The talks given were wonderful and I found out even more things about her that make me respect and love her even more.  Grandma Rebeck is a inspirational woman.  I am so glad Baby Hollie will carry on Joyce for her and I look forward to telling her the fond memories of her.
gille sunset sibling photo

look mommy!

I love my family!

i wish i lived closer to tiffany!

these two cuties

just eating some subway before headin into the sun-setting waters

"no dogs allowed"....except for sophie...she is hardly a dog

i love this man

saturday before we left we had some fun in the sun....i got a real bad burn
basking,bathing beauties

gracie with her beach boys

martin was a troop letting gracie dump water on his head. she loved her "beach boys"

just a everyday sunset in FL. no big deal

It was sad to leave Fl so quickly but was time to get back and matt needed to actually go to work.  Gracie is looking forward to FL for Christmas.