The Silly Gilles

Monday, July 20, 2015

Surfside 2015

This past weekend we went to Surfside with the Warr family and stayed in a beach house.  We had a great time.  Unfortunately we didnt get a big group shot but memories were made of playing in the sand, hanging out in hammocks, meal time, and dance parties.  The waves were real big both Friday and Saturday.  Sunday morning the waves were much calmer.

obligatory wagon picture 2014=15

sand plus salt bueno combo

Rylie hated the sand.  HATED IT so she stayed in the pool while others played

photo credit to gracie gille

these are the shirts i made for all the girls for our trip!

2 of 5 were unhappy(emmy and heidi) so we sad to make a sad face.  gracie NAILED IT!

purple cow yummy food...hotter than hot inside but still fun

on our way back home. she is all tuckered out

you wash out all those crevices heidi ho

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Heidi 2

I cant believe my little Heidi 7/11 baby is now 2! I remember holding you all swaddled up and it seems like just yesterday.

You are extremely fun loving and love to party just like your big sister.  You are a little more on the stubborn side and you have a relentlessness about you that at times can be difficult to parent, but if channeled in the right way there is nothing you cant do. You have become a TON more vocal over the past 3 weeks.  You say around 25 words and each day say a new.  Your ability to be able to communicate with me has helped you be happier all around and makes things a little easier on me as well so I am thankful.  Your two words you say really really cute are "thank you" and "please"  they just about melt me.  You say "mommy" more than anything but I think you enjoy me asking "yes heidi?"
2 Month Stats
34.5 inches tall (67%)
26 Lbs 4oz (39%)
19.69 head circumfrance (96%)
One smart little gille

Things you are up to:
  • Very good sleeper. I often wake you up at 930am in the morning because we just got to go do stuff and thats enough sleeping.  You had a 3 week stint of not sleeping after one night I was out with YW on wednesday night and your dad put you to bed.  I dont know what happened but something snapped and you would refuse to sleep without me. Then we went on a few trips and just made things worse and cling to me more. When we got back we broke you of it.  I must admit was the hardest 4 nights/naps ever.  You do NOT give up. Finally learned a little love and some books to read/one on one time with just me helped and you were fine.  You are in the habit of going to bed little later and so you dont wake up till 9am or even later.  Party animal and I think you are going through a growth spurt.
  • You enjoy wrestling down your big sister.  Rarely do you show her much affection.  She asks for kisses but instead you give the kiss to me.  There are moments when you give her hugs over and over and over so we all know you love her SO SO much.
  • You love taking care of your play babies. You will bring your baby everywhere and sometimes bring 2 or 3 and refuse to let any of them go.
  • You love to play dress up with Gracie.  You and her both put your princess dresses and high heels and tiara on and spin around and be princesses.
  • You like hanging/swinging on the bar at the park.
  • You enjoy swimming with your purple puddle jumper but do not like getting splashed in the face.  
  • PURPLE is your favorite color.  You will pick anything purple. Love to say the word purple as well.
  • Love to make animal noises. Especially "moo!"
  • Enjoy music videos and will watch intently (like bobby zoom, mother goose clubhouse and much more)
  • Get really excited to put dress on. You always point to your closet at your church dresses and say "dress"
  • Love to read books.  You repeat words I say.  The sing along books are probably your favorite or ones I do the animal noises throughout with you on.  One of your very favorites is Mary had a little lamb book.  You sing the along and usually chime in at the last word of each part.
  • You pound PB&J sandwiches on a regular basis.  You love to pick out your own fruit snacks and grab more than one.  You also like cheeto puffs and like me to cut them up into bite size pieces.  You will pretty much eat whatever I feed you.  Typically eat more than your big sister.
  • If I make a sad face or act sad you come comfort me and give me a little hug.  You are beginning to show some compassion. I like it. You are cute.
  • You copy just about everything gracie does and want to do what she does.  On the other side of hit yall get into hitting fights and you definitely eg her on a bit.  you also like to wrestle her down.  
  • You are basically getting rid of your paci yourself.  You just leave it in your bed. You call it your "babzy"
  • Have been pottying about once a day pee pee in the potty and try real hard.  You refuse occasionally and are real stubborn and tell me NO when you definitly need to go because you woke up dry.  Your not ready to potty train but when your ready I am sure you will let me know.  You will be the one to decide. That is just the way you work.
  • Say "NO" in many different ways and tones of voice but your eyebrow scowl is always included (see below pic)

heidi trying to do 2
heidi's happy face