The Silly Gilles

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hollie Joyce Gille

welcome to the gille girl gang hollie! we are so happy to have you and already love you so so so much!

hollie joyce gille
born 8/26/2015 at 8:16am
7lbs 3oz
19 inches long
13.5 in cir head
13 in chest

The arrival of you was nice and planned and went very smoothly.  since I had two previous c sections there was only one option for your arrival....c section.  so at about 36 weeks we went ahead and scheduled the c section.  I debated between the first 730am section or the 1230 section.  but after your ma ma told me the afternoons often get bumped to a later day I decided to go with the first one.  good thing because the mother baby floor was completely full and births were happening right and left there.  all rooms were full.  something was in the air back in december lol.

the day before i had a final appointment with schettler and then went over to hospital for pre op prep and instructions.  The nurse was very nice and informative.  After I met up with your ma ma and pa pa who were watching gracie and heidi at cheddars for lunch.  A big storm blew in a set off alarms inside. but other than that the food was yummy.  We headed home for a relaxing afternoon while ma ma and pa pa had to work the evening session at the temple since wednesday was their normal shift but they were helping and coming to your arrival. That evening Eldon Andrus came by and gave me a priesthood blessing with your dad.  I felt peace and comfort during the blessing that all would go well.  

night before i did not sleep much but actually slept better than i thought i would.  pa pa came over at 510 to watch your sisters and your dad and i headed to the hospital
 The nurse was waiting for me and I weighed in at 169 lbs same as with heidi.  then was time to put on my gown and get monitored and ivd.
It took her about 1 hour to set everything up and ask me all the necessary questions.  shift change happened and i met my new nurse who would be in the operation with me.  she was my age.  super nice and i really enjoyed having her as my nurse.  her name was leigh. they were running a little behind for some reason (maybe was because a bunch of births were happening day before and couple had came in labor) but dr schettler was there right at 730 and ready to get you out. they gave clothes to your dad and your ma ma to come on back after the spinal tap was performed.  I was pretty nervous about it and during my pregnancy with you feared this the most.  i dunno why but is eery to me.
it was time. the walked me back to the or room and sat me up on the table.  i began to is cold in there.  the air is very dry as well.  they laid warm blankets on my and told me to relax my shoulders and hunch my back a little.  felt like a bee sting that lasted for about 5 seconds.  they quickly had me lay back and after that everything moved very quickly.  by the time doctor began to cut it took about 7 minutes to have you out. moment you cried out i was so relieved.  emotions ran high and your dad went back to take pictures and meet you.  i anxiously awaited.  you are so perfect.

 girls are here to meet their new baby sister.  does gracie look excited???
matt with his girls

 in big sister heaven

heidi was very resistant to take a whole family picture...darn.  they never cooperate when want them to.  one day you will understand.  you figured out nursing very quickly and you are such a good eater. 

after a bit heidi lost

ma ma stayed the night with me.  you were quite the pot licker the first night.  but by the second you did much better.  so we decided we would take you home after all j/k! i am so lucky to have your ma ma as my mom. she was such a huge help at the hospital and i am so blessed to have her as a mom.

 first bath at home. done by ma ma..your sisters were too. she is a pro at it

big sister looking on very concerned

 all pj'd up

welcome home hollie!

love at first sight

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gracie 4

Gracie Hope Gille,

I cant believe I have a 4 year old.  You are just too fun and so loving to all of those around you.  Your full of wonderful qualities and each day you amaze me with your insights and the way you view the world.  You have such a positive outlook and humble me daily by the love of life you have. I am honored that you are mine.
her outfit is made by the one and only revanotor aka "ma ma"...i did the vinyl monogram

4 years old and there is not a stranger in your eyes.  you are so curious to know everyone's name and introduce yourself.  You have this very rare quality/gift that people are drawn to you.  You have store workers that know you by name and that brighten up when they see you and you interact with them.  Not many 4 year olds out there are like this.  It is a gift that you will use as you continue to grow.  

4 year old stats (all estimates will know at appt)
3 feet 4.16 inches tall (59%)
33 lbs 9 oz (37%)
smartest little 4 year old i know with perfect vision and hearing

Some things about you:
  • you are great at remembering peoples names and just events that take place.  You often recall different things we did that was from over a year and half ago and even the day heidi was born and my recovery after-you insist you will carry baby hollie for me so I can rest.  real comforting. 
  • you love to cuddle in the mornings.  its really cute.  i lay in bed and hear you open and close your room door. tip toe across the hall into my room. open and close my door and climb into bed with me.  its my favorite part of the day.  you cuddle for a bit and then watch a little tv on my phone while heidi wakes.  its our special time together.
  • you put things into perspective for me.  you help me not worry and sweat the small stuff.  i need that reminder at times.  you often say "its okay mommy its okay"  i appreciate it.
  • you love to do chores to "make money"  luckily you dont know the worth of money so whatever I give you, you are happy with.
  • you like to tell me secrets.  usually its about something you want. majority of the time you are asking for gum. or asking me to ask the person i am in the middle of a conversation with a question you want to hear.
  • you say great thoughtful prayers.  its the sweetest.
  • know all 3 verses of I am a Child of God.  melts my heart to hear it.
  • often times give up toys or whatever to make heidi happy.  At times I do feel bad because Heidi has a hard to sharing and being very giving but you are usually so willing and rarely question it.  I love you for that.
  • Favorite food is Noodles and tomato juice.  You ask for it about every other day.  you love it. Its funny because thats my childhood favorite and would request on my birthday.  Guess what you requested for your 4th birhday lunch???? Noodles and Tomato Juice!!!!
  • At bedtime you love to get told two stories.  You especially love stories about Gus the Bear.  Gus is the bear that your daddy gave to me while we were dating (its a huge oversized bear) that we move his arms and head while we tell his stories.  You love it.
  • You love to pretend play mom to your babies. I recently taught you how to swaddle and you are so proud that you swaddle all your babies.  You put your babies to bed and turn on a fan for them (this makes me giggle inside) and then tell me to speak softly so I dont wake the baby.  You sure are observant.
  • Love sunbeams and learning in Teacher T'eos class.  You leave beaming and enjoy telling me all about your lesson.You are also learning all the songs for sharing time.
  • You love to go to the doughnut shop and eat.  You love baby doughnuts (doughnut holes), chocolate iced and sausage and cheese kolaches.
  • Every day you ask me "what are we going to do today mommy?" i better have fun activities planned or else you give me ideas of what we can do.
  • Such a smart are a sponge and know tons of nursery rhymes ever since heidi and you enjoy watching various youtube videos that are all songs.  you now will sing them to heidi if she is unhappy or will correct me when i sing them with the right words.  you also help heidi with them.
  • Excellent big sister helper.  You often run and grab diaper and whips (you request to see the poo in diaper which is really odd.) but we have been working on getting heidi to try to potty in the big girl potty and you are always right there to either show her or cheer her on when hear a tinkle.  You are so supportive.
  • You are a super swimmer.  This summer you have become a fish.  You are pool safe at ma ma and pa pas pool.  Its pretty amazing.  You learn so quickly and now can breath on your pillow.  You love to dive down for toys and are able to get down to the bottom at all parts of the pool 3ft-5ft and grab multiple rings.  More impressively you swim out to the middle of the pool breath and then dive all the way down and come back up breath and either go back down or swim to side.  Its awesome.  You are going to be a swim team gem at 4 years old.  The coaches are going to be amazed when they hear you are only 4 on swim team and doing all the things you can do.   You also can float and kick on your back.  You are a dare devil at the community pools and will jump off the diving board and swim to the side and also go down the slide.  I have not seen another 3 year old do that...but now you are 4


I hope you always know i love you very very much.  I can see how being the oldest may get tough at times especially with another younger sister joining out family in 3 weeks, but I hope through it all you always always always know how much you mean to me and how much i love you.

4 years ago the first words i heard describe you were by your ma ma as they pulled you out of my belly during my c section and those words were "she has a cute little butt!" Well this description still rings true.  You have a cute tight little Coppertone butt and a cute and infectious personality to match it.  I love you Gracie Girl.  You are my best friend.